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2019 NFL Draft: Three 2nd Round Dream Scenarios For The Dallas Cowboys

As the nears closer, the projected options for the Cowboys in the become more clear.

Of course, we don't know exactly how the draft will fall before pick 58, but we can certainly dream about the realistic (but appealing) opportunities the Cowboys could have when they come on the clock for the first time this year.

Let's take a look at 3 dream scenarios for the Cowboys in this year's second round.

1. Taylor Rapp Falls To 58

It's no secret the Cowboys are looking to add a during this year's draft, and Washington's would be the answer to all of their dreams. Rapp is a very versatile player, able to play in coverage on the back-end and offer run support in the front seven as well.

Before his , it seemed like most considered Taylor Rapp a top two or three safety in this entire class. But after testing in a somewhat disappointing way, especially on the 40 yard dash, Rapp's stock has taken a minor hit.

If this causes Rapp to fall to 58, where the Cowboys can draft him, they shouldn't think twice about it. Taylor Rapp is going to be a good pro in the NFL for a long time, and would help the Cowboys' immediately in multiple ways.

2. Cowboys “Settle” For Juan Thornhill

Let's say Taylor Rapp is gone, but the Cowboys still want to help their group out. Why not take the athletic freak who has experience at both safety and during his college career?

Not a bad idea at all.

Virginia's is a clone in certain ways, and having two athletic monsters in the back-end of your defense is never a bad thing. Thornhill is largely considered a , but could be used as a cornerback as well. And under the tutelage of , it's very possible Thornhill can develop into a player for the Cowboys going forward.

3. Cowboys Say Forget “Need” And Take Deebo

So, the Cowboys don't need to draft a receiver. And they definitely don't need to do it early.

But what if they said forget immediate need, and took South Carolina's ? Well, a receiver group of , , and Deebo Samuel would be one of the younger and more dangerous groups in all of football.

Samuel offers a variety of skills, able to play both on the outside and in the slot as well as on , making him extremely valuable at the end of round two. Samuel may take 's roster spot if drafted, but cutting either Cobb or (who are both on one year deals) would be far from the end of the world.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Saul Molina

I can’t believe what I just read settle for Juan Thornhill that’s crazy I would rather luck into Thornhill than screw up by getting Rapp who is nothing more than a box safety

Ahad, Holy Dabir of Aleppo

Exactly. Rapp is the bust of this draft

Ahad, Holy Dabir of Aleppo

I DO NOT want Rapp under ANY circumstances. He has bust written all over him

Tony Hill

I like Deebo but but I truly want a top safety

1969 Bird

Trust in Will McClay. I would like safety as well all would agree and then DT. Then hit on one of next three – 2- 4ths and fifth round = great draft!

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