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Where Was Micah Parsons in the Giants Game?

Yes, did play against the , yet his stats were very limited to his previous games. What went different and how did the Giants stop him?

In the last two games, Parsons racked up 4 total (two for each game). This was a massive stat pact, yet against the Giants, he only managed to get one . This was a concern to many, but if you look closer, it's not.

Throughout the game, Parsons was being double-teamed at the line of scrimmage. The Giants knew that Parsons is a massive threat to their so they made sure to stop him at no matter what.

This is similar to how during the 2022 the triple-teamed . Yes, I said it again, Micah Parsons is looking like a replica of the great Aaron Donald.

Back to the game, while the Giants were putting two linemen on Parsons, it opened up some room for someone else to gather up some sacks. That someone was . When Parsons was being manhandled, Lawrence was gathering up some impressive stats.

Three total sacks that game for Lawrence and 6 tackles. Yes, Lawrence deserves a lot of credit for getting back there and taking down ; but Parsons is a very big variable here.

Parsons is such a good rusher that it made the Giant's have to put another defender on him to insure he won't get sacks. That's when you know you have a good player on your team.

So, where was Parsons's amazing ability to get to the quarterback in the Giants game? It was right there, only it was passed to another player for this game. You see, when Parsons is on the field, sacks are happening, whether it's from him or not. Because of that, he hasn't just brought great talent to himself, he's brought talent to the whole team.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
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