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Will Jourdan Lewis or Anthony Brown be the Cowboys Top Nickel CB in 2020?

When the lost to the in , it left them with a big hole at corner. In the , the Cowboys addressed the position in the by taking out of Alabama, a long and physical 6'1 205-pounder with excellent ball skills (thanks to his days as a receiver). In the fourth round, they doubled dipped at corner by selecting Reggie Robinson from Tulsa, another long and physical corner who could transition to if need be.

These two young studs could very well be the Cowboys starters on the outside in 2020, especially with rumors of possibly moving to safety. However, the nickel or slot corner position will have an interesting battle for supremacy between and .

Brown has a ton of experience in his first four years in the league after being drafted by the Cowboys in 2016 out of Purdue. He's started 34 of the 56 games he's been available to play in racking up 172 tackles, 32 pass breakups, four interceptions, three forced fumbles, and three .

There has been some inconsistency at times, though, particularly in 2017 when he was benched in favor of Awuzie. Unfortunately, Brown had a few in 2019. A hamstring issue forced him to miss a Week 7 matchup with the . The biggest blow came in November when Brown would suffer a season-ending triceps . He'll have an uphill climb to regain his spot on the .

Lewis was taken in the of the out of Michigan and immediately showed he was a player. Totaling 54 tackles, 10 pass breakups, and an interception in seven starts Lewis looked to take the next step in his progression the following season, but there was a little hiccup. The Cowboys hired as the team's coach and . Richard preferred long and lengthy corners, and at 5'10, Lewis got lost in the shuffle. He would only register 12 tackles, a pass breakup, an interception, and two fumble recoveries.

In 2019, however, Lewis got to see a lot of action due to Brown missing seven games with multiple injuries, and he took full advantage. Lewis had his best season as a pro with 51 tackles, six pass breakups, two interceptions, four sacks, and a fumble recovery (ran back for a touchdown). Showing the talent that made him one of the top corners coming out of college two years earlier, Lewis has put his name at the top of the list as far as nickel corners go for the Cowboys.

This will be an interesting battle to keep an eye on during the summer. Brown just signed a three-year deal worth 15.5 million in March, that coupled with him recovering from an injury, he'll have plenty of motivation to reclaim his spot. Lewis is out to prove, again, that despite his height he's a baller. Also, this is a contract year for him so he'll be looking to secure the bag as well. Lewis's consistency and ball-hawking ability give him the , but regardless of who wins, the Cowboys have two really good nickel corners on their roster.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Hands down J-Lew is the better player. He’s just been hosed because he’s a little shorter. He could start on the outside too I believe and hold his own too. But I like how nasty and quick he is coming off the edge blitzing. Never really seen brown do that.


This new coaching staff is far more creative than the previous regime. They are gonna put Awuzie in the slot and send him on blitzes, keep his eyes in front of him instead of turning and running on the outside. Check out his Colorado tape. He was fantastic playing the slot and blitzing coming out of college. He certainly hasn’t gotten worse since then. Just been used improperly. Then Diggs Brown and Robinson rotating on the outside. New staff still likes bigger longer corners.

Matthew Harvey

Take a closer look at Lewis. Final season statistics don’t tell half the story. He finished as one of the worst rated CBs in the entire league in QBR allowed. Quit blaming his size on why he didn’t play more under Richard. He’s a flash player. Not nearly consistent enough. The Cowboys know this. They didn’t just draft two more corners because Lewis is small. They did it because Jones is gone, Awuzie regressed, Brown isn’t consistent and Lewis makes one good play for every 15 he gets burned.

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