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With the 24th selection, the Dallas Cowboys select:

As the enter this offseason, the biggest question around the team is likely on how they can retain all 24 of their . While we aren't breaking down the situation in this piece, I give three players the Cowboys could select with their 24th pick in this year's .

Without further ado, here are the three players below:

1. Nakobe Dean, LB, Georgia

Top 3 2022 NFL Draft Dream Targets for the Cowboys first-round pick
vs Arkansas

At 24, the Cowboys select former Georgia Nakobe Dean, the 2021 Dick Butkus Award winner, which is given to the top collegiate linebacker.

With this selection, the franchise gives current starting Linebacker a tag-team partner, and the duo instantly creates havoc for opposing teams.

As of right now, the only linebackers on the team guaranteed on next year's roster are Parsons and , who is also currently recovering from a torn ACL.

Last year's starting Linebackers Leighton Vander Esch and Keanu Neal are currently free agents, and the of both returning to the franchise are slim. It's likely the odds are higher the Cowboys bring back Linebackers Luke Gifford and Francis Bernard, who cost you less money and offer special-teams experience.

Getting back to Dean, he is someone who is a three-down player and is explosive in the open field. Additionally, Dean is someone who rarely misses tackles, is an effective blitzer, and provides solid run coverage.

Just imagine how fast Parsons was while on the field, and think of the scenario of having Dean, who may just be as fast or even faster.

If all of that doesn't convince you, here are his stats he had this past year:

  • 72 total tackles (36 solo)
  • 10.5 tackles for loss
  • 6
  • 2 interceptions
  • 1 pass deflection
  • 5 fumble recoveries
  • 2 forced fumbles

Dean would save the franchise money and allow them to pay other players at key positions, but also in this scenario, if the Cowboys brought back either Vander Esch, Neal, or both, he would serve as a key piece alongside the group.

2. Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas

With the 24th selection, the Dallas Cowboys select:

Before I start with my dialogue on selecting Treylon Burks at 24, I want fans to realize that there is a reality the group could look troubling entering the 2022 . There have been recent rumors that current Cowboys Wide Receiver Amari Cooper could become a cap causality and is someone the franchise could for either picks, players, or a combination of both.

With that being said, if Cooper becomes traded the only wide receivers that are guaranteed for next season are and .

As mentioned earlier, the Cowboys have 24 free agents and four of them happen to be wide receivers. Out of the four, the only two that bring valuable game experience are and Cedrick Wilson and if the franchise opts to bring Gallup back, he will be coming off an ACL injury.

Enter Treylon Burks, who comes in at 6'3, 225 pounds and is estimated to run a 4.3 to 4.4 40-yard dash.

Some NFL comparisons that have been thrown out to describe Burks have been A.J Brown. D.K Metcalf and Deebo Samuel, both of which are top wide receivers in the league.

Burks, who has heard those comparisons, addressed them in Pick Six Podcast hosted by Sports NFL Draft Writer Josh Edwards. During the , Burks said he is a player who can line up anywhere on the field and be a playmaker when he has the ball in his hands.

Additionally, Burks would instantly become your most athletic receiver on the team, be a big body who could win you those 50-50 balls, and step in as your WR2.

If we shift back to the idea of Cooper being released or traded, the Cowboys will save a total of $16 million and could use the money to bring back Gallup and Wilson.

In a piece written by Jess Haynie, ITS Senior Writer, he talked about whether the club should cut Cooper to bring back those two and showed that their contracts combined come close to the total money saved by Cooper's .

Haynie also brought up that the could restructure Cooper's contract to free up $12.6 million, but with this selection, Burks fills a void that is left if the franchise were to move on from him.

Also, if the Cowboys brought back Gallup and Wilson, Burks could step up to the plate while Gallup recovers. Once he's back, the idea of those four as your core receivers would be fun to watch.

3. Jaquan Brisker, S, Penn State

With the 24th selection, the Dallas Cowboys select: 1
vs Maryland

Last, but not least the Cowboys select Penn State Jaquan Brisker and make it back-to-back years of selecting a former Penn State player.

Before we go to Brisker's breakdown, it seems every year that the franchise's biggest problem is their safeties and rooms. I mean the last great safety and corner that rocked the star on their helmet would have to be and , but that argument is for another day.

This past year, the Cowboys signed three veterans at their safety position on prove-it deals, and out of three only had a strong season. Other veterans and Damontae Kazee showed flashes, but it was Kearse who was making plays all over the field.

Now going back to free agency, all three are free agents, and odds are Kearse may be the only one likely to return but it will come at a bigger price.

With this selection, the Cowboys bring in a safety who is being graded as the number two overall safety behind Notre Dame Safety Kyle Hamilton. Brisker, who is physically gifted, could be someone that the Cowboys pair with Kearse to create a tandem of safeties who just make plays.

According to , Brisker racked up 63 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 5 pass breakups this past season, and well, you know the front office loves their athletes and it's a perfect match for the ‘Boys and Brisker.

So, what do you think Cowboys fans? Let us know who you're taking in the first round.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Vic G

C Linderbaum
LB Dean
G Green
Edge Johnson
G Johnson


It all starts up front. Give me a big physical mauler at guard or center and if that is not available I’ll take a run stuffing defensive tackle. Doesn’t matter which comes first I just don’t want to see us get run over again by any team. Much less the 9ers.

gary b

Absolutely no WRs in the 1st round. Agree with Anthony we need help in the trenches. Also like the potential picks listed by Vic. If the DL/OL doesn’t play out well with draft/Free agency , would be good with LBs Dean or D Lloyd. We will be thin at LB and we need to free up Parsons to play edge rusher at times.

I also like the mammoth nose tackle Davis out of Georgia. Time to shore up the interior of the D line with some one that can stop the run, tie up multiple blockers and collapse the pocket.

Tom Bryant

Take a kicker.
They stay healthy forever!

Paul M. Cruz

We need offensive lineman also, Zak was pressured too much when we played the better teams. The team can’t afford for him to get hit or to run the ball with his ankle – we don’t know if it still bothers him.


No way Burke is available where the Cowboys pick he is the top skill player in this draft. Would love to have him, but no chance unless they trade up somehow, and dont think that is there main concern as long as they hold onto Cooper or Gallup. I like Dean alot, but Brisker could really help.


I remember before Cooper came over our WR’s were pitiful. He completely changes the offense when he is in the game. Gallup and Wilson are a luxury. Cooper makes the offense go ie drawing double coverage and beating his man one on one. We can find a slot receiver in the lower rounds or in free agency. Anyone wanting to get rid of Cooper has a short memory. Don’t let Steven Jones sell you on how expensive or how he underperformed. Restructuring him is the way to go.

gary b

I would be very hesitant to restructure Cooper. He still has 3 years left on his contract. He isn’t in his prime anymore and he’s always dinged up. To expect him to be a productive WR beyond his current contract is asking a lot. I like him and I understand the value he provides, but his 20 million dollar contract will likely be a cap casualty.

I would try to resign Wilson and maybe M Turner. The cap is a bitch. Forces u to make hard decisions.


And who would you replace Cooper with? Let me guess another free agent who would be expensive or draft another in the first round. That’s robbing Peter to pay Paul. Not one receiver on this team can draw double coverage or take the top off the defense like he does. And as far as playoff games go he is the only guy who has showed up for them. He had the only td against the 49er’s and had the only td against the Rams in 18. Again, don’t buy into the salary cap is restraining us bit. We’ve been drinking that salary cap Kool Aid for the past 25 years and where has that gotten us? And please do not mention OBJ here. That guy is constantly unavailable.

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