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Trevon Diggs Getting up to Speed Quickly With Help From Al Harris

Supposedly those who can't do, teach. However, that's not the case for new . He walked the walk and talked the talk for more than a decade in the league, earning two appearances in the process. Things of course are a little different going from player to coach, but it certainly looks as if he's more than up to the challenge.

With help from Al Harris, the Dallas Cowboys 2020 second-round draft pick is quickly becoming one of the better cornerbacks early on in practices. He's not only been a camp standout from a rookie standpoint, but from an overall team perspective as well. This is great news considering the unknown state of the Cowboys right now.

Early on in training camp practices Al Harris has been giving rookie CB Trevon Diggs a lot of individual . This teacher/student relationship is something that should help the former Alabama stud DB get up to speed more quickly. Of course, coming from a top-notch collegiate program like Alabama doesn't hurt either.

As a player, Al Harris was known for his physical, bump and run coverage style. It's that playing style that I believe he will try to instill in his players, which should help shorten Trevon Diggs' learning curve immensely. He was after all at his best in press man coverage during his time in Alabama.

As far as intangibles go (size, speed, length), Al Harris and Trevon Diggs could be a mirror image of one another. If Diggs allows himself to buy into what Harris is preaching, his learning curve should be shortened by quite a bit. That should allow him to get on the field sooner rather than later, quite possibly as a Day 1 starter.

Now, I know Al Harris is just a coach and can only do so much for his players, however, having a proven veteran with his kind of experience in Trevon Diggs' corner should help the rookie CB get up to speed sooner rather than later. That's what we all hope anyway. And if these early training camp practices are any indication, it might be hard to keep Diggs off the field early on.

Do you think Al Harris can help Trevon Diggs get up to speed quickly?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Peter S

Hey,Diggs fast maturation coupled with the coaching of Al Harris is only going to help this team! I always considered Harris a worthy adversary when he played in Philly,props to our FO and player/coaching acquisition for putting a really nice roster and staff together!

Gary b

Agree this front office did a stellar job this year. From hitting home runs in the draft (especially Lamb and Diggs) to several key FA acquisitions at positions of need (Smith/Griffen/Poe/Dix) and maybe putting substance over style a little more, this team has positioned itself for a possibly deep run (At least this yr anyway).


The Jones regime has never been afraid to give highly drafted CB”s a shot at starting relatively quickly: T.Newman, M.Jenkins, M,Claiborne, K,Smith, D.Goodrich, even Awuzie and Lewis both started as rookies eventually.

Donnie Mason

Very happy to hear that coaching g staff and several key draft picks and acquisition are getting on the same page. This is very essential and important for the growth of the team as a whole, this coaching staff, standards and strong expectations with accountability from both players and coaches will decide how far the team will go in 2020. But very meek with putting expectations on high because as all of us should by now Super bowl chants are good as goals but without the work, resiliency and commitment that will not happen. As always God bless everyone stay safe and “How bout dem Cowboys”.

Lee Steed

The Boyz is gonna win it all. Coach Mac will get them ready. Super Bowl or Bust.

Frank McGriff

The only way Diggs will start is if there is injury or he is just balling out. I believe he will get some chances to play some series, but not every game.
I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do. In games where we play some coverage he will play. I hope we keep Sewo Olonilua as fullback. The dude was a stud in college. Go Boys! 2020-2021


I respectfully disagree. Diggs will be in the starting lineup by week-8, if not much sooner. And he will most certainly play in every game, whether starting or otherwise. I’d be willing to bet he sees a minimum of 20 snaps a week. Only thing that can prevent it is if Brown and Awuzie are balling out, else one of them (or both of them) will be rotating with Diggs.

Gary b

Agree that Diggs is simply too good to keep off the field. He is clearly the most gifted CB we have and only lacks game time experience. The coaching staff will find ways to get him on the field, to speed up his maturation process. We need playmakers in our secondary and he seems our best bet for that.

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