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Will Dak Prescott Hold the Dallas Cowboys 2021 Offseason Hostage?

The can no longer look at contract negotiations between and his representatives as anything other than a hostage standoff. Prescott holds all of the power now and can bunker down while waiting for and the rest of the Cowboys brass to meet his demands.

The Dallas Cowboys have no one to blame but themselves for this fiasco. This is the third consecutive they will attempt to come to terms with Dak Prescott on a long-term extension, however, this year control of the situation shifts heavily in the favor of Prescott and his reps.

This is extremely bad news for the Dallas Cowboys. Until they can figure out exactly what to do with No. 4 any moves they might want to make in pretty much have to be put on hold. They really can't afford to sign any until they figure out how they are going to retain Prescott for at the very least the .

Whether it's on a long-term extension or , retaining Dak Prescott is going to be expensive and deplete the majority of the Dallas Cowboys 2021 salary-cap space. The longer this situation drags on the harder it is going to become to make any kind of moves in free agency. Given how this has played out in the past things could turn ugly.

Dak Prescott
Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

I'm pretty positive Dak has been paying close attention to what's been going on around the NFL recently. With Matt Stafford and requesting trades from their given teams and the power they hold because of the position they play, he knows he has the Cowboys over a barrel right now.

Prescott also knows just how important he is to the organization after seeing the way the played out after he sustained his season-ending ankle . It's rare to see a player hold as much power as Dak does now. These situations typically heavily favor NFL owners, but the script has been flipped this go around.

With that in mind, Dak can remain patient and let the Cowboys come to him. He knows he's going to get paid one way or another, even if that isn't in Dallas. Again, that's power professional athletes rarely have in these types of situations.

Sadly, the Dallas Cowboys have created a hostage situation of their own doing and are at the mercy of Dak Prescott as to how well they survive. The quicker this is resolved the better because the future of the organization for not only the 2021 season but beyond hangs in the balance. It's a little scary when you think about it.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Don Howard

The team had a losing record when Dak and most of the team was relatively healthy Dak is not a franchise QB just because you say so. Dak doesn’t make the players around him better he needs players around him to make him better.

Gary b

Yep and as I stated in the Troy Aikman article the cowboys could have had him for less much earlier. Dak is doing the same thing EVERY player does, which is to get his maximum dollar amount. So instead of paying for the most important position on the team, Jerry continued to play hard ball (as he has every year with Dak) and insisted on one more year on the contract.

U wanna talk about a hostage situation. Jerry lets a washed up Zeke hold him hostage 2 years early and overpays him. He signs a gimpy J Smith who had one good year, to a monster contract, but he can’t get his QB signed? Gimme a break

The situation we are in with Dak is of Jerry’s making. Just another example of how clueless he is as a GM.


Without knowing what Dak is asking for I think hard to make a determination. Dak doesn’t deserve Mahomes money and if Jerry pays him that everyone will fault him. But if Dak is asking for that and Jerry doesn’t sign him for that Jerry still gets the blame. I think Dak should make a contract comparable to Deshaun Watson. Not Patrick Mahomes.

Scott Farrar

Let’s not get confused by any of this. Dak’s greed is the cause of this standoff. HE IS NOT ABOUT THE TEAM!!!!! Get rid of him, sacrifice some draft capital, get one of the four quarterbacks available (Trey or Zach are my choices) and save 150+ million over the next four years, use that money to improve the defense! Cap problems solved , defensive problems solved, greedy loser gone! QED


PERFECT Don Howard, “DP DOES NOT MAKE PLAYERS AROUND HIM BETTER, HE NEEDS PLAYERS AROUND HIM TO MAKE HIM BETTER”. EXACTLY RIGHT! Great point that many fail to recognize or just don’t what to.

Remember when they said Dez could not separate enough or run routes good enough for DP.

So BOOM!!! Dez was cut. And you can throw in Garrett getting axed also.

So in comes Cooper and Cobb in 2019. And we go 8-8. No division title, by way of losing to Eagles producing three FGs, ZERO TD passes. Then they add another weapon, Lamb, for DP this year. So this year in his five games, loses 3, which very easily SHOULD have been 4 loses if the Falcon just fall on that onside kick. Ridiculous. And that’s giving him the Giant win where AD put us ahead for that win. Where is this “power he holds” with those kind of results???

The question is HOW IS THAT GOOD??? DO RESULTS STILL MATTER??? Or is DP allowed to just ride the coat tails of a YOUNGER Mahomes, winner of one SB and possibly two, shortly. The guy has one playoff win in five years!!!

And he wants $40+ million/yr, when Tom Brady, winner of SIX SUPER BOWLS, with a possible 7th shortly, 44 PLAYOFF GAMES, 33 PLAYOFF WINS, makes $25 million. IT REALLY IS LAUGHABLE.

IMO, this “hostage” scenario is ridiculous. Cowboys have options, aka DRAFT and FA. They still hold the aces. No one player can dictate the progress of a TEAM. Do you really think if DP goes away somehow that the Cowboys will not be a very popular franchise?

Forbes 2020 list of the MOST VALUABLE SPORTS TEAMS:


The team I been CONSISTENTLY rooting for since 1966, during good times and bad times. THE TEAM COMES FIRST OVER ANY ONE PLAYER IN MY BOOK.

BTW, what happen to the guy, in 2020, who said, “I don’t play the game for money”. “I play because of my love and my passion…” “and my commitment to my team mates”. “has nothing to do with individual bank accounts or what was to come”.

Bottom line, Cowboys made MANY GENEROUS offers, DP refused them all. Spin it if you want to, but that is a FACT.


I will say this , I agree with Don on his comment , Marcellus Wiley on SFY earlier this week said ” We only count what we see , but it’s the things we don’t see that counts the most ” shout to one of my Favorite sports analysts , Tom Brady proving that to be true RN , everybody counts him out every year , he’s too old , he can’t throw the ball down the field , he can’t win without Belicheck , and yet he’s done put all that to rest in his first year with a new team , new coach , new everything.

Now with the Dak contract situation , You’re right Gary b that Jerry brought this on himself by not signing Dak early and putting it off till the last minute , but the thing is though there has to be a point where it’s just too much money you asking Dak , if you looking for Mahomes kind of money , YOU WON’T GET IT ANYWHERE , I’m ok with him going out there getting a big pay day instead of taking a pay cut on his first contract , but between D Watson kind of money and Mahomes type of money is wayyy too much , if that’s what he’s wanting then i think the cowboys should trade for D Watson , as far as stats go surprisingly to me they pretty much the same, BUT like i said about Marcellus Wiley take earlier , you gotta dig deeper than just stats , what does eye test tell you who’s the better QB ? Who has had the better O-Line of the 2 so far ? Who has had more weapons on offense ? Who’s had the better D so far ? IMO all those go to Dak having the better of the 2 , if D Watson was on this team with these WRs , a semi healthy O-Line , and a D that should be better next season , i can see us winning with D Watson more than I can see us winning with Dak , and you telling me i can get D Watson on a cheaper contract than Dak ? Yeah to me it’s a no brainer to go get D Watson if that’s what Dak is wanting , maybe put the transition Tag on Dak and trade him to the Texans some future picks whatever the Texans want ( Keep this year’s first rd pick ) and go get Watson


And the thing that boggles my mind is the fact that , HE’S THE QB FOR THE COWBOYS ,a team that’s consistently one of the most televised teams in the NFL , a team where you get SOOO much on just endorsements , Adam Schefter reported that Dak makes 50 Mill OFF JUST ENDORSEMENTS and yet he acting like he broke and wants to get as much as he can ? IT’S PURE GREED ON DAK’S PART ANYWAY YOU GO ABOUT IT and to me I’ve said cut ties with him , we may not have an idea of who we can replace him with but I mean is that suppose to hold us hostage and we got to sign Dak ? NO first off the only QBs who can command what they want IMO rn is Mahomes , Jackson , Rodgers and Brady that’s it for now with other QBs who might reach that status as they get more stats and W’s but rn those are the only one’s who can demand anything , SO ARE YOU SAYING DAK IS ONE OF THOSE GUYS ? HE CAN JUST DEMAND WHATEVER DOLLAR AMOUNT HE WANTS AND HE’LL GET IT ? Even Mahomes , when you look at his contract 6-8 years from now you gonna see he took a pay cut ! He could’ve commanded the sun and the moon but he didn’t cuz he wants Super Bowls , he doesn’t care about getting the biggest deal possible , so why can Dak who’s NO MAHOMES NOT EVEN A BRADY OR RODGERS RN all of a sudden he can just get what he wants ? He can get deals that are just as good as these and actually bigger than these guys other than Mahomes ? Give me a break it’s UTTERLY RIDICULOUS I DON’T SEE A NFL TEAM PAYING HIM THAT KIND OF MONEY ACCEPT MAYBE THE JETS OR THE LIONS OR SOME OTHER TRASH TEAM , HE WANTS TO DO THAT ? THEN LET HIM WALK , I’M OUT ON DAK



Gary b

If u wanna place blame then Jerry is the guy. U can pile on Dak all day but he would have signed for much less at an earlier time and that’s on Jerry, who stupidly kept hard balling Dak every year while the league wide QB salaries kept skyrocketing. He should have had the foresight to see that coming. Give him that extra year if it means signing him. If ur not confident in him, then why tell everyone that you are?

Again players never leave money on the table their 1st contract. Why should Dak? You want a history lesson let’s go back and see how many beloved cowboy greats held out (which Dak never did) for more money and not just on 1st contracts. The list is loooong. But Dak is a bad guy for trying to get his.

Incidentally Tom Brady made about a billion dollars before he signed that 25 mil yr contract, so let’s keep things in context. I’m not exactly sure how much Dak is asking for not do any of you.

Lastly I’m not sure Dak is capable of taking us to the SB or not, but bet u a million dollars Dalton or a retread FA can’t.


Gary b, not trying to be combative. First you say DP “would have signed for much less” earlier on, then later “not exactly sure what he’s asking for not do any of you”.

It seems no one knows, outside of the principals, what the terms were/are, but can we at least agree DP has rejected EVERY OFFER so far?

Do you think DP should ride the coat tails of a Mahomes, clearly without the same results.

Gary b

VAM- I would say that both Dak and Jerry have rejected every offer and counter offer. He could have been had last year if Jerry had agreed to the extra year and reports are that he was close to accept Jerry’s last offer. Who knows what the real story is.

I don’t think there is a villain here. As I said many popular cowboys players over the years held out for more money on 2nd and 3rd contracts, let alone the first. Dak has never hinted about a hold out ever. He always says and does the right things. The cowboys maybe until very recently apparently never had full confidence in Dak as the guy, and it has shown as here we are approaching the 2nd tag and no contract. If they really wanted him I don’t think that extra year should have been a deal breaker.

I don’t think his talent level is worthy of Mahomes type money and I’m not sure he will get that anyway. But again players almost always get as much as they can on the first contract. If Dak is greedy so is every other player in the history of the NFL.

I have no idea whether Dak can get us to the SB and I’m not sure what it would take for him to be deemed worthy. Getting to the SB is very very difficult and takes a complete effort from the the front office to the coaching to the players. I’m hopeful cuz dammit it’s been too long bro.


Fair points Gary b , but my thing is what’s the limit of how much Dak could get ? I’m just baffled that Dak who I don’t get the whole premise of him being top 5 and I believe IMO will be out of the top 10 possibly by next season or 2 seasons from now .

I love it how mainstream media wants to point out that OH! THE CAP GOES UP SO MUCH EVERY YEAR THESE QBs NEED TO PROJECT WHERE THERE CONTRACT WILL BE 2-3 YEARS FROM NOW ,well why am I being blasphemed for projecting where these QBs is gonna be at 2-3 years compared to other QBs like younger QBs who are gonna get better , and those coming through draft like T Lawrence ? It doesn’t make sense to overpay a QB for a team , by the time the contracts around the league come up and your QB’s contract looks decent again , THEY GONNA NEED ANOTHER CONTRACT CUZ THE OTHER IS ALREADY UP , so it’s a never-ending cycle of the team overpaying there QB

And yes QB is of all the positions the one you should overpay for over the other positions , but when the overpaying is so astronomical , you can’t do it cowboys , and i mean it has to be so INSANE , who do you think leaked the contract numbers last season ? The cowboys did , they tried talking Dak down to Earth and he won’t budge , HE’S MAKING 50 MILL RN OFF JUST ENDORSEMENTS IT’S NOT LIKE HE HAS BEEN LIVING OFF JUST HIS ROOKIE CONTRACT , if I had the chance to get 50 mill plus 37 mill a year then HELL YEAH I’D DO IT , I’m not gonna go and get EVERY LAST DROP I CAN FROM YOU , it’s GREED plain and simple , if Dak is wanting 45 50 mill then let him go get it with the Jets or the Lions CUZ I CAN GUARANTEE YOU HE AIN’T GETTING THAT FROM A TEAM THAT COULD WIN A SUPER BOWL cuz they can’t afford him and if they could they’d have to get rid of all there good players cuz of lack of cap space , and the cowboys won’t get a super bowl paying that NONSENSE to him either to go along all the other crappy contracts we already got

Franklin Paul Orick

100% agree with Vam….I have been writing on numerous articles for the last 5-6 months pretty much the same thing Vam hyst said…

Gary b

I disagree he will be out of the top 10 in 2-3 years. Brees/Brady/Rodgers will be retired or greatly diminished. Some of the promising young QBs will improve and some won’t necessarily. The only sure bets are Mahomes/Wilson/Allen/Hebert/Watson. Jackson regressed somewhat this year. Burrow and Murray maybe maybe not. Tannehill could sneak in there. Nobody knows how good Dak can become. He is just entering his prime so we’ll see.

All that aside the million dollar question is if not Dak then who? The alternatives are all pretty bleak.

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