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Why Cowboys Should Make Signing RB Jay Ajayi a Top Priority

Despite adding and through the , the still don't have a clear-cut to back up this season. I like the upside of both of these rookies, but I think it would be wise on the Cowboys part to bring in a more established player to become their RB2 this season.

Enter , the former and running back.

I really believe Running Back Jay Ajayi is exactly the kind of RB2 the Dallas Cowboys need, and currently don't have, to backup Ezekiel Elliott this year. He's an established veteran with a proven track record, but has unfortunately struggled with throughout his career. This is exactly the kind of low risk/high reward kind of move Dallas likes to make when .

We all know the Cowboys like to sign free agents on their own terms. That usually means they are cost-effective players that won't impact the compensatory pick formula. Surprisingly, Jay Ajayi fits into both of those categories right now.

Signing Ajayi shouldn't break the bank for the Dallas Cowboys. They should be able to sign him on a one-year prove it deal because of his recent . He sustained a torn ACL early in the season last year with the Philadelphia Eagles, but is supposed to be ready by the time the kicks off.

Jay Ajayi
RB Jay Ajayi

I don't know what you or the Dallas Cowboys think about this, but I think all of this makes just too much sense for it not to happen. The Cowboys would be getting a starting caliber RB to backup Zeke and Ajayi would be receiving a great opportunity to potentially resurrect his career.

Now, I know Ajayi is probably holding out for a starting job for some NFL team, but I just don't see that happening for him. Coming to Dallas and forming an excellent 1-2 punch with Ezekiel Elliott is an opportunity he shouldn't pass up, especially with Zeke's recent off the field incident where he was handcuffed/detained (not arrested) at a musical festival in Las Vegas.

The NFL has shown in the past they are willing to throw the book at Zeke, despite little to no evidence supporting their case. This most recent incident allows the league to do just that once again, meaning No. 21 could be looking at a possible .

With that in mind, the Cowboys backup RB situation is even more concerning. I don't think I would completely trust Tony Pollard or Mike Weber to handle the workload in Zeke's potential absence. Jay Ajayi on the other hand is a different story. I don't think there would be much of a dip in production with him in a lineup.

Like I said earlier though, I don't know where the Dallas Cowboys stand in regards to Jay Ajayi, but this really seems like a win-win situation for everybody involved. If I were the one making the decisions, I would get on the phone with Ajayi's representatives immediately to try to bring him aboard.

Do you like the idea of Jay Ajayi as Ezekiel Elliott's backup running back?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. The only way we should sign Ajayi is if the NFL drops the hammer on Zeke’s stupid ass again. This is EXACTLY why I don’t want any part of a long term Zeke contract, by the way. He’s still an idiot

    • I’d personally sign Ajayi right now and put Mike Weber on IR with a knee injury. Zeke, Tony Pollard, and Jay Ajayi sounds like a really good trio to me. I like the idea of the Cowboys covering themselves just in case Zeke get suspended or hurt.

    • What makes you think he’s washed up? He was pretty good in 2017 with both the Dolphins and Eagles, and didn’t look bad in 2018 before he sustained an ACL injury. I wouldn’t trust him as a full-time starter, but I love the idea of him as the RB2 behind Zeke.

  2. I like Ajayi but I don’t think Dallas needs to get in a rush to sign a backup for Zeke. Ajayi should still be around when TC starts.

    I think Goodell will suspend Zeke and will probably wait until just before the season starts.

    • That’s kind of the point I’m trying to make. If the NFL suspends Zeke for any amount of time it would be better to have an established backup like Ajayi already on the roster. If they wait, his asking price will go up because he holds more leverage then.

  3. This is a win/win idea in a time when the Cowboys are trying to go all in! There was a time when everyone was hoping and praying Ajayi was the Cowboys pick in the draft not long ago, and for good reason. Ajayi has shown that he can be a true difference maker in this league. The fact that he’s still available and his injury history will allow him to come cheap… would give Dallas the most dynamic RB duo the league has possibly ever seen. This would also allow them to truly use Pollard in the manner that they claim they will and we all hope they do. Also, can you imagine having both Zeke and Jay on the field at the same time?

    They need to make this happen!

    • It really does make too much sense for it not to happen, but unfortunately I don’t know if the Dallas Cowboys agree. I kind of doubt it, but with the latest incident involving Zeke they have to have some concerns with the players they currently have backing him up.

  4. Absolutely not. Ajayi has proven to be a horrible teammate, is no help on special teams, and is fresh off a severe injury. If we go the veteran route, and I don’t think we should, we need guy that will be a positive influence in the RB room. Ajayi is a malcontent.

  5. The Cowboys need to make this happen. Ajayi is a very underrated RB. He would give Dallas a solid one-two punch, and if you’ve been watching the Saints, you know how important that can be come gameday. Plus Ajayi is already familiar with Dallas’ OC, Kellen Moore, as they were teammates at Boise State University. This only makes Ajayi more tempting, especially if you can get him cheap. He could very well be a fun new toy for Moore and he’ll likely adapt to Moore’s system quickly. As a first year OC, Moore could use the help. And I really don’t think Ajayi’s injury is a concern. Even if he doesn’t bounce back to his old self, he’ll still be a good RB2. That’s his floor. This makes way too much sense not to happen. He needs to get a call from the Cowboys, ASAP.

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