Tyrone Crawford Calls Out Madden 19, EA Makes Things Right

Year after year, players around the NFL are infuriated with their EA Madden stats and ratings. However, for Dallas Cowboys DE Tyrone Crawford, ratings were the least of his concerns. A picture from the game pictured Crawford’s body very differently from reality.

Crawford took to Twitter to try to make EA Sports look at the picture and realize how inaccurate his video game representation was.

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Tyrone Crawford wasn’t even mad about his ratings, which include an overall of 80. What he wanted was his body to stop looking like “humpty-dumpy” (his words, not mine). The EA Madden twitter account saw the Cowboy wasn’t messing around when he continued to tweet out pictures of himself and his actual body in his game day uniform.

Gracefully, the game account was quick to react with a picture of the original game image with an “Under Review” stamp across it.

The entire NFL twitter community had a good laugh about this but in the meantime EA Sports was hard at work trying to make things right. Less than six hours after the “review” process began, the video game corrected Crawford’s appearance in the game.

Tyrone was right. It’s 2018 and the things that technology is capable of are unbelievable, especially in the video game industry. His video game appearance was unacceptable. Now, every Madden aficionado (myself included) out there will smile when seeing the virtual Cowboys’ #98 on the field.

Despite the changes made to his physical appearance, the ratings will remain unchanged. I don’t know about you, but an overall of 80 seems right to me. At the end of the day, Madden updates its rosters on a weekly basis, so it’s really up to the players to rise their video game stats. They probably don’t even care about it, but it’s always interesting for fans to see the game’s numbers changing throughout the season.

For the Dallas Cowboys, controversial even in a virtual world, there are many questionable stats in the game itself. The most glaring one being a RT La’el Collins with a 72 overall rating. Geoff Swaim, who hasn’t been a starter in his career, has a better overall than Collins. Dan Bailey, who is among the best kickers in the league really deserved to do better than an 80 overall as well. Weird.

But as I said, ratings are something the players must change with their performance. Crawford’s body did need to be adjusted because that really didn’t look like him. Fortunately, EA was very cool about it and turned into a funny offseason story.

I’m sure Madden players will smile when looking at him when playing for or against the Dallas Cowboys.

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