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WAS 41, DAL 16: Same Old Story For The 2020 Cowboys

Believe it or not, many Cowboys fans came into this Thanksgiving matchup with Washington with a sliver of hope.

Hope that they could cobble together enough competent quarterback play to remain competitive this season, and potentially earn an NFC East crown. Hope that at the very least, this team would be well coached, looking like they had turned a corner last week in Minnesota.

Tonight, however, we saw the same 2020 Cowboys we’ve seen since Dak Prescott’s injury.

Despite a strong start offensively and a quick 10-7 lead, injuries quickly compromised an already banged up offensive line. Without starters Zack Martin and Cameron Erving, Dallas fell back into some more conservative play calling than we saw earlier in the game.

Just when the game looked to be slipping away in the third quarter, Aldon Smith got to Alex Smith to force a bad pass. Jaylon Smith was in the right place at the right time, intercepting the ball and setting the offense up with a first and goal from the four yard line. Dallas actually lost yardage on first and second goal, before CeeDee Lamb dropped a potential touchdown on third down. They had to settle for a field goal, and would never see a scoring opportunity again.

The big stories from this loss will be that play calling sequence after the interception, and a head-scratching fake punt on fourth and long the next possession. Dallas gave this game away in the second half, and let Antonio Gibson run for 115 yards and three touchdowns, while their franchise back fumbled the ball away in his own territory.

Overall the Cowboys looked lost during the second half, and ultimately fell to Washington 41-16. Now at 3-8 on the season, it’s tough to imagine the Cowboys fighting back into the divisional race.

The Cowboys will travel to Baltimore to face the 6-5 Ravens next Thursday.

What do you think?

Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. The organization sucks from top to bottom but the top is where the rot starts JERRY doesn’t know what he is doing PLEASE GET A FOOTBALL GUY TO RUN THINGS THIS IS EMBARRASSING

  2. After losing both tackles on the opening drive I thought there was no hope. Who knew the biggest problem would be the coaching brain trust. Teams that are compromised due to injury need their coaching staff more than ever to be smart and creative. The Cowboy’s coaching staff was neither today. Once again Zeke gets outclassed and hurt the team with another fumble. He and Pollard’s carries need to be reversed, but there is no way Jerry is holding his overpaid RB1 accountable. Zeke is making Jerry look like a fool for paying him all that guaranteed money. Ok granted it is not a high bar to make Jerry look like a fool as a GM. No NFL player ever should be paid guaranteed money. No player should be paid for potential. The money is too ridiculous to be shelling out when there is zero guarantee of a return on that investment.

  3. The offense line didn’t miss tackles. The offense line didn’t call stupid plays. The offense line didn’t fumble the ball. Quit making excuses and trying to spin “if only we didn’t be these injuries”. Yes it’s been part of the reason we’re this bad, but most of the blame goes on coaching and overfed players who forgot how to play once they got their contracts.

  4. I like the gutsy forth and ten fake punt call. It takes real COJONES to make that call. You cant think about the negatives. We may of lost the game but we won the competition of team with the biggest COJONES!

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