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Veteran LB Sean Lee Looking For That Elusive Championship In His Final Years

's career has been full of “what ifs.”

Since joining the team a decade ago, Lee has been the unquestioned leader of the Cowboys whenever on the field. The problem, of course, is that he's had immense trouble staying on the field.

have taken what could've been a worthy career for Lee, and made it instead a bit of a sad tale. A player who may have been as good as any in football when at his prime, but was never thought to be in that top tier because of his concerns.

Now, those prime years are well beyond Sean Lee. But the peak of his career may still be yet to come.

Lee was interviewed by Sirius XM's NFL Radio back in March, making it clear why he wants to remain in Dallas so badly despite losing his starting job two years ago when bursted onto the scene.

“Obviously being here for as long as I have been, it's a place where I want to retire and hopefully fulfill a goal of winning a championship” – Sean Lee

A championship.

What these players grind for every year, right? Sean Lee has accomplished a lot in his career, but playoff success has eluded him, just as it's eluded all members of the Cowboys for the last 20-plus years

This group feels different, though, at least that's what we have continued to year. The core of this group felt so different that it brought out of last . And it feels so different this season that Sean Lee is making the final goal of his career clear as day.

To win a championship.

Sean Lee's role with the Cowboys in 2020 will be limited on the field if all goes according to plan. Leighton Vander Esch will remain healthy as the starting WILL, regaining his 2018 form. will man the MIKE position, making good on the contract he signed prior to the .

And Sean Lee will play sparingly, especially considering that 3 receiver sets have become the norm across the NFL.

But if he is asked to start again, Sean Lee could have one last magical moment in him, similar to what we saw during the team's December beatdown of the last season.

This very well may be his final year in Dallas, but could this be the year that Sean Lee and the Cowboys finally break through when it matters most?

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Would love to see Lee get a championship. Seems like it has been ages since he was drafted out of Penn State. VERY good player, intelligent, great instincts and non stop motor. He could have been considered HOF great if not for the injures. Good luck Sean, no one more deserving. GREAT TEAM PLAYER, NEVER A PROBLEM EVER. We can use more players like you.

Cowboy Fan Ed

In my opinion SL is the perfect model of what a true Cowboy player should be! If I’m not mistaken didn’t he refuse to take something like a million bucks a few seasons ago because he was injured and didn’t play and because of that he felt that he didn’t earn it? (Would somebody that knows for sure let me know?) Anyway just how good would this football team (Or any football team be ) if every player was like Sean Lee!

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