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With Randy Gregory Gone, Could Jadeveon Clowney Be The Answer?

's time with the was often very eventful. Including and , Gregory was always a very talented player when on the field. However, through all the missed time, he has remained a valuable part of the Cowboys’ . In 2021, he had possibly the best season of his career and had six sacks in twelve games.

Dealing with issues, it was often questioned if the Cowboys would be able to keep Gregory. However, it appeared the Cowboys had done the impossible when they signed him to a five-year deal worth 70 million dollars. However, at the last minute, Gregory backed out of the deal. Instead, he would be heading to the . To make matters worse for , he signed the same contract in Denver.

Clowney can be a valuable addition

If the Cowboys are looking to add a veteran pass rusher to their defense, they will have to act quickly. With , Chandler Jones, and Za'Darius Smith all contracts recently, the position group has dried up rather quickly. There is a highly-touted pass rusher left however in .

A former number one overall pick in 2014, Clowney spent the first five seasons of his career with the where he had 29 sacks. A quality player in Houston, Clowney took a while to really get going. Once he did, it was the end of his rookie contract and he was traded to the . Spending one season there, he would have just three but consistently showed great .

He would then have the worst season of his career in 2020 with the . Starting eight games, he recorded no sacks and was not brought back for 2021.

In the 2021 , it was fair to question whether Clowney's days as an impact defender were finished. Instead, he rebounded in a big way with one of his best seasons. Playing alongside star defender Myles Garrett in Cleveland, Clowney recorded nine sacks and started all fourteen games he played in.

Why Clowney fits Dallas

While it is clear at this point that Clowney is not a top-tier pass rusher who can carry the load for a defense, he still possesses value. An impressive athlete who is an elite run defender while also possessing ability will always have a role.

His best years in the NFL have come while he accompanied an elite pass rusher like or Myles Garrett. Fortunately for Dallas, they have one in .

The Dallas Cowboys possess a roster that is loaded with high-end talent. While Clowney is certainly a player whose name precedes his talent at this point, he would be a massive addition to a defense that is now hurting for another pass rusher.

With the options now limited, Clowney could be the Cowboys' best chance for an impact pass rusher in .

Jason Willis
Jason Willis
Just a guy who loves sports. Writing for The Raider Ramble, Inside The Star, Just Blog Baby, and NFL Draft Lounge. Host of the Can O Corn Baseball Podcast. "My satisfaction is knowing that my desires will not be killed."

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Clowney would be a reasonably good addition, but he and Lawrence are essentially the same player, hence his run defense would be a welcome addition.

If specifically seeking pass rush help, Erik Flowers might now be the best option, unless you want to go with a 1-yr contract on an older player (Ingram, Houston, etc).

gary b

I suppose there is a reason why Clowney is the last edge rusher standing. He’s probably waiting for some dumb GM to throw the type of money at him, he’s not worthy of. 2 yrs for 20 million I do it.

Dave r

Thats exactly his history. I remember before he signed with tn. He tried overvaluing himself. Now, that he had a pretty good season. he will look for a huge contract and take the year off.

Cowboys fan

I don’t care for Clowney, I don’t think he’s even played a full season in his whole career!! I think the best one left is Melvin Ingram!! Melvin Ingram is still a really good player, and he proved that when he turned the chiefs D around almost as soon as he got there last season!! I’d definitely pick Ingram over Clowney, and I’m sure we could get Ingram for a lot less than what Clowney will ask for!!

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