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Where Do these Cowboys Rank on Your List?

I have spent countless hours in front of the television throughout the years. Watching the Cowboys go to battle, I have enjoyed many players over my lifetime and what they brought to the team every week.

Every day I wish I had the luxury of growing up watching guys like , , and .

I have watched some great players throughout my era, but those three guys are some of the all-time greats. With the in full swing, I wanted to run down a few of my favorite players I have watched in my lifetime.

Miles Austin

was on the Cowboys roster for eight years. He had a splash in 2009. I will never forget watching him set the franchise-record 250 yards receiving against the Chiefs that year, a record he still holds. Austin was such a great route runner and just found a way to get himself open.

Austin finished that year with 1,320 yards and 11 touchdowns.

DeMarcus Ware

It is hard to talk about the Cowboys' and not mention at some point. I was lucky enough to watch him for nine seasons with Dallas. Ware was a player who you wanted and needed inside a locker room. He stuck through it with the Cowboys, both good and bad.

Ware ended his tenure with the Cowboys as the career leader in with 117. In April of 2017, he signed a one-day contract and retired as a Dallas Cowboy.

Tony Romo 

Outside of , was the only guy I grew up watching play the position. He was a true warrior for the franchise, everyone has their thoughts, and I have mine. He will forever be one of my all-time favorite players, and I will defend him for the rest of my life.

One game stands out when I think about Romo. It was when he suffered both a fractured rib and a punctured lung against the 49ers. He made his way back into the football game during the fourth quarter and overtime and played tremendously to finish that game and pull out the win, 27-24.

Jason Witten 

is one of the greatest to play the game. Witten made the Pro-Bowl 11 times, second-most of any at his position in the history of the NFL. Witten's 12,448 receiving yards are the most of any in Cowboys' history and the second-most of any tight end in NFL history.

Who could forget the helmet game? The 53-yard reception set up a touchdown as the Cowboys cruised past the Eagles, 38-17. He was a true pro. Witten was the 2012 award winner.

I could add so many more to this list, but these are just a few guys who come to mind. So many moments I remember from them over the years. The big plays, game-changing moments, the jerseys I bought, and so many others.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Cowboy Fan Ed

Hey Shane you mentioned some good players! A few that I would like to add is Roger Staubach (what a classy guy), Eric Williams (in my opinion the best OT to ever play for the Boys! Darren Woodson alone with Troy and Emmit! There are a lot more but these just happened to jump out at me and I thought I would leave some incase somebody else wanted to add somebody! Ha


My all-time favorites include Roger, Darren, and Emmit. PLUS:
Bob Lilly, Bob Hayes, Tony Dorsett, Randy White, Ed Jones, Larry Allen, Michael Irvin, Jason Witten, Demarcus Ware, Dez Bryant. Of current players with tenure, Zach and Zeke.


Let me look in my closet. I only buy jerseys of players I love.
Here are the jerseys I still have:
Jason Witten (2ea)
Marion Barber
Miles Austin

Jerseys I used to have:
Tony Dorsett
Emmitt Smith

Jerseys I almost bought:
Tony Romo
Sean Lee
Darren Woodson
Leighton Vander Esch <- Glad I waited
Zack Martin
Jay Novacek
Larry Allen
Daryl Johnston
Drew Pearson
Everson Walls


Witten, Ware, Romo, Miles Austin

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