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2 Bold Predictions for The Cowboys 2022 Draft Class

With the Rookie Mini Camp almost over, fans have been able to get a small glimpse through of how the the rookies have fared–but there hasn't been those big splash plays just yet. While it's more exciting to see videos of players making highlight plays, you're likely not going to see any until Training Camp.

However, it should excite fans that said in a Friday that this class is significantly ahead of the two past draft classes. While did play a factor into limiting the previous draft classes, it should be encouraging to hear that the rookies are already getting situated, and that could mean faster results are shown on the field.

With all of that mind, I understand it may be too early to gauge how this draft class may turnout, but I wanted to give two surrounding them. To ease your curiosity, check it out below.

1. Sam “De” Williams turns out to be the gem of the class.

Entering this draft, analysts were predicting the Cowboys taking a pass-rusher at some point after they failed to re-sign their starting . Although some didn't believe a pass-rusher was a high need for them, the franchise thought otherwise and drafted DE Sam “De” Williams with the 56th Pick.

Williams, a uber-atheltic player, had been getting mocked to the Cowboys in some but there was a inconsistent draft projection on him. While he possessed all of the traits you wanted in a pass-rusher, it seemed teams were heistant to take a chance on him because of his past off-the-field issues, and his raw play at the position.

However, the Cowboys ignored those comments and took a risk on him, and to me, he may end up as the best player from their class. Although it could be way too early to pencil him as someone who makes a huge impact in his first year, there is no doubt he will be in the DE rotation. And if he can utilize his freak athleticism to his advantage this year–expect a lot of splash plays from him.

2. Three UDFAs make the 53-man roster and become big contributors for the future.

If you're like me, I always enjoy looking back at previous draft classes and thinking how the Cowboys either lucked out drafting x-player or a certain UDFA that wound up becoming a solid contributor to the team.

I mean easily the first three UDFA names that come to my mind are WR , CB and QB . While Pearson and Walls were ahead of my time, landing Romo was a big addition as he led the franchise to some solid seasons.

Shifting to this year's class, you have already had fans and analysts touting the Cowboys UDFA class as one of the best, and I'm excited to see which ones can crack the 53-man roster. Although I would love and wish if every player could get picked up, roster cuts have to be made but here are the three players that I believe make the team.

  1. , Florida A&M
  2. , Boston College Center
  3. , Texas Tech Kicker

Starting with Bell, he's one of those players that every year fans and sports writers believe should have been drafted. Despite already having Safeties , Donovan Wilson, and Isarel Mukuamu, the depth behind those four is shaky and you could argue they need some youth injected into the room.

Enter Bell, who was a starter at Florida A&M, and is someone the franchise could develop for the future. A hard-hitting safety, Bell is someone who thrives as a run defender and because of the Cowboy's poor last year, you could see why the franchise would love him to be on the field.

Next, we have Boston College Center Alec Lindstrom, who I touted as a player to watch for in this year's training camp. Since Center Travis Fredrick retired in 2020, the Cowboys have been trying to figure out who's going to replace him at C, and have tried out Center at the positon. However, because of mixed results there has been comments for the franchise to replace him and Lindstrom has a great chance to make some noise early.

Although he may be smaller than most Cs in the league, Lindstrom thrives in his technical aspect of the game and he can beef up in size within time. Lindstrom should be a player the franchise is excited about, and given he finished as the second-best C behind Iowa Center (who some mocked to the Cowboys), there is no doubt he will be a future starter.

Lastly, we have Texas Tech Jonathan Garibay, who's getting heavy love from Cowboy fans all across the internet. After having to live through the rollercoaster play from Kicker Greg Zuerlein for a couple of seasons, the club made a change and cut him this past offseason.

While some people called for the club to draft LSU K Cade York or Texas Kicker/ Cameron Dicker, the team waited until after the draft to address the positon and signed Garibay. A little bit of unknown player, Garibay was quickly known after they saw his stats and his huge 62-Yard GW FG he had against Iowa State.

And now with the news that the franchise cut K , it could be Garibay's job to lose.

So what do you think Cowboy fans? What are your bold predictions you have about this draft class?

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Lawrence C. Baker

Any kicker who’s a little consistent is an upgrade over Greg Zeurlien. The most aggravating thing with him was the missed extra points. Next the missed makeable field goals that would’ve beaten Tampa Bay on opening day last year. Garibay can’t possibly be any worse than Zeurlien. Lindstrom can take that starting center job from Biadasz if he don’t show improvement early this season. If Bell is the athlete and Big hitter he’s being advertised to be, he can most definitely make the 53 man roster and eventually replace Hooker at one of the safety positions.


You’re right on the first 2. Bell won’t take hookers spot. He doesn’t have the range or instincts he does. Hooker is more of a free safety. But he’ll Def take donovan Wilson’s spot.

Scott Greenman

I agree about the DE. But these OLinemen don’t impress me. All are projects. And our top pick is such a fireball that playing in a halfass conference vs halfass competition he averages over one holding penalty per game. Moving him inside? Where he can be helped by a center who needs help himself? Or helped by s crippled tackle who hasn’t played a complete season in 7 yrs. Riiight. We’ll see how well he does against the top players in the sport. Just hope Dak and the backs can survive.


Big Kat Bryant is another one to keep your eye on.

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