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Trevon Diggs Showing he’s a Playmaker in Cowboys Training Camp

The have been looking for playmaking for years with little success. When a or has led the team in interceptions, it's been with a paltry two for the entire season. With the makeover of the defensive staff and the addition of a handful of new players for the , the Cowboys have put an emphasis on finding players who can take the ball away.

After one week of , they've found one in .

After yesterday's practice, the Dallas Cowboys released a of Trevon Diggs providing really nice coverage on veteran receiver on an “out and up.” Brown initially gets a bit of separation on the out part of the route, before Diggs reasserts his coverage as Brown heads upfield. Once he is stride for stride with Brown, Diggs plays with his back to Brown keeping a feel for where he is while watching the and the football the whole way.

On the contested catch, Brown gets two hands on the football, but Diggs in perfect coverage gets his hand in between Brown's and rips the ball away as the two go to the ground. Sure, Brown isn't an elite receiver and is battling for a roster spot, but that's the kind of thing you want to see out of your rookie second-round pick. Excellent technique, confidence, and finishing.

Later in practice, Diggs found himself with another opportunity to make a play, this time attacking the football in the air and converting for the interception.

When the Dallas Cowboys selected Trevon Diggs in the of the 2020 , analysts and fans were elated. He was a player that was getting some buzz because of his talent and at Alabama, but also because of his ability to go get the football. As a converted , and the younger brother of Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs, Trevon has a feel for how to cover the position, a natural ability to look back for the football, and an instinct to attack the football when it's in the air. And as we've seen, he has the hands to convert the interception when given the opportunity to do so.

John Williams
John Williams
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