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12 Days Left for Contract Talks Between Cowboys & TE Dalton Schultz

The have less than two weeks to reach an agreement with on a long-term contract. The deadline for franchise-tagged players to a deal is on July 15, now just 12 days away, and the two parties are reportedly still far apart in their talks.

Dallas placed their 2022 on Schultz after his rookie contract expired this . It will give him a one-year salary of $10.9 million; a dramatic bump from the $2.2 million Dalton earned last year and the roughly $1.1 million he averaged over his first four seasons.

But while it sounds like Schultz should be happy with such a significant raise, the sticking point is what other recent TE contracts have done to the market. Dalton's peers and even less-productive tight ends like and Hunter Henry are now averaging $12-$14 million per season.

Naturally, Schultz and his agent think he should be making more and they have a good case for it. But the Cowboys are rightfully concerned that Dalton's stats are more of a product of their high-volume and not a reflection of his personal merit.

Simply put, Dallas doesn't want to pay Schultz premium money for unexceptional talent.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle; Dalton is one of the better tight ends in the league but not an elite talent. A lot of guys could have come into the Cowboys' offense and put up respectable numbers the last few years.

That's why the two parties are still struggling to agree to terms. Schultz has comparable numbers to some of the best in the game but the Cowboys think he's less of a cause and more an effect.

With only 12 days left to figure it out, we may very well be headed to Dalton Schultz playing the upcoming season on the one-year franchise tender.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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William Bristol

Haven’t dived into his stats but one more year at 11 million sounds o.k. if Schultz crushes it then next year’s payday will be even bigger.

Pete Panagiotopoulos

The Cowboys always do this when it’s time to pay guys. The product of the system stuff is laughable at best. Maybe Cowboys fans have forgotten Gavin Escobar/ James Hanna/ Martellus Bennett/ Rico Gathers/ Geoff Swaim/ Blake Jarwin but I haven’t. They were all brought in to be possible replacements for Jason Witten and they all turned out to be trash in this same system. Schultz had 103 targets in 17 games which is an average of 6 targets a game. That’s no different than any system in the NFL especially when you don’t have a good healthy backup. Jason Witten had more than 103 targets 9 times in his career. He also never had a 1,000 yard season with less than 124 targets with a high of 147. That’s in 16 game seasons not 17……the narrative surrounding Schultz is fabricated at best. Just pay da man his money and stop making S up along with reasons/ excuses!

Cowboys fan

Those players you named off didn’t turn out to be trash in this system, they just never got the chance to show they can play in the system because of Jason Witten!! The only one that got real playing time was Blake Jarwin, and that’s only cause Witten retired the first time!! Geoff Swaim and Gavin Escobar got to play a little bit, but not enough to show anything, and again, cause of Jason Witten!! And James Hanna was more of a blocking TE than anything, so that’s the only reason he wasn’t that good!! And Rico Gathers was good in this system, he just couldn’t beat out Jarwin, Schultz or Witten!! And of course there’s Martellus Bennett…. He didn’t have a chance to show what he could do at all, cause Jason Witten was the only priority when Bennett was on our team!! So to be clear, almost every player you named didn’t play with us cause of Jason Witten, not because of the system, a system which btw is completely different now than it was when all of the players you named were on the team except Blake Jarwin!! The rest of the players you named were on the team while we had a whole different coaching staff, so with new coaches, comes a new system!! The coaching staff we have now likes to throw the ball more, unlike with Jason Garrett who liked to run the ball more!! So the reasons this front office don’t wanna pay Schultz right away are good reasons and are reasons that need to be addressed before wasting money on another player that ends up playing like trash as soon as he gets his big contract!!


James Hanna had the potential to be an early version of Blake Jarwin. Few people realize just how athletic he was coming out of college:
However, hard to break into the passing game with Witten refusing to come off the field. So, he concentrated on honing his already excellent blocking skills (played at Oklahoma with their predominantly run offense) and ST’s, instead of reaching his full potential as a receiver.


Bennett and Hannah are the poster boys for all the spin about this team always drafting TE’s who were going create “matchup problems” and yet their talent was completely wasted. Escobar, Jarwin, Swaim were more of the same. Gathers just never really developed into a NFL’er as they had hoped they would unearth the next Antonio Gates (it was worth the shot).

LoneWolf nailed it … there was never a staff (or maybe a front office?) in place that would allow Witten’s snaps to be reduced at the risk of developing one of these guys.

Swaim is still in the league, Escobar played a few season after leaving Dallas, Bennett became a quality TE. This team’s TE1 is always going to make it difficult on the others to develop, and I personally don’t think Schultz provides enough to prevent McKeon and/or Ferguson from being properly developed. The elimination from Cooper an the questionable OL should make this a “let’s see who Schultz really is” kind of year.

Us older folks who do recall Novacek and Witten will also remember that Dallas was dominate when they used and developed 2 TE’s extensively: from Ditka/Truax, to Truax/DuPree, to Dupree/Fugett, to Fugett/Cosbie, to Cosbie/Saldi … seemed there was always a successor being groomed … then came Witten, and that all stopped.


If he is all that valuable, maybe the Cowboys should trade him while he has maximum value.

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