What are Rookie QB Ben DiNucci’s Chances of Making the Cowboys Roster?

    The closed out their part in the with from James Madison University. As only a 7th-Round pick, how good are the rookie's chances of making the roster this year?

    Last year Dallas only kept two quarterbacks on the ; and . There is a clear top-two again this season with Prescott returning and replacing Rush.

    So there are two major questions for a guy like DiNucci:

    1. Will the Cowboys keep a third QB at all?
    2. Can he beat out fellow prospect ?

    That first question is the biggest one as the answer could render the other moot. Dallas may very well elect to roll with just Prescott and Dalton and keep their third QB on the again.

    The Cowboys have vacillated on keeping two or three quarterbacks throughout recent . They kept on the roster as the third QB in 2018 as a rookie. But after cutting him last year and adding Clayton Thorson, he was only kept on the practice squad.

    We've also seen QB prospects such as , Alex Tanney, and pushed to the practice squad despite intriguing performances.

    But talking about history with the Cowboys is a dangerous thing in 2020. We've watched this team for a long time now through the lens of the Era, and now has come to town.

    There are only a couple of seasons in McCarthy's 13 years with the Packers where they didn't have three quarterback on the roster. It's a clear philosophical difference from what Dallas has been doing over the same time span.

    If McCarthy's bringing that same QB development strategy to the Cowboys then Ben DiNucci's chances of making the roster go up significantly.

    Clayton Thorson
    Dallas Cowboys QB Clayton Thorson

    So now comes our second question; what sort of competition will there be between DiNucci and Thorson?

    While DiNucci is the shiny new toy in our QB conversation, Thorson is only in his second season and was a 5th-Round pick last year by the Eagles. Getting drafted two rounds earlier may not mean much, especially by another team, but it's not immaterial.

    Even if the raw potential is the same, Clayton now has a year of NFL experience to add to his upside. While you're more focused on potential with a third QB, that in experience could help Thorson perform better in practices and preseason games.

    It's also worth noting that the team which drafted him, Philadelphia, employs the same West Coast principles as Mike McCarthy. So things they would've liked in Clayton when they drafted are likely to be thing that McCarthy will appreciate as well.

    However, McCarthy also liked things in Ben DiNucci. And then there's the added edge for DiNucci of being McCarthy's first handpicked developmental QB with the Cowboys.

    Not only that, but DiNucci has a fresh 4-year rookie contract. Because he was released by the Eagles, Thorson's rookie deal was nullified and he will start hitting in 2022.

    Of course, these are all factors which will only come into play if there's a slim margin between DiNucci and Thorson on the field. If one is clearly outperforming the other in practice and the preseason then the Cowboys will figure the contract stuff out later.

    Remember, Andy Dalton is only here on a 1-year deal. The Cowboys would love for one of these prospects to show enough in 2020 to take over the backup job at a big discount next season.

    So yes, Ben DiNucci has a very solid chance of making Dallas' 53-man roster this season. With the rest of his fellow drafted rookies projected to do the same, it would only add to the hype that this class of 2020 is already generating.

    Jess Haynie
    Jess Haynie
    Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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    I was surprised when they picked DiNucci. Did not know a lot about him at the time, but it appears he has some potential . Had a great senior year. Very difficult to gauge his possibilities this early, but I hope he does well for the team.


    thorson will be the number 3 mark it doown, he is bigger, stronger, and is in his second year, and the kid can run and is tough!!!

    Pete Panagiotopoulos

    Ok Dak is not great is supposed to mean what? Did you ever hear of a thing called statistics……who has the second best qbr the last 4 years, 2nd most td’s passing and rushing his first 4 year ever, the best completion percentage of all time his first 4 years. The last one will probably be DeShaun Watson record after this season but 2nd is still pretty damn good. Who was actually better than Dak his first 4 years other than maybe Russell Wilson and Mahomes once he plays 2 more seasons? Dak better than Aikman/Manning/Brees/Montana/Young/Marino/Roethlisberger/Stafford/Ryan/Brady/Rodgers/Elway/Bradshaw in almost every stat possible his first 4 seasons. Tell me how he is only good when these guys are all great! Every qb got better after year 4 and look at Brees now who was pretty bad his first 4 seasons.


    Preach Pete! All the Dak naysayers want to point small sample size stats, that are subpar. Ignoring the total body of work accomplished over the beginning of his career which are impressive and as you stated he’s not a finished product by any means.


    Dak is out of options. Drop the tender and take Dalton and one big defense piece and you have a super bowl contender if you can turn one of the other two qb’s into a serviceable back up

    Ben Miller

    Dak is a top 1t QB not too ten. He is definitely NOT Russell Wilson and doesn’t deserve to be paid that way. He was awful pre Armani 2018. Had 3 straight sub 200 yard games without Zeke 2017, threw more Ints than TDs, lost 4 fumbles, was 0-8 2019 in games they scored under 24 pts, is a . 500 QB against +500 teams… If you want to go by great stats, Dallas should have signed Winston, 5000+ passing yards, 33 TDs…. Oh and 30 ints. You can pick and choose any stats to back up an opinion. To things matter at QB, Wins and the eye test.