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Will Cowboys “Dead Weight” Roster Moves Soon Hit Coaching Staff?

Over the last two days we've seen the or three veteran defensive players as part of their response to a disappointing 2-5 start to the season. If the team is willing to shed perceived dead weight from its roster, how long until it turns its attention to the ?

On Tuesday, DE was traded to the for a conditional draft pick. And then late yesterday, DT and DB were released after Dallas was unable to find trade partners.

Before the start of the regular season, all three of these newly-arrived were expected to play major roles on the Cowboys' . Both Griffen and Poe were projected starters and Worley was perceived as a versatile backup with starting potential.

All three have struggled to make positive impacts. The Cowboys have had one of the NFL's worst defenses and these veterans bear some of that blame. Nobody was asking them to be Pro Bowlers, or even a starter in Worley's case; just fundamentally sound roleplayers.

Sadly, nothing about this 2020 has gone according to hopes and expectations. But when you see the degree of dysfunction and disappointment that currently exists with the Cowboys, eyes should quickly be on the staff if they aren't already.

You have to decipher how much the disappointing performances of the players has been a symptom or a cause for Dallas' struggles. Given how the widespread the issues are, particularly on defense, you eventually have to find the common denominator; the coaching staff.

Mike Nolan

It's telling that Mike Nolan hasn't been able to cobble together even a solvent defense despite the tools he's had to work with. The Cowboys have the 6th-worst defense in yards allowed and are the absolute worst in points allowed so far this season.

They were 9th and 11th in those same categories last season under .

Sure, there are growing pains with a and especially one that has involves some significant shifts in scheme and what players are being asked to do. Throw in the disruptions to the from the pandemic and it's not unreasonable to give Nolan some grace.

But still, this has been beyond bad. The Cowboys have been unable to stop even mediocre teams and players from imposing their will. Breakdowns are occurring on every level of the defense and one-time Pro Bowlers look lost on the field.

I'm not saying that Griffen, Poe, and Worley were made into scapegoats. Getting them off the roster may have more to do with just taking this season, seemingly lost at this point, and devoting more energy into younger talent with potential to grow.

At this point, why should guys like and Rashard Robinson lose playing time for the likes of Griffen and Worley?

But if you're asking that question and making moves on that basis, the next logical question is, “Who do you want teaching and developing your young talent?”

Or better perhaps more importantly, “Who DON'T you want?”

I'm willing to give and passes for this year given everything that's happened with and offensive . They deserve another opportunity to prove themselves under fairer circumstances.

But with just two more games before the , you have to wonder if Mike Nolan is long for this Cowboys world. The team has shown its willingness to admit mistakes and cut bait on some of its bigger moves from the offseason with these recent departures of Griffen, Poe, and Worley.

At this current rate of failure, at least one of our coaches could soon share their fate.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Chuck Wright

Can only hope so, Mike Nolan is HORRIBLE> He was horrid at SF. . . . how do guys like this keep getting CO spots????/

Chuck Wright

Forgot to mention, our Special Teams “guru” is worse than the crap we saw last year . .. .


Nolan is as good as gone! The team is not playing for him at all, honestly it’s a joke. BUT McCarthy is to blame. Why he hired Nolan 3-4 Defense scheme to replace a 4-3 base Defense, is beyond me. We dont have the right personnel for this scheme and Dlaw is 4-3 technique pro bowler who has been rendered useless bc it’s not a fit.

Jerry hires McCarthy to win now, and McCarthy had a huge brain fart and hired Nolan (who sucks) and scheme that does not fit a win now approach


Ben Miller

It makes no sense to change coaches at this point, the season is too far gone. 9 games to evaluate all of the guys drafted in 19 & 20. As far as McCarthy and Co. The effort exhibited by the team should be the measuring stick by how the are judged. There is no cap on coaches’ salaries and JJ can cer afford to pay them all and move on. Guys like Dabol, Bienemy, Bowles, Leftwich, Urban are all out there for 2021. That, however, would mean Jerry would have to admit he made a colassal mistake hiring MM.


I can see giving MM one more season. Healthy line healthy dak possibly a non fumbling zeke. The defense however needs an overhaul from Nolan on down. This defense is unacceptable and an embarrassment to the star. The poor tackling bad angles blown coverage and the list goes on and on. At least the offense was putting up points before dak went down

Gregory Harwell

Hey, Phillips is still out there for DC. He may not have been a good HC, but he’s a pretty savvy Def coordinater.


Pos,crawford, Lawrence and secondary have stunk it up ! We’ve seen runners running right beside them with no hustle to tackle them


Poe not pos my bad

Gary b

Wade Phillips is getting long in the tooth…but he has been one of the better DC in the league for a while. Worth considering!

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