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2021 NFL Draft: Will the Dallas Cowboys Draft a Safety Early?

When it comes to positional value, seems to rank near the bottom or at the very bottom of the list. They have clearly devalued the position and have chosen to invest very little money or draft capital in the hopes of finding an upgrade for years now. Maybe, just maybe, things will change in 2021.

Believe it or not, this looks like to be a good year to find a safety if the Dallas Cowboys finally decide to upgrade the position. There are several intriguing options on the open market, however, with money likely being tight the draft seems like the cheaper and more logical place to find that upgrade. And yet, even that goes against the organization's .

Sadly, the Dallas Cowboys have gone nearly 20 years without drafting a safety in the first two rounds. The last time that happened was back in 2002 when they selected – a five-time Pro Bowler – eighth overall. Since then Dallas hasn't drafted a safety any higher than the fourth round.

Roy Williams
Former Dallas Cowboys S Roy Williams

If you're a believer in what can teach us, that doesn't exactly bode well for the chances the Dallas Cowboys will draft a safety early in the 2021 . The Cowboys have clearly devalued the position over the years, despite the outcry from fans around hoping and screaming for them to do otherwise.

With that in mind though, there is hope that could change this year. That's especially true if you want to believe that many Dallas Cowboys floating around the Internet. If that's the case, former TCU S Trevon Moehrig should already start calling his home Dallas. He is without a doubt a favorite of many for the Cowboys with their second-round pick.

Unfortunately, we really have no way of knowing what the Dallas Cowboys will do in the and they don't either. Draft day is still a long ways away and a lot can happen between now and then. Until then though, we can hope and dream Dallas will change their ways about the value, or the lack thereof, in the safety position.

Will the Dallas Cowboys draft a safety early in the 2021 NFL Draft?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
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