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Will Free Agent DTs Brent Urban and Carlos Watkins Return to Cowboys?

Among the Cowboys' many in 2022 are Defensive Tackles and . After playing on just one-year contracts last season, how likely is it that one or both of these veterans will return to Dallas on new deals?

With significant uncertainty at the DT position coming out of 2021 the Cowboys added Urban and Watkins on nearly identical contracts, each getting one year at $1.75 million total. The only difference was in the guaranteed money; Brent's was fully guaranteed while Carlos' only had $400k promised to him.

Much like their compensation, Urban and Watkins had fairly equal shares in playing time to start the year. In fact, Watkins was slightly higher with over 50% in some games while Urban averaged right around 43% from Weeks 1-5.

Unfortunately, Brent's season was cut short with a triceps in October. He hit following Week 6 and never returned. And while Carlos did play most of the year, his snaps went down once and found their ways back into the lineup from PUP and IR to start the season.

Indeed, Gallimore and Hill are just half of the young stable of DT talent that the Cowboys have going into next year. and are exciting prospects from the and give Dallas more established in-house options for the position than they had last year.

With this new landscape going into the , does that leave much room for Brent Urban and Carlos Watkins to return?

While he didn't get to contribute much as Watkins last year, Urban may have a leg up thanks to his specific strength and skill set as a run blocker. While everything about Dallas' improved last year under , run stoppage was still a problem at times and got worse once Brent left the rotation with his injury.

Gallimore, Hill, and Odighizuwa give the Cowboys a nice competition for one spot on the line. But for that pure run stopper to play next to then, re- Urban to compete with Bohanna or some other incoming talent this offseason could be a smart move.

As with all things for Dallas right now, money will be a key issue. With multiple positions potentially getting rocked by , plus the need to upgrade the , the Cowboys may not have much left to use at .

Unless Urban or Watkins are willing to come back for similar low-end deals as they had in 2021, Dallas may lean on its youth and hope for talent development to solve the problem.

With free agency starting in just a little over a month the Cowboys will likely start making internal roster moves very soon. Will Brent Urban or Carlos Watkins be among them? Both players' futures in Dallas are definitely up in the air as we look at it today.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I was less than impressed by Bohanna overall, and even less by his play against the run. I thought they should have held onto Justin Hamilton instead of someone else at the time. He seemed to be the stoutest against the run. Maybe Bohanna will improve significantly in year two.

I would still like to see them draft a run stuffer, but I just don’t see them using a 2nd rounder on one. That just goes against their tendencies.

I would love for them to get an OT (Penning, Petit-Frere or Raimann) in the 1st, a Safety (Hall, Brisker, or Pitre) in the 2nd and a OG (Munford, Zion Johnson, or Cade Mays) or run stuffing DT (Phidarian Mathis, Neil Farrell, or D.J. Davidson) in the 3rd or 4th.

Unfortunately, they seem to place as little value on Safety as they do run stuffers, so I doubt they go Safety as high as the 2nd. Maybe, Harvell-Peel in the 3rd or 4th?


Hope they bring back Urban and he stays healthy, he’s a fucking stud!!!

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