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Why are the Dallas Cowboys Considered “America’s Team?”

The Dallas Cowboys are one National Football League team who always seems to make the headlines. It does not matter whether they are tasting success or suffering defeat, the Cowboys will always make the sports pages. The Cowboys joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960 and hold the record for the highest number of consecutive sell-outs, both home and away. They recorded 190 consecutive sold-out regular and post-season games and this streak started in 2002.

So, there is no doubting the popularity of the Dallas Cowboys across the United States but why are they considered to be “America’s Team?”

Clearly, the Dallas Cowboys are one of the most famous names in American football and they have made it to the Super Bowl eight times, which is second-most in appearances in the history of the competition. The Cowboys have five Super Bowl victories to their name, with only the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers above them in that ranking. Dallas also holds NFL records for the most consecutive winning seasons and the most seasons with at least 10 wins. Good performance across a long period of time increases the popularity of a team and that is exactly what happened with the Dallas Cowboys.

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Back to the Cowboys; they were the first NFL team in history to win three Super Bowls in four years and between 1963 and 1983, they won more games than any other team. Having tasted success on a regular basis, the name of the team soon spread across the globe and if you ask any sports fan to name an NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys are sure to regularly feature.

However, the “America’s Team” nickname that refers to the Dallas Cowboys originated from the team’s 1978 highlight film. It was narrated by John Facenda and he opened the film with the line, ‘They appear on television so often that their faces are as familiar to the public as presidents and movie stars. They are the Dallas Cowboys, “America’s Team.”’

The name has since been used by several media outlets when describing the Cowboys, including Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and HBO. One year on and into the 1979 season, during the live televised game against the St. Louis Cardinals, the television announcer for CBS introduced the Cowboys as “America’s Team.” There have been other teams who have tried to claim the name “America’s Team,” such as the Atlanta Braves (baseball), Buffalo Bills, and Pittsburgh Steelers but there is only one team that comes to mind as “America’s Team” and that is the Dallas Cowboys.

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  1. I absolutely am so tired of the “America team” reference. They are NOT America’s team, not mine (I’m from Denver and there are other teams in the NFL, hello. sportscasters EVERYWHERE please stop using this reference. It is old and Beyond worn out.

  2. Get over yourself.
    We are never old, worn out or ever IRRELEVANT!
    Any other team?
    You watch the boys because you love them or hate them. Either way you watch…

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