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Will Cowboys Be Able to Carry 3 QBs Once Again?

's job is more than safe as far as the is concerned. There won't be any “ controversy” going on when discussing who will receive 's snaps every week. The same cannot be said for the backup position, though.

As impressive as was last , 's arrival will put his job in danger.

Last year, the Cowboys began the season with three quarterbacks on the roster. Rush beat for the QB2 spot and eventually, Moore was released in October. Now a QB coach, Moore will try to develop and figure out who'll back up Prescott in 2018.

But the Cowboys might not be able to do what they did in 2017. While last year they took the into the season, giving three quarterbacks a roster spot could be tougher to achieve with such an uncertain .

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The Cowboys' group is deep, but clear-cut starters will be tough to define. , and sound like the most likely guys to start when week 1 comes around. But young guys like , and even are talented enough to fight to be one of the 53 .

Especially since we're talking about a whole new set of wide receivers which might see tons of changes throughout the season.

Not to mention the position, in which the Cowboys will have a hard time defining who is the first Jason Witten succesor in the franchise. , , and will be battling in training camp to make the team.

On the defensive side of things, the staff might want to go deep along the defensive line given they have tons of guys who could contribute to a strong, solid rotation. , , , and more guys are very likely to get snaps. They might also go heavy in the , since the safety position doesn't seem very… well, safe.

The Dallas Cowboys will have to decide between going heavy at these positions with players that are more likely to contribute on the field in 2018 and keeping a third-string promising young player at the most important position of all: the quarterback position.

It's a tough call and one that will add some extra flavor to the position battles in training camp. The Cowboys have a deep roster and that will show in July and in August, when the preseason comes around. Surely, the QB battle between Mike White and Cooper Rush will manage to be one of the most intriguing ones, given that they won't only be fighting to be Dak Prescott's backup, but to be on the in September.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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Sexcdex Xfact

I love what I’m hearing about Mike White
I remember how Cooper Rush impressed us all
I’d love to keep all 3 active but it if the questionable position groups are all well decided on clear options

We’re too thin and/or unproven right now to go heavy anywhere that not absolutely necessary

Then like ’16, Prescott felt the fires of competition which some felt the kids if Romo would cause him to lose his edge

The edge Dak lost was Romo’s literal voice of advice and literal presence moreso than competition

Coaching failed him at the most inopportune time,
(Zeke’s susspension, Tyrones injuries, Dez’s decline/tandrums, poor to no adjustments ,etc)
And just when teams schemed away his primary targets to force him to beat them alone
Although careful film breakdowns have discounted Prescotts int’s down to 6-8 being his fault,
(not tipped/defected at the line or him being hit as he threw, hitting his targets but not secured),
Some were obviously poor decision making
But the best makes the worst reads & throws, even vets in the SB, (hint hint)
13 int’s vs 30 TD’s is much better than most megastar Qb’s to date
(factoring in Dak’s total rushing TD’s / although 23-13 isn’t horrible either)

Hopefully by the end if preseason an obvious backup will be determined & we can relinquish the third to the practice squad

We need to have balance in strength of position groups, yet to be so well established elsewhere that allows us to keep all 3 active will be just fine with me

Heck, we might even become a football manufacture type franchise, spitting out Jimmy Garapollo’s, David Irvins & Rod Smith’s, etc
Increasing trade values like Bill Bellichek & kicking the can of progress down the road vs kicking the salary cap curse down the road as in recent times past should be

Thiscshould be a welcoming turn of events due to drafting & developing such great prospects that teams look to us for our leftovers

Competition does breeds excellence

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