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Why the Cowboys Should Sign WR Chester Rogers

Rogers could bring some veteran experience to the WR Room, but also be used as the team’s primary punt returner.

In April, ITS Writer Jess Haynie wrote a piece about the Cowboys likely needing a new punt returner in 2022, and at first, I admit I was skeptical. 

My first reaction to the topic was the could use WR and RB , but after diving into Haynie’s article, I found out that only Lamb and former Cowboy WR have handled 54 of the team’s 57 punts since 2020. 

And with Wilson now gone, Lamb was the only option left.

While I could have ended the discussion by saying you still have Lamb, I remembered that Lamb is now the club’s bonafide WR1, so it doesn’t make sense to put him at risk. My next thought was to jump to Pollard, but if you look at his career stats, you find out that he has never been involved in the punt coverage. And if you ask me why? That’s beyond my pay grade, you would have to ask the coaches.

Now stuck trying to decipher who could fill Lamb’s role, the one player that came across my mind (only because I was looking at my old fantasy team) was former Titans WR Chester Rogers. 

And before jump on me since he’s not the sexiest name to go after, hear me out.

According to The Football Database, Rogers averaged 9.77 yards per punt return last season, which ranked 5th-best in the league. Comparing that to Lamb or Wilson’s stats, Rogers was a few yards off Lamb’s (9.97 YPR) and smoked Wilson’s YPR (3.27) by a mile. 

Rocco DiSangro on Twitter: “Check out Huntsville native Chester Rogers showing off the WHEELS!! / Twitter”

Check out Huntsville native Chester Rogers showing off the WHEELS!!

By Rogers, you not only guarantee Lamb or (hypothetically Pollard) would accrue fewer hits on their body but he is a veteran WR that can help out your WR Room.

I mean isn’t everyone saying the Cowboys need to sign another wideout? So why not Rogers, who has a career average of 10.8 YPR (Yards Per Reception) and is someone you can sign for cheap.

I get going after a WR like Odell Beckham, , or even is more exciting–but those players only help in your . And because of their , if one of them were to go down, you’re back to square one at trotting Lamb out on punt coverage, which is not the best idea if you want to preserve his health.

What do you think?

Rocky Garza Jr

Written by Rocky Garza Jr

Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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