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What to do in the off-season: A guide for Dallas Cowboys fans

The ' season ended about a month ago. For a few weeks following their loss in the divisional round of the NFL , Dallas stayed engaged with story lines related to staff changes, post-season awards, and week antics. We're reaching a point, however, where things might feel a little empty for those whose main hobby is keeping up with the Cowboys. 

For a lot of Cowboys content creators, this is a welcomed break from the 24-hour news cycle of . But a break for creators might feel like frustration for the rest of the fanbase. 

If you're a Cowboys fan lamenting the slow pace of the spring and summer months, this guide can help you enjoy the a bit more.

Mark Your Calendar

There won't be a new, exciting headline every day, but keeping in mind key off-season dates can help fans anticipate when to start paying extra attention to their preferred sources of Cowboys news. 

NFL Operations publishes a list of key dates for the year, many of which are related to key transactions that will have to take place before next season. 

For example, the window just opened a few days ago. There was already speculation about what decisions the Dallas might make about some of its , but now is the time to start watching for the actual moves. 

Here is a list of dates around which you can expect to hear important news:

  • February 21 – March 7: NFL teams may designate franchise or transition players
  • February 28 – March 6: NFL Combine
  • March 7: College Pro Days Begin
  • March 13 – 15: Negotiation period for unrestricted free agents
  • March 15: Trading period for 2023 begins, key date for several other related decisions
  • April 21: Deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets
  • April 27 – 29:
  • Early – Mid May: NFL 2023 game schedule released
  • Mid-June: Mandatory OTAs
  • Late-July: begins

Plan Your Travel

There are several free events that take place between now and the start of the 2023 season. If you live near the designated locations or you're willing to travel for these experiences, you'll have opportunities to meet with other and possibly get a few autographs. 

The NFL Combine

The fan-accessible part of the NFL Combine will take place Thursday, March 2 – Sunday, March 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN. It is free to attend. Just make sure you register for NFL OnePass in order to get access, view the schedule and details, and be entered for a chance to win prizes like a tickets to Super Bowl LVIII. 

In addition to opportunities to see prospects participate on the field, there are opportunities to take a photo with the Lombardi Trophy, view all 56 Super Bowl Rings, and complete a digital 40 yard dash. 

Notes: There are no scheduled opportunities for autographs at the Combine. The NFL Clear Bag Policy will be in effect. 

The 2023 NFL Draft 

The 2023 NFL Draft Experience will take place Thursday April 27 – Saturday April 29 in Kansas City, MO. It is also free to attend with the NFL OnePass app. In addition to socializing with other Dallas Cowboys fans and celebrating the newest additions America's Team, there will be interactive exhibits and scheduled autograph sessions. 

As with the Combine, there will be opportunities to take photos with the Lombardi trophy and all 56 Super Bowl rings. 

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in Oxnard

Assuming that the Cowboys return to Oxnard once again for training camp, this is something avid Dallas Cowboys fans might enjoy attending for a couple of days. 

In the past, this has been a a free event with autograph opportunities, exclusive merchandise, live entertainment, and appearances by the and Rowdy. 

Details for the training camp are usually announced during the Summer in late June or early July. The camp itself usually takes place from late July through early August. 

AT&T Stadium Tours

Tours of AT&T Stadium in Arlington take place year round. Tickets can be purchased online. They go on sale about six weeks before the start of each given month. 

For example, If you'd like to buy tickets for a tour that will take place in June, those tickets will go on sale on April 15. Tickets for tours during the month of July will go on sale on May 15. So on and so forth. 

On the tour, you may learn little-known facts about , and with the Owners VIP Package, you can access exclusive areas inside the venue. 

Star Tours

By touring the Star in Frisco, Dallas Cowboys fans can get “the ultimate behind the scenes experience.” Tickets become available on the same schedule as the tickets for AT&T Stadium Tours, and there are three different packages from which to choose. 

On the tour, you can expect to see the Ford , the Cowboys War Room, the Nike Star Walk, the Grand Atrium, and Cowboys Super Bowl Memorabilia. 

Tour guides tell engaging stories about the history of the Cowboys, and sometimes there are bonus stops along the tour depending on when the tour takes place and which areas are accessible. 

On a personal note, I'll add that Frisco really is a good place for a day trip. In addition to visiting the Star, there are great places nearby to shop and eat. If the weather is nice, the area surrounding the Dallas Cowboys Headquarters is easily walkable and pleasant to explore. 

Turn on your notifications

is very active on Twitter. If you're hungry for new content and the latest news, make sure you have your notifications turned on to be alerted when certain people post. It's also a good way to get a feed of your favorites instead of sifting through a list a of hundreds of people you've followed on Twitter. 

There are a couple of people you might want to follow on other apps as well, mainly for entertainment purposes. 

Dallas Cowboys on Twitter

This one is a given. Turn on notifications for the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter account to be alerted to anything the organization believes is significant enough to post on .

It's also a good way to be alerted when shows produced by the Cowboys air live. In addition to showing up in the Cowboys app, the shows always go live on Twitter. If you don't catch them live, they remain available as Twitter posts that you can watch after the fact. The shows also eventually show up on the Dallas Cowboys YouTube channel. 

Patrik [No C] Walker on Twitter

Patrik is one of the hosts of Talkin' Cowboys and a writer for Followers of “No C” (as he is lovingly dubbed by some) appreciate his analytical and fact-based approach to covering the Dallas Cowboys. He refers to this approach as “science,” and it's caught on amongst his fans. 

His is a great account to follow if you wonder whether a story is fact or fiction. If there is a Cowboys-related development significant enough to warrant discussion, Patrick will likely write about it and tweet about it. 

Hailey Sutton on Twitter

Hailey Sutton is a reporter and producer for the Dallas Cowboys. She's also one of the hosts of Girls Talk, ‘Boys Talk, the Dallas Cowboys' all-female-led

Hailey is wonderful to follow for the latest Cowboys developments as well as the more positive off-the-field stories. If you want to keep up with which players are winning awards, making appearances, and giving talks, definitely turn on notifications to get Hailey's latest tweets. She also tends to retweet and share content from other NFL teams that is related to some of the discussions happening among Dallas Cowboys fans. 

Dallas Cowboys players active on social media

Sometimes, it's just fun to see what your favorite players are up to when they don't have to be at the The Star every day.

Some players hardly post on social media at all. There are a few, however, who enjoy sharing their vacations, workouts, game streams, and general banter with fans. If you want to get to know these players better, here are a few accounts to find and follow. 

  • Micah Parsons on Twitter

    Micah Parsons' tweets have already made a few headlines this off-season. Micah tweets throughout the day, every day. If his online activity is any indication, he is one of the funniest and most opinionated members of the Dallas Cowboys. 

  • CeeDee Lamb on Instagram

    CeeDee Lamb's Instagram account would not normally make this list. Most of CeeDee's posts are posts, but he's been sharing other content via his stories lately.
    It's not a ton of content, but it's definitely more than what he shared during the regular season. If you want to see more of CeeDee, it's not a bad idea to follow him and occasionally check for the neon circle around his profile image. 

  • CeeToday on Instagram

    CeeToday is an fan page actually followed by . Make sure it's on your feed if you want to keep up with things like CeeDee's latest highlights or his new tattoos. 

  • Simi Fehoko on TikTok

    Simi is approaching TikTok stardom. He posts almost daily and sometimes gives insight into his experience as a member of the Cowboys. 
    Simi has become quite beloved among Cowboys Nation despite ending up on IR early in the season and did not come close to reaching his potential as a member of the receiving corps. 

    His brand of humor is silly, yet endearing. He brings a playfulness to trends that will keep you smiling and laughing even after multiple watches of the same content. Give him a follow to help him reach his goal of 350k followers.

    Simi is also active on Twitter and Instagram, and recently he has begun streaming live on Twitch. Turn on notifications if you want to know when he'll be live. 

  • @d4ktoday_ on Instagram

    If it's content you're looking for, follow @d4ktoday_ on Instagram. This fan page posts curated, fan-friendly content several times a week. If you want your IG stories to look like the season never ended and perhaps never will, follow this page and share their content. 

  • Chef Hoppie on Instagram

    Feed Zeke? Chef Hoppie does this, literally. He also feeds Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, and other Dallas-area athletes. Cowboys fans developed a fondness for Hoppie when he was featured on HBO's School of prior to the start of the

    He does not often feature players in his content, but as a Cowboys-adjacent rising star, he is great to keep up with, especially in the off-season. If you follow him on Instagram, make sure you scroll over to has Reels tab for the latest content and info on his cookbook, seasonings, and upcoming documentary titled “The PrimeTime of Culinary.” 

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