What the Cowboys did right and wrong against the Lions

    After a somewhat shaky game, the beat the 24-6 last Sunday. In the first half, both teams were in a defensive battle that resulted in a score of 6-3 with the Lions winning before the half. Within this game, what did the Cowboys struggle with, and what did the Cowboys achieve?

    Corner Backs:

    The Cowboys' cornerbacks did not do well this game at covering. did end up throwing two interceptions that were snagged by Corner Back and . This was good, however, they also allowed Jared Goff to throw 21 completions out of 26 passes.

    This won't fly with other teams. If the Cowboys' does this in a bigger game, the other team will win. Even though this is the first time the cornerbacks have let up stats like this the whole season, it's still a problem that needs to be addressed.


    As much as I told off the cornerbacks in the last paragraph, the defense was solid yet again. They forced a total of five turnovers in this game. One of them was a fumble recovery on their own one-yard line. This amazing defense is what stopped the Lions from taking the lead in the early 4th quarter.

    The is for sure top three in the NFL (I would even say it's the very best). If the players can hit hard and force more fumbles as they showed in this game, then the rest of the season looks even brighter.


    Something is terribly wrong here. Yes, a 24-6 win is good, but when you struggle the whole game offensively against the Lions, some eyebrows will surely be raised. Kellen Moore has to take a lot of the blame for the confusion.

    Kellen just isn't sticking to the run game whatsoever. He is making a “healing” throw the whole game. This wasn't a wise call, and most of his plays just didn't work at all. Kellen needs to understand that the Cowboys have the defense to literally win a . You'll never find a defense this good for the next 100 years, don't waste it Moore. Kellen must get things under control now!

    Dak Prescott:

    This topic can slide either way. Dak played very well in the 4th quarter and led the to 14 points. Yet, he still could have done much better in ways. I understand he's still somewhat healing, however, when your defense gets a total of five turnovers, there's no excuse why you shouldn't put up 35+ points, (especially against the worst defense in the NFL, the Lions).

    I am not here trying to pick on Dak, however, I want to see their offense succeed. If Dak Prescott can start leading this offense to more points per game, the Dallas Cowboys have a chance to finally make a big playoff push.

    Overall, Defense looks solid however there needs to be a little more practice with the cornerbacks this week. Kellen Moore needs to get his head on straight, and Dak needs to step it up a little more. I am glad that Dak's first game back was against an easier opponent, but still, lots of work is to be done for the offense.

    Tony Stahl
    Tony Stahl
    Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.


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    Jeffrey Tuggle

    “A little more practice with the cornerbacks” ?

    Malcolm Carter

    You want Moore to stick to the run game but blame Dak for not scoring more points , it’s either Moore or Dak ,Rush played like trash in 4 games but they won cause of a running game and defense but you want Dak to go against the grain from how they was winning


    *Rush played like trash in 4 games”. What games were you watching?


    I agree with much of the article, but this constant criticizing of Moore when DP is in the game is really getting ridiculous. Here are the numbers from the game.

    Cowboys ran the ball 32 times for 140 yards, and DP threw the ball 25 times for just over 200 yards. Is that a lot of throws? Of course NOT!

    How is that Moore making him the throw the ball the “whole game”?

    Bottom line, the five TOs were a big factor, b/c In the first half frankly they looked pretty pathetic. Defense was opportunistic. Offense worked well with the short fields they were gifted. Next another fairly easy game against the Bears.


    After watching the Bears against the Pats last night, it might not be an easy game. Fields is another running QB that has chewed our defense up. Bringing in Hankins may shore up the middle against RB’s, but QB’s that are ready and willing to pull it down and run are the bane of our D’s existence. They are still vacating their gaps too often and giving up chunks to QB’s.

    And, David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert are a nice 1-2 punch at RB. Montgomery was moving piles last night.


    This will be a difficult game for the Cowboys because of the poor run defense they seem to play all the time and Kellen Moore’s dumb ass play calling. He seems to enjoy making it hard for the Cowboys offense and easy on opposing defenses. McCarthy should keep this bastard on a VERY SHORT LEASH!!!


    Don’t understand how he made dak throw the whole game?/ Also it was his first game back and was rusty but he made the throws when he needed too.


    Because Kellen Moore is a stupid asshole who has no business working in the NFL at all. He should have taken that HC job at Boise State to work on his obvious flaws. Then, if he was good enough, some NFL Organization might have called him. As it stands, he’s going to be lucky to get a Division One Head Coaching opportunity in the foreseeable future. EVERYBODY watches the Cowboys games and all they see on offense is DUMBBELL KELLEN MOORE making ridiculous calls.


    Tony, you have your finger on the pulse of the Cowboys problems. The Cornerbacks played poorly in this game despite interceptions from Diggs and Lewis. Run defense definitely has to improve! I hope the Jonathan Hankins signing will help. Lastly, Kellen Moore! THIS GUY HAS TO GO!!! He’s the most incredible knuckle head ever to stand on the Cowboys sidelines. He only wants to run the ball between up the middle of the defense. Elliott and Pollard are not big bruiser type backs in the mold of Derrick Henry. How about some power sweeps, screens, and more off-tackle runs. Malik Davis is better suited for the straight up the middle nonsense that Moore seems to prefer. Hopefully his ass will be FIRED after this season. If the Cowboys are bounced from the playoffs early or don’t get there at all, BLAME KELLEN MOORE’S PLAY CALLING AND McCARTHY’S LACK OF LEADERSHIP!!!