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Troy Aikman Speaks on Cowboys QB Situation, State of the Organization

The are coming off of a disappointing 6-10 campaign and have several questions to answer before the begins. At the top of the list is securing a long-term deal with , something that has been long overdue.

and the are headed for a divorce, and there have been suggestions that the Cowboys should consider the Texas native.

There's one legendary figure in Dallas that doesn't see that happening.

When it comes to the position of , there's no man better qualified to talk about it than Hall of Famer , who played his entire twelve-year career with the Cowboys and brought three titles to the organization in the 90s. He recently spoke about if he thought the Cowboys would dip their toes in the quarterback pool this and move on from Prescott.

“Well, I wouldn’t rule anything past Jerry. I say that as a compliment. I think he’s always trying to figure out what they can do or how he might be able to do something that will give them a chance. But I don’t see Dak not playing in Dallas… Going back to what we were talking about with Brady and Tampa Bay, it just reiterates the importance of that position,” Aikman said on The Musers on 96.7 FM/1310 AM The Ticket.

Cowboys Owner said a new deal for Prescott was imminent after the team started 3-0 in 2019 which was fueled by the former fourth-round pick throwing for over 900 yards and nine touchdowns. No such deal ever materialized that season, however, Prescott had a career year. He nearly set a franchise record with 4,902 passing yards and threw for 30 scores, which included and each going over the 1,100 yards mark.

That type of performance had many thinking a deal would surely get done in the offseason, but once again, Prescott was put in a position to have to prove himself after being franchise-tagged for $31.4 million last June.

Before his season-ending ankle in Week 5, Prescott was on an even bigger tear than he was in 2019. In just five games, he threw for 1,856 yards and became the first quarterback in NFL with three consecutive games of 450 yards or more. With that being said, it's not hard to understand why Aikman feels the Cowboys will do what it takes to keep Prescott, despite multiple failed attempts to sign him for the foreseeable future.

The Cowboys have only managed three playoff wins since 1996 and haven't been past the since their last Super Bowl title in 1995. When addressing the state of the organization, Aikman mentioned that there's a lot more that goes into having a successful team than having a franchise quarterback, using the as an example.

“Dallas has that guy in Dak and now it’s just a matter of him staying healthy,” Aikman said. “But there’s a lot of other parts to it. There are a lot of things that go into being successful. I’ve said it before, I just don’t think you can come up that short that many times and say that — and this is any organization — and say we’re doing it the right way. I think you have to look at things really, really hard. You may conclude that Tampa really didn’t do anything. I don’t know. But it does get everybody’s attention when you see a team like them bring in Brady and kind of stay the course with Bruce Arians.”

The Cowboys have missed the for two straight seasons. There's plenty of talent on the roster, and more will be added in the coming months, but a lot needs to be different going forward for them to consistently compete.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Yet another article attempting to pump up DP and portray the Cowboys as the bad actor in this long drawn out contract soap opera.

FACT – say what you want about Jerry Jones, but he pays the key players very well, sometimes OVERPAYS them That is indisputable. This “imminent” deal was just one of “multiple” generous offers put on the table, just to be turned down by DP. He apparently got a swelled head after beating up on three bottom feeders, NYG, WAS, MIA and then reneged on this “imminent” offer. One can imagine, Jones was not happy about this, with good reason. I guess $175 MILLION is not enough. BTW, what happen to the guy who said in an interview on ESPN in 2020, “I don’t play the game for money”? Subsequently, the rest of that year, he goes 5-8, playing poorly in second game for the division vs Eagles, scoring a pitiful 9 points on three FGs, 0 TDs. So his “career year”, with the glitzy stats, produces a mediocre 8-8 record. Before his injury this year, he was 2-3 and should have been 1-4, if one keeps it real.

Look, if one can’t see that this contract drama has been 90% on DP, than one just has not been paying attention. This notion that DP was “put in the position to prove himself again” is just bogus.

Despite the talk about DP wants to be a Cowboy and Cowboys want DP as their QB, one has to wonder. That said, I would not be surprised if they overpay DP, and at the same time would not be surprised if they had enough of the drama and go in a different direction.

Bottom line, TEAM COMES FIRST. NO ONE PLAYER is indispensable. If they can trade a Joe Montana or a Jerry Rice…

Gary b

Again EVERY player tries to get the max amount of money, especially on their 1st contract. Why is Dak the bad guy for doing what every other player does? He has never held out, never bad mouthed the organization and has ALWAYS conducted himself in a manner befitting the tremendous leader that he is . The great E Smith held out as did Zeke and other cowboys greats, but Dak is a bad guy? Sorry not buying it. As Matthew said Dak could have been signed for much less earlier and they chose to not do it, sending the message to Dak that they questioned whether he is the guy. Now down the road the cowboys have painted themselves into a corner of their own making.

I understand the ramifications and risks to signing him to a huge contract, but again it didn’t have to come to this and thats not Daks fault. Truth be known maybe he does wanna move on from this dysfunctional franchise who never truly bought into him being the man. He can walk after next year and would probably have more chance of success with another more stable franchise/team.

The success of this team moving forward will depend on many many factors. Ownership, coaching, the performance of the each individual player with Dak obviously being the most important ingredient. But it starts at the top with Jerry and we know the ending of that story. It’s the same one we been seeing for 25 years. Unfortunately Jimmy Johnson isn’t gonna come walking thru the door.

Jason Frye

QB is the most important position in sports, period! You have a small handful of superstar QBs around the league and everyone else is mediocre. It’s hard, really hard, to find one. Dak is not at the Patrick Mahomes level, but in my opinion, he isnt that far behind. He can run. He can throw the ball, unlike Lamar Jackson. With the exception of his latest injury, he is durable. He doesnt miss games or practices. He is a born leader. If Dak walks, no way we see the playoffs again for a while. If we didnt draft Dak when we did, can you imagine how this team would have fallen apart when Romo went down? PAY HIM! HE IS WORTH IT!

Kendrick M.

Matthew and Gray, I agree with you. Hey Vam, know your facts. Romo played 14 years with the Cowboys and was one of the leagues highest paid QB’S in the league. How many division titles did they win with the highest paid QB in the league. They went to the playoffs six times with Romo and only won two games never advancing to the division title game. DP has done that all ready. Now they have a great QB and he should settle. NO DEAL! Dak get your money . If Dallas doesn’t pay him somebody else will.


Great Matthew, why name calling when someone has differing opinion. Long story short, my friend.

Bottom line, Cowboys have made DP “multiple” GENEROUS OFFERS. DP chose to reject them all. THOSE ARE THE FACTS. Coulda, shoulda, woulda are not FACTS. One could say DP LET that 2019 negotiation “fall apart over one year” also. Why only one sided? BUT that was not the only offer he refused over this contract drama.

And as far as “Dak getting every dollar he wants”, that not the way it works, that’s why they call it a “negotiation”.

DP can’t ride a Mahomes coat tails without similar results, expecting the same rewards. Unless results don’t matter anymore.

Too bad you didn’t offer any support for his PLAY over the last two years, but I guess that may be a tough road to hoe.


Kendrick M, you bring up a good point about Romo, but I didn’t not agree with paying him that kind of money at that time either. I was not sold on Romo, just like I am not sold on DP now. We can agree to disagree. Time will tell if my opinion is good or not. I hope I am wrong about DP and he wins us a SB, but from what I see from, especially the last two years and now the injury, I just have doubts.

Scott Rhoades

I think do is just to much for what the cowboys need all around, we d.line o.line and so on and not to mention better a good conditional coach..I’ve never seen so many players in 1 team get hurt like that,,CRAZY…their are plenty of solid q.b.s we can get for less and have a better all around team.


Scott, good point about the condition coach. Injuries thru the roof.

Eric Gamez

The strength & Condition coach passed away. Marcus Paul who was regarded as one of the best in the sport. Players have to be held accountable for their part. Injuries plagued the league so by that logic every team needs new conditioning coaches. The reason Dak’s deal is not done yet is not because of Jerry. Stephen handles the contracts. Jerry and Stephen probably get into heated debates over this one. Also Daks agent wants a Revis contract. Something he can negotiate for a bigger payday as the cap increases over the next few years. The problem with that is the uncertainty the league is in because of the pandemic. It makes more sense now to lock Dak up long term versus short term. If you franchise tag him again the salary cap will become the Davinci Code. A lot of renegotiated contracts to free up space to sign free agents and now your aging veterans will cost more to keep. Scary story I wouldn’t want to read. The truth of the matter is both parties need to sit face to face and talk it out. If it doesn’t work let Dak go. Go get some aging veteran and pray that you suck bad enough to get a QB with the number 1 pick, but don’t get a Wentz or Haskins type. Next problem you will have to pay that player also. Long story short the player is in the building figure it out. Sad part to all of this guys no one is talking about only constant in all of this and that is JJ. Mike McCarthy won in GB with to HOF QBs. Jason Garrett had Romo with one bad call away from the NFC title game. Dak in his learning years one game away from an NFC title game another loss to Mike McCarthy and Rodgers. I believe the Cowboys are close but it is going to take a culture shift to win big again. The good news is we are not the Texans, Lions, or Eagles. Plus Dak is not The Diva Watson or Jackson are with the smoke blowing their heads up. Thank God everyday for Dak.


How do you know the offer was generous Vam? Trying to understand how anyone can blame Dak for not signing any of these deals when none of us have seen the full details of the deals offered. Us who say this debacle is on the front office that’s based on the fact that they could’ve probably extended him 3 years ago for way less. Fact. So now since they didn’t haven’t it’s market money bruh. Nobody tells you to take less salary or hourly at your job bruh


No one on here has any inside information on these negotiations, just rumours and media opinions. No one has the Cowboys offer sheet or Prescott’s agent’s counter, so to say the team is being cheap or Dak is greedy is no more than a misinformed guess. As always it takes both sides to get a deal done but either party, or both, to make it fail. If the latter were to happen we would most likely never know the truth, just more unfounded speculation. All we would know for sure is that the offer was not what Dak believed he could accept. Whether that offer was reasonable, to determine where fault lies, may never be known.

Derek Rendell Thompson

#FACTS, Amen bro!

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