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Why Cowboys Should Sign WR Josh Gordon

When discussing recently wasted talents in football, you have to name . When he's been on the field, Gordon has been one of the best receivers in the game. The problem is he's barely been on the field. Gordon joined the NFL in 2012 when he was drafted in the by the . Of a potential 128 games total he could've played in, he's only played in 63.

Gordon has faced a lot of due to violations of the league's substance-abuse policy, missing the 2015 and 2016 seasons entirely. Now, Gordon is asking for after playing in only 11 games last season. As the league is softening its stance on use, the 29-year-old wide receiver might have a strong chance of playing on Sundays again. There will certainly be interested teams.

It seems like every year, NFL fans discuss whether or not their teams should consider an insanely talented player with off-the-field issues. In this case, the news about Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement has me wondering how he would look wearing a Star on his helmet.

You see, the are set to have an elite wide receiver unit with , , and rookie . While many would consider Gordon unnecessary due to the talent that's already on the roster, I'd argue the contrary. With the team's set to take a step back, the Cowboys are betting on their to become contenders. Why not continue to invest in a position that's already a strength?

Many believe teams that are real candidates to winning it all are balanced, but the truth is they're always elite on one side of the ball rather than just “good” in both. If the Cowboys are going all-in on 's offense, getting Josh Gordon on the team could be a brilliant move.

They have starters, that much is clear. But the NFL is a tough league in which constantly take place. If any of the Cowboys' top three receivers get injured, who'd step up? While there are some young unproven candidates like and , none of them seem like a reliable plug-and-play alternative for the Cowboys.

Despite availability concerns, it's difficult to feel better about any of those guys than about Gordon. In his first two seasons, Josh showed what he was all about, racking up 805 yards as a rookie and an NFL-leading 1,646 yards in 2013.

Even in 2019, Gordon displayed his talents with the and the as he averaged 15.8 yards per reception in limited playing time. If you think he's anywhere close to being “washed,” I suggest taking a look at his level of play last year.

If he's reinstated by the NFL, signing Josh Gordon shouldn't be an expensive endeavor. We know the Cowboys aren't afraid of getting talent at a discount due to off-the-field issues. After all, the team just signed recently reinstated DE earlier this year and is still waiting on the league's response to 's application.

“Low-risk, High-reward” might sound like a cliché by now, but that's exactly what Gordon would be for Dallas as an unrestricted . He could make a big difference for the Cowboys if they are able to get him for the .

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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Could also make packaging Gallup (2nd most drops in NFL) in JAdams trade less painful. I like it!

Cowboys fan

Hell no…. The whole point in this story is to have him in case one of our top 3 get injured!! Not to trade away our number 2 receiver!! And you wanna trade him for Jamal Adams…. Hell no…. That’s retarded!! The jets can keep him!! He’s not worth any player or the draft capital they’re asking for!! We’ll be better off keeping our players and our draft capital and using our 1st round pick on our own safety!! That way we’ll still have all of our receivers and we can draft a safety in the 1st round that’ll be just about as good as Jamal Adams if not as good and he’ll be way cheaper!! All you people wanting to trade for Jamal Adams just aren’t using your heads…. Your thinking about this season, your not thinking about the future!! Jamal Adams will be too expensive so we’ll more than likely be giving up 2 draft picks that we can use in next year’s draft to draft 2 cheaper players that could possibly be starters for us next year on a player that’ll more than likely be a 1 year rental!! That’s just crazy!! So again…. The jets can keep him!!

Football Fan

Just not worth the risk!

Cowboys fan

So your saying you’d rather take a chance on a bunch of receivers that have shown us nothing than to sign a player with number 1 receiver abilities!? That’s crazy…. Josh Gordon is definitely worth the risk!!

Gary b

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO I’M surprised this is even being suggested. You wanna add a player with a long checkered past to a team that already has players with questionable character issues. WR is a position of strength and even if it weren’t J Gordon ? NO WAY


The last thing Dallas needs right now is another WR. He would be more of a distraction then a benefit. What they need to do is figure out a way to get Adams away from the Jets! That would upgrade their whole defense overnight!

Cowboys fan

Jamal Adams would not upgrade our whole defense over nite!! He’s good, but not that good!! He’s a safety…. The only help we need in the secondary is at the corner position, and even that’s not a guarantee!! What the jets want for Jamal Adams is just way too much!! We can use those draft picks in the next draft to draft 2 starters!! So it would be stupid to give that up for just one player!! Like I said, he’s good, but he’s not that good!! It would be much better to keep our draft capital and draft our own safety in the 1st round next year and then we’ll still have our 3rd round pick to use for another position!! And they both would be cheaper than what Jamal Adams is gonna be asking for…. Hell, our whole draft will be cheaper than Jamal Adams!! So again…. Hell no… The jets can keep him!!


My whole issue with this article stems from the “with the defense set to take a step back …” comment. So instead of addressing what you just identified as the real problem, you want to go get a talent and troublesome 4th receiver?

People are acting like a rookie Lamb makes this team the new Greatest Show on Turf … and its not. Nor does it need to be. A 4th receiver like Gordon (or Dez!) isn’t going to make a difference to this offensive unit. I’d even argue that whatever small uptick it might bring to the offense, it won’t offset the down tick of going to a new Center.

If you have money to throw around, do it on defense.

Stephen Gregory

Well said.


Gordon Nope! Jamal Adams-Yep-Yep-yep!!!

Cowboys fan

To hell with Jamal Adams…. Idk why everybody wants him, he is good for sure, but a 1st and 3rd…. Hell no…. A 1st and 3rd can get us 2 starters in next year’s draft!! We can use that 1st round pick to draft our own safety in next year’s draft that can be just about as good as Jamal Adams, if not as good!! And then we’ll still have a 3rd to use on another position!! Not to mention the fact that those draft picks will be 20 times cheaper than Jamal Adams would be!! So hell no on Jamal Adams, the jets can keep him!!

William Alfrey

No! They have plenty of wrs and Gordon would just distract and hinder the development of the other younger wrs. Terrible idea! Plus they already have a Josh Gordon type with better wheels they just drafted this year. Gordon has shown signs of slowing down anyway. Big no!

Terry Sample

We whiffed on Earl Thomas, the elite game changer, big time locker room guy and leader. Jamal Adams is way too expensive. Gordon is a crapshoot who adds nothing in regards to leadership and a winning culture. A hard hell no.

Danilo L Jones

Ceedee lamb is the real deal and Josh Gordon is a stud get him u never pass on a talented receiver and I see Jamal Adam’s we will trade picks for him. A 1ST & 3RD gets it done.


I think this is a no-brainer, if the price is right.(under 2 mil for a prove it contract similar to Aldon Smith’s but I still might take Dez instead) With the new CBA and the relaxation on THC related suspensions, he could be a cheap option on a position thats top heavy but lacks depth.We have leaders in place and as far as I know he isn’t a locker room cancer. I think the defense takes a step forward not back so with a stronger D, give Dak every weapon possible.


Rather just sign dez than take Gordon..

Green Man

I would’ve said to give Dez a shot until he started the media firestorm with Witten and Jerry. I get being frustrated with Jerry for not making a statement on BLM but he supposedly has Jerry’s number. Just call him. Why go after Witten? He was a former teammate and from what I can tell a model teammate. Dez did backtrack but created a media circus that didn’t need to happen, and not for the first time, when he’s not even on the team. Twitter is one of the worst things to happen in regards to personal relationships in my lifetime.

Gordon might get reinstated but he also might not be. We’ve yet to hear anything on Gregory. And no to Adams, a 1st and 3rd is too steep for a guy that is disgruntled and will also command a 15+ million dollar contract. We already let Byron Jones walk and he was an elite cover corner that we wouldn’t have had to throw a 1st and 3rd at to retain. Having a guy that specializes as a box safety pigeonholes your defense in some ways. If we had a solid defense, particularly secondary, I’d say pull the trigger but we don’t have that. Our defense isn’t one player away from being very good or elite.


I would love for the cowboys to add Jamal Adams at the right price say a 1st and Awuzzie, but definitely not Dez he is a cancer on a football team don’t need all the headaches that go along with Dez. Guy throws teammates under the bus on a regular basis.


The future is now in Dallas. Gallop had a great season, but I don’t buy that he’s the truth. Use him a capital to get Jamal Adams and keep the best draft picks that you can. Workout Josh Adams, if he’s where he’s was last year sign him on the cheap. The cowboys won Super Bowls with Leon Lett and Michael Irvin, guys who had big egos and questionable locker room behavior. Jerry will ride off into the sunset pretty soon. Five years from now should be exiting his thought processes.

Almac Cowboy

That wouldn’t be very smart to let Gallup go for Josh Gordon especially when you can’t trust him to be available. All Gallup do is show up and make the other team game plan for him. If you want to get rid of a player put Awuzzie on the trade block, to go after Jamal Adams.

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