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What Tony Pollard proved Sunday against the Vikings

had an amazing game this weekend. Tony showed lots of speed and ability in the 40-3 win over the . While Dak Prescott shined in the win, Tony had a huge impact on the blowout win as well.

Yes, played amazingly, but I want to focus on just how Tony went from a backup to an all-star running back in just a few games. With Runningback recovering from an (and growing older), Tony has been taking a lot of snaps for the Cowboys.

In their win against Minnesota, Tony had two receiving touchdowns and 109 yards from receiving. These kinds of stats speak for themselves, especially when you play a team that was 8-1. Tony also had 15 carries for 80 yards in the game.

I think if we are talking about proof that Pollard showed, it was definitely that he has the speed and skill to be a good running back.

Another great trait I saw in the game was how put Elliott in the game for goal-line runs. A while back I made an article that pointed out why Ezekiel Elliott should only run the ball when the Cowboys need a few yards (goal line plays). This plan was distributed in the game and it worked perfectly.

Another statement Tony proved was that he can catch! Yes, I know we already pretty much knew that, but when he is catching 60+ yard passes by Dak to score touchdowns, it's really impressive to see.

This means that when Tony is on the field, he is now a duel threat weapon for the to worry about. Will he run it?? Catch it?? These are questions the defenders will be asking mid-play from now on.

Pollard also didn't just prove to the fans that he is a great player, but he proved his team and teammates are also great. While Dak has been getting blasted over the last few weeks about his talent, Tony helped get him back into his groove.

For the team, well, a 40-3 final score on a good Vikings team is enough to show the world that your team is serious. Tony and the team didn't want to fall under the “Cousins Curse” so they decided to put Quarterback into the grave before he could to them.

Overall, an amazing game occurred Sunday, and this win should definitely boost the Cowboys' morale and confidence going into the final bit of the .

For Pollard, I think it's safe to say he deserves the #1 spot at RB. I really like Elliott but I just think he needs to be on the field for only “heavy-duty” plays. Tony showed that he has what it takes to be in the position he's in right now. Leave him be, and the Cowboys season's outlook will look better every day.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.

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Cowboy Fan Ed

Good article TS! I like TP and likes how he tries to get extra yards after contact ! I just hope that he is durable enough to carry that kind of load for a full season! I think we all that respond to these articles realize that for the past few years EZ has been declining but he still gives his all if it’s blocking or getting the two yards for a first down or touch down! The only problem is his high contract that will get him in the end! EZ has been a good player for us and is a true Cowboy but the time has come that he needs to hand over the reins to ole TP and fill in when needed!

james a smith

They did the same thing to Robert Newhouse back in the day. Elliot may not want to be a ‘Clutch’ runningback however, the aging thing is legit

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