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Which of These 4 Players Could Increase Their Value During Training Camp?

week is upon us. We all should see some shifting in the roster over the next few weeks, but who are some players that need to make some noise and possibly earn themselves not only a roster spot but maybe some significant playing time?

is the first player on my radar. His future is a bit up in the air as we speak. Only appearing in 50 games over the last five years, Brown has 39 catches on 66 targets to hit credit.

Brown is more known as a blocker, and this game is about trust. Can he gain 's in camp, and maybe we see him play himself into some heavy run packages. Types of which Dallas comes out run heavy with two TEs, and he could leak out to run a route. Time will tell, but keep an eye on Brown this training camp.

The Backup battle is open. I am going to add and . Right now, in my , one of them leaves camp with the TE2 spot.

Let's see these two battle it out. Some people, including myself, are getting caught up with Ferguson and forgot about McKeon. He only caught four balls for 27 yards and a touchdown last season, only appearing in nine games.

Dallas did draft Ferguson for a reason though, and I'm a big fan. During four seasons as a Badger, he caught 145 passes for 1,618 yards and 13 touchdowns in his college career.

One more name, if he is ready for camp, ill be watching is . He says he feels good to go, but Dallas has bigger plans for him next year and in the future. The Cowboys may take a more conservative approach and ease him back. He could bring amazing value to the . We should know very soon.

There are plenty of other players fans will be watching for, including myself, like the depth at different positions and how those shake out, but those are just a few I'm excited to see create value for themselves. I am ready for some Cowboys football.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Jeffrey Tuggle

It’s pretty much a fact already that one of those TEs will be TE2. For the record, it’s gonna be Fergurson.
As for Brown, he has been around for awhile. He won’t be increasing his value. His value increases if there are injuries in his group. Dallas already knows what they have in Brown. A guy that knows the offense, with good hands that give you depth. And good on special teams.


I like Jabril, think he will be, at least, a solid player for us.

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