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What Do NFL Players Do in Their Free Time?

We all like to blow off steam in our free time. For some people, it's about spending two weeks on vacation with nothing to worry about but getting a nice tan. For others, the best thing to do is to log in to a betting company account of choice and sample the titles in the library. There's a good reason the Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways game is incredibly popular today, as is the industry itself since online gaming is an important stress for countless internet users.

Of course, you know what you and your loved ones do in your free time – but you might not be quite so clued in on how NFL players relax, even if you spend so much time watching them that you feel like you understand them. Therefore, it's not unusual to be curious about what goes down in the . Here's a glimpse behind the curtain for all you football lovers.

Enjoy Live Entertainment

Footballers must focus on their job for several months of the year. Whether it's or Christmas, they miss out on a lot of experiences. So, it makes sense that NFL players want to make up for lost time in the summer.

Take as an example. In 2015, he was released by his boyhood franchise and ended up for the . After negotiating his contract, Williams was spotted front and at a WWE event. Professional wrestling isn't the only vice for many players – festivals such as Coachella are packed with famous athletes – but it's nice to know Williams is a fan of Vince McMahon. Indeed, Williams took it one step further when he became a pro wrestler a few years ago.


Not everyone sees golf as a fun pastime – some people think it's boring and would rather watch paint dry! Professional athletes are different, though. Overall, it appears as if the majority of them are bitten by the golf bug, including the biggest names in the game right now.

Yes, that means .

While enjoying a charity golf tournament recently, the Chiefs almost got himself in trouble when he responded to a fan's question regarding Chargers' QB . Nobody knows why athletes like to play a round of 18, but it could be the fact that golf isn't strenuous. It's a great way for footballers to use their technical skills without expending too much energy.

Dedicate Time to Their Families

Being a pro football player may be the childhood dream of many NFL stars, but it comes at a price for their families. They are away for long periods of the year, and when they are home, they have to put the job first. So, it's no surprise that the off-season is an ideal time to give back to the people who have supported them from day one.

Take , the quarterback. In 2016, he and his fiancée, pop singer Ciara, planned a lavish wedding in Cheshire in England inside the grounds of a stunning castle. With lots of life goals to deal with, the post-season can be a busy period for the guys and their partners.

Essentially, every NFL player is different and will want to make sure their plans are enjoyable and relaxing. Of course, after a couple of weeks, it's all about getting back into shape so that the start to the season goes as smoothly as possible. What did we say about the job coming first?

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