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Will Aldon Smith Win Comeback Player of the Year?

Despite being away from the field for the past five years, has quite lofty expectations for 2020. As the season restarts following the inevitable delay due to , Aldon hopes to re-join where he left off as one of the NFL’s deadliest pass rushers. Managing to accomplish the feat could see him emerge as a sneaky candidate.

The Comeback Player of the Year is the NFL’s way of recognizing athletes who have shown the most determination in overcoming adversities. Players that have missed out on the previous season due to or poor form are eligible for the award. Therefore, Aldon qualifies. Unfortunately, winning the award is no walk in the park.

The Challengers

2020 has quite a few athletes vying for the CPOY. Big obviously is one of the biggies on the list. No pun intended! Roethlisberger is at the peak of his form this year, pulling off an impressive 50-yard pass during a practice session. The nearly 40-year old will leave no stone unturned in giving his best performance this season.

is also a contender for the award. The 31-year old’s return to professional football after one year of is something to watch out for. If Gronkowski’s on-field performance leads to the winning a bunch of games, he might just win the 2020 CPOY title. Other claimants include A.J Green, , and , all of whom have the best in succession.

’s story serves as a strong reminder of how crucial the current season’s performance is towards winning the CPOY. Returning players with more than just an average season are presented with the award. And judging by the contenders in 2020, Aldon’s journey won’t be an easy one.

Assessing the Odds

The Comeback Player of the Year award 2020 has Ben Roethlisberger’s name written all over it. He’s older than the rest of the competitors, has battled countless odds through the last season, and, most importantly, is at the peak of his form. It would be safe to assume Big Ben ticks all the right boxes. However, who finally wins the coveted award is anybody’s guess.

The current standings this season also include with +750 points and with +800. However, the crowd favorite is with +6600 points. NFL 2020 is the ideal season for sports betting as the stakes are sky-high this year. If you’re in the New Jersey area looking for a reliable sportsbook, follow NJ NFL betting.

Leaning towards the original question, Ben Roethlisberger has an in winning the 2020 CPOY. At the same time, Aldon Smith and Alex Smith aren’t too far behind in the list. The latter, however, runs the risk of never returning to the field if he’s unable to completely recover from the horrifying compound and the subsequent life-threatening infections within time.

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Cowboys fan

I agree, I think think big Ben has the best chance at winning that award!! I can honestly say though that Aldon Smith is probably the best out of all the rest!! So if big Ben don’t win it then it’ll more than likely be Aldon Smith!!

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