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Micah Parsons admits to having foot fetish

The title of this post means exactly what it says. No double-entendres, no inside jokes, no euphemisms. This is not satire. is on Twitter doing the most… again.

Although the are not competing in this year's , they've definitely made their mark on this week's festivities leading up to the big game.

Stars of the team have been making rounds at the Super Bowl Media in downtown Phoenix. Earlier this week, CeeDee Lamb made headlines with his honest assessment of . Yesterday, Dak Prescott took home the prestigious Walter Payton Man of the Year award from the ceremony.

So today, it was Micah Parson's turn to grab the attention of the sports world, and he did it in a way that only he could. 

Mostly due to his activity, Micah Parsons has developed a reputation as the most honest and open of the Dallas Cowboys' biggest active stars. He speaks his mind on a variety of topics and is usually unprompted in doing so. 

Naturally, he was the perfect selection as a guest on the All Things Covered hosted by former Pittsburgh Steeler Bryant McFadden. The name of the podcast encompasses what it's about. Although McFadden interviews sports stars, they often cover topics that are not directly related to sports. 

In the , which is approaching and likely to exceed 350,000 Twitter views, Parsons is answering a series of rapid fire questions from McFadden.

Well, they were rapid until McFadden paused to process Micah's answer to the question, “[What is the] weirdest thing about you that few people know?”

Without hesitation, Parsons replied, “I have a foot fetish.” 

McFadden inquires to confirm, “You like toes?”

“Yeah,” replies Parsons without a hint of shame or reticence. 


Reactions to McFadden's facial expression following Micah's answer were almost as funny to Parsons' statement itself.

Since the initial posting, Micah Parsons has retweeted the video himself with laughing emojis. His followers seem to appreciate and respect the perceived authenticity.

Parsons is no stranger to his tweets garnering mass amounts of attention. Just this week, a passive tweet about social anxiety sparked conversations on athletes' mental health. His statement in a video yesterday also has wondering if they could see him in a new role in the future.

As long as Micah Parsons has a Twitter account, dull moments in the will be few and far between.

Jazz Monet
Jazz Monet
Sports culture analyst. Sports competition enthusiast. Host of Bitches Love Sports podcast. Personal trainer. Roller derby athlete and trainer.

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