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Why Sunday Night Is The 2020 Cowboys’ Last Stand

Let me start by saying this.

No, I don’t think the Cowboys will beat Philadelphia Sunday night. And no, I don’t think this team is anywhere close to good enough to compete for even this dumpster fire of a division. But if somehow someway they are able to pull it off this week behind Ben DiNucci, the Cowboys will once again become NFC East favorites.

In a lot of ways the 2020 season feels over. The team has begun moving off of some offseason veteran acquisitions, looking to give their young guys a chance and acquire draft capital where they can. They are down to their QB3 (!!) this week, a seventh round rookie who was playing in the FCS a year ago.

But what will be on the other sideline Sunday night?

The 2-4-1 Eagles have been far from impressive themselves, dealing with injury issues all year and barely squeaking by the lowly Giants for their second win of the season. There’s no doubt they deserve to be favorites this week, though, and it remains hard to expect anything at all from this Cowboys squad.

Sunday night is this team’s last stand. If they want any chance to save a lost season, to show fight and battle for their new coaching staff, they have to win this week. According to PFF’s playoff leverage, the Cowboys would move to a 42% chance of winning the division with a win on Sunday. With a loss, they’d be just about dead and buried at 16%.

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Losing by 22 and being essentially shutout by Washington feels like the nail in the coffin for the 2020 season, but mathematically they could turn things around beginning Sunday night.

It’s a long shot. They are 10 point underdogs right now in most books and are expected by all to get completely rolled over. But how about they come out and play hard for four quarters for once?

If they can’t get up for this one in Philly, then they might as well forfeit their way to 2-14.

What do you think?

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. Sounds like a fair assessment of the state of this team. And, if they win by some chance, we will be hearing this same thing every single game going forward. To really do anything other than win a weak division, they need to win out going. Getting into the playoffs as a wild card team just to get bounced out the first round only gives a worse draft position. Time to start playing for draft position because this team is not challenging anybody in the regular season, much less the playoffs. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the rookie play QB. Heck, maybe lightning will strike twice and we find a new young QB that the team can rally around.

  2. Good post Stephen! I don’t disagree with anything u said. Play the young guys so we can see what we got and what we need moving forward.

    This team will be rebuilt thru the draft and a few key FA signings. U can’t get blue chip players picking in the middle of the pack every yr so a top 5 draft position would be great, plus we have 10 draft picks and counting . We need to have another great draft and desperately need some playmakers especially on the defensive side of the ball.

  3. I’ve been a Cowboy fan since 1967. I’ve never seen them with so many injuries. Poor play on defense. Jerry needs to hire a GM before he loses his mind. To many holes in the defense. Keep Mr.Aldon Smith new DC might help next year. Anything can happen the rest of the way . If they believe in themselves.

  4. Gregory Allen, I hear what you are saying. The problem is kind of what Gary B. stated in that the Cowboys keep picking in the middle of the pack. What that means to me is that Mr. Jones actually seems to outperform half of the GMs in the league on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it’s the bottom feeding teams he’s outperforming and not the contenders. Doing just good enough to where those blue chip players are already gone but just bad enough to keep fielding mediocre teams. He has also, on a several occasions, picked injured players in the second round that are not able to contribute as they rehab for at least one season. I’ve heard Mr. Jones say he likes to “swing for the fence in the 2nd round.” How about just pick a guy that has starting ability in that second round instead swinging for the fence? Can anyone say Taco Charlton? Being a fan has been a labor of love.

  5. Cannot degree with my fellow Cowboys Fan’s. I have been a fan since I played pop warner and down the #12 jersey, and you know whom that was in representation for. My Boyz are just not what we are used to seeing on game day. Mr. Jones needs to make a GM choice, pay Dak and build the defensive back glory. #cowboysnation for life.

  6. This team had a lot of things go wrong. First and foremost, FA players that left and FAs that we signed and didn’t work out, both had very negative effect. Then of course the numerous injuries, turnovers, dropped passes, etc. Every team has injuries, but we seem to have much more than our fair share at some key positions.

    Agree we must rebuild through draft and with select FAs. Just do not think we should give up on the season, just seven games in and play for draft position. And I get the tough shape our team is in, and the chances of winning games are obviously not good. But I like to think this team still has some fight and pride left in it. Of course I could be wrong about that. Happy to see we are getting back Sean Lee. Maybe that bring some leadership on defense that we sorely need. Let’s just hope he sticks around for a while.

    Not totally sold on having to draft at the top of the round to get blue chippers. We have gotten some great players in the middle or later. Just this past draft we got Lamb at 17. Got Zack at 16. Travis at 31. Dez at 24. B Jones at 27. LVE at 17. Not sure if it is so much where you pick, as much as how well you pick.

  7. It still stuns me writers and others are still talking about winning the division. WHY?. And lets just say by some miracle they did. And then what?. Get whooped buy some team who doesn’t belong there anymore than the Boys do and add even more humiliation to the franchise. Please quit talking about winning the division. I have been a fan longer than you’ve been alive I’m sure of it. All most fans like me right now want is effort, good strong hard effort. I remember the 1-15 season in 89 and watched every game because I new Jimmy would make them a winner. But also because even though they lost a lot, they played hard and with heart. I don’t see that in this team, to me most of them have quit, and that makes me sick. I’d get rid of them all in a minute if possible except a few, a very few.

  8. VAM- good concise pts as always. Giving up on the season runs contrary to my base instincts and I can’t ever remember doing that with a cowboys team. But nothing says playing the young guys couldn’t mean more success for our team, as many of our starters have been terrible to this point anyway. Maybe an infusion of youth will inject some life into this team. Maybe at least on a rotational basis. Doesn’t have to mean we’re giving up, but just transitioning into a new era.

    Your right we have hit on some quality player’s in the middle to late rd one. I just think picking in say the top 5 (in every rd) really increases our chances of hitting it big with some impact players, and also gives us a shot at potentially getting our next franchise QB if we pick high enuf.

    Did you see Justin Fields performance yesterday? Wouldn’t mind seeing him under center for the cowboys. But not sure we will pick high enuf to get him and Lawrence will go #1.

  9. Gary b, I get where you’re coming from about playing some of the young players, especially considering the way our season has unfolded so far. I also want to see what we have there. I like the rotational idea.

    Yeah would be great if we could snag Fields, he certainly looks like the real deal.

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