3 Free Agents Dallas Cowboys Should Sign as Soon as Possible

    Sticking with status quo isn't working for the . and his 's inability to make the proper changes or adjustments is hurting this team just as much as the players poor play. Something needs to be done to shake things up and I think a few could do just that.

    Offensively everybody seems to finally be settling in. The Dallas Cowboys may have finally stabilized their after moving to right , but things are far from settled on the defensive side of the ball. Surprising enough though, I believe there are three free agents currently still available on the open market who could change all of that.

    Let's take a look…

    LB Darron Lee

    's play this season would be a benchable if the Dallas Cowboys had anybody else to turn to, but sadly that's not the case. That could change if they went out and signed LB , a former first-round draft pick of the . He was known for his athleticism coming out of Ohio State and that's exactly what the Cowboys need at WILL LB right now. If nothing else, he could push No. 54 to step up his game.

    DT Damon “Snacks” Harrison

    The gave up more than 300 rushing yards last week to the . That's completely unacceptable considering they knew beforehand of the Browns run first mentality as an offense. Changes need to be made and signing free agent DT Damon “Snacks” Harrison would be a good start. He's known for his run stuffing ability and that's exactly what they need moving forward. Adding him could even help the LB play behind him.

    S Eric Weddle

    The backend of the Dallas Cowboys has been putrid to say the least. They no doubt need somebody to stabilize things, which is why ' name has been thrown out there on more than one occasion. I'm not against signing Thomas, but I think I prefer instead. He may be 35 years old and recently retired, but he's exactly the stabilizing force the Cowboys need. If I were I'd put on my salesman hat to convince him Dallas is the place he needs to be.

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    1 word we need help on defense. remember coach your job is on the line and it;s time you do the play calling not the garret son


    Great post. Keep up the good work.

    Ron Martin

    I totally agree signing those players should help get Dallas over the hump. But I just get the feeling they are trying to save all their $ for Dak. Who I love, but paying him unfortunately what he deserves appears to already be hindering their ability to build around him.

    Kevin Seeger

    If we don’t make some player changes on defense this week then I believe McCarthy was a terrible choice as our head coach and Nolan is horrible and has no business being a professional defensive coach


    We definitely need a run stuffer or two. Our Dline was getting blown off the line against Browns. I thought this game would difficult. Browns really improved their O line thru draft and FA. Thought we needed to draft a LB, with LVE, LEE health concerns AND Smith regress. Hate to say it but Smith looks bad. To go back two drafts, we should have picked a safety over T Hill. Even would go as far to say we should have went defense on first pick last draft. I know Lamb is playing well, but this team, IMHO, had enough on offense. As we see now this defense is disgraceful.

    All the FA agents mentioned would help, and this defense really needs help badly. Also why don’t we try a little more BALL CONTROL. RUN the ball. I have been calling for that from the first game. Keep this defense off the field as much as possible. Prescott just threw for 500 yards and we STILL LOST THE GAME! But let’s remember, when you have a 41-14 lead, you put it in cruise control. So Prescott’s performance has to be tempered. Too many turnovers by him and could have been more. TIME TO TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. SHOOTOUTS APPARENTLY AREN’T OUR THING.


    Totally agree with you Brian. Your FA picks, one for every level of D, would help immediately. Go get them!

    Randy G Goodnight

    Something needs to change on defense. Don’t matter how many points and yards we put up if we don’t have anyone to stop runs and passes we will get beat everything.
    We have too good of a team to be almost winless!!

    Michael Steele

    Nolan is not the right choice for our DC. If his system is not working he needs to adapt to the strength of our players what they do best and scheme around there abilities. A good coach can do that evidently he can’t.

    Oscar Garcia

    It’s pass time to add some very badly needed money into this defense, it’s great to score a lot of points but guess what, if your opponent scores just one more that you do, YOU STILL LOOSE!!! That’s right the offense has great numbers as passing yards go but where’s the run game and looking closely you’ll see if not for the receivers not being as good as they are Prescott would not have the numbers he has, he throws behind, over the receiver constantly. So go ahead and pay the man! don’t spend on the defensive side of the ball and you’ll be paying for it for the next ten to fifteen years with out a super bowl win!!!

    Leon Martinez

    Jerry pls listen to the fans … HELP US

    Jean Claude Monet

    I don’t disagree with any of these ideas.

    It is possible that Dallas could plug a few holes and possibly win the NFC Least due to everyone else also sucking. There aren’t any great options available or else they’d be playing on other people’s teams.

    Having said that, one spot that isn’t mentioned that could be huge for the defense would be to try to plug some of the many holes on the OL. The best thing for this defense is for it to be on the field as few plays as possible. The only way to do that is to run the ball, eat the clock, and try to score on 10 – 12 play drives that keep the defense off of the field. Of course, this also requires that coaching staff to realize they can’t throw the ball 50 times a game and win (not outside of playing other terrible teams). Look at the 2014 season…the Cowboys had one of the worse defenses in the league but they went 12 – 4 because they had Demarco Murray leading the league in rushing. They also generated a +6 turnover ration for the year, which obviously helped.

    No matter what coaching changes you make and no matter what free agents you sign, this team isn’t going to win more than 1 playoff game. Here are the reasons:
    (1) Dallas doesn’t historically win, with Dak at QB, unless Zeke is successful
    (2) Dallas doesn’t historically win, with Dak at QB, unless the OL is playing well
    (3) Dallas isn’t deep enough on OL and has too many injuries to make a deep playoff run (losing Frederick was huge)
    (4) With Vander Esch and Lee injured and Jalen playing poorly, the LB corps are a mess that probably can’t be fixed anytime soon
    (5) Dallas let their sack leader and one of the best CBs in the league walk to try and save money to sign Dak and now they have poor QB pressure and horrendous CB play
    (6) No matter how good your passing game is, you’re going to lose against decent teams if you can’t keep a historically bad defense off of the field. You could put Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, and Calvin Johnson out there in their primes along with Tom Brady in his prime at QB and you couldn’t win without a successful running game to keep the defense off of the field.
    (7) Dallas can’t afford to pay Dak even $30M and have the money for all of the other pieces they need to be successful. The blueprint for success in this league now is to draft a great young QB and try to put great pieces around him to be able to win. That has to include a good/great OL, a good running game, and a defense that limits scoring and big plays. You have to also win the turnover battle. The only way to be able to afford to win a superbowl now is to have your top players on rookie deals (especially your QB). Dallas needs to look to trade Dak for draft picks (preferably including a top-5 pick) and rebuild. Signing him or anyone else for $40M will eat up too much cap space to have enough talent around him to win.


    Very good article!. I’m all for the first two, but maybe Eric Reed on the back end. My question is, “What’s the Holdup”??? Everyone has answers except the GM.


    Sign Earl Thomas to a conditional contract and also Eric Reid if possible. Get rid of Mike Nolan. He had a horrible rating as the falcons DC with 24th, 27th and last, so idk why we even hired him. Def sign Snacks, we need that and when Gregory is back, we can move Tyrone Crawford to tackle along side Snacks/Antwan Woods because so far it looks like Poe is a bust. Well have a good rotation on DE with Tank, Smith, Gregory, Armstrong and Griffen. C’mon Jerry!!!!!!


    We can’t run the ball if we’re giving up alot of points early on the game.

    Big Dread

    The hold up is a bunch of stubborn people in the front office. That simple.

    Defense Guru

    We need RIGHT freaking NOW. Earl Thomas, Eric Reid, Clay Matthews & yes Darron Lee was the man @ Ohio State & throw in Damon Harrison. With these 5 we could have a shot to go to the Super Bowl. Offense & Dak are awesome. Defense looks like kiddie league shit. Jerry stop being a idiot. Also hire Wade Phillips for DC with the men above immediately OR keep losing & being the Laughing Stock of the league.


    First jaylon Smith is playing a new position at will linebacker. He has lost his 2 backers who where suppose to help. Now he is trying to do to much which is hurting his game. 2nd this is the nfl as once said means not for long. We should sign every free agent that plays defense to push the talent on.this roster to step up or get out period. 3rd nobody is worth 40 mil in a good year but next years cap due to lost revenue this year due to the pandemic is probably going to be in the 90 mil range. 4th if the DC cant figure out how to get the most out of the personal he has and not force his defensive scheme down thier throats is probably the reason he isn’t a head coach someplace. So in closing sign every body you can and try to fix it before it’s to late


    No need to panic. Our division is so bad ,8-8 might get it done. The trade deadline is still weeks away. Bringing in a run-stuffer like Harrison for a look couldn’t hurt. Our D-line is getting road-graded , so Jaylon Smith can’t
    get off blocks to make plays. X. Woods looks like he shies away from contact. Watch the replay of the play near the goal line he could have delivered a blow in the first half and on the reverse , the poor effort and angle to tackle OBJ. There is no fear for wideouts going across the middle….it’s like a Starbucks in there. Anybody want a Latte?

    Alan Brown

    It’s painfully obvious our coaching staff of last year was squeezing out what we had. Garrett protected the defense by run control and Marinelli was a better defensive coordinator. Gonna be a long ugly season.


    Def sucks really bad. U need to change something on defense,maybe the coach or head coach


    Every year the Cowboys try to sell this Super Bowl fantasy. Been a fan since ‘63. Now, I don’t look forward to the game’s anymore. Worst front office in the NFL.

    Larry Wippert

    Go get Clay Mathews coach Mccarthy you know he is good and he will fit right into this defensive line.

    Jose Jimenez

    One more “Free Agent” out there that I would mention is Wade Phillips, we know he knows how to get the most out of players and Defense is his thing.
    LA was ranked @ 12th, 16th & 17th from 2017-2019
    It won’t be flashy but all we need is for the damn thing to work, even if it’s just mid-tier!

    Cowboys fa life

    Relax guys itll get fixed remember no pre season no training camp cause of Corona virus they gone get it together

    Franklin Paul Orick

    We havnt played ball control offense because our o-line has been has been fractured at the bookends ,Zeke is overpaid and is dractically under performing not to mention he keeps putting it on the ground, and stopping passes. Nolan defense has been bad even before he came to Dallas..I dont have all the answers, the money we have now we need it next year to sign Dak, but if not for that Sign Snacks,D.Lee,and sign a db or trade for one or 2…BUT WE DONT HAVE IT TO SPEND IF WE WANT DAK next year.. salary cap is gonna be tight next year

    Adriss Abedi

    I would sign all three plus Earl Thomas. Mike Nolan has and is a disgrace for any football organization. I hate that the NFL just keeps recycling the same tired ass coaches over and over again. There are 1000 D Coordinators in college and NFL that does not get a shot. But Mike Nolan is on his 25th team…enough said.

    Adriss Abedi

    Jaylon Smith is a turd…he is more focused on his brand CEV than football. What a waste on draft pick. That money he got should have been ear marked for Dak instead. The brain trust in Cowboys organization are dillusional and don’t see things upfront until its too late.

    Cowboys fan

    I like the idea of signing SNACKS, but I think we’ll be better off if we signed Eric Reid and Earl Thomas instead of Eric Weddle, you can’t forget that Xavier Woods isn’t doing anything either, so I think we need a free safety and a strong safety, and I think Clay Matthews would be a better option than Darron Lee!!


    We are a 7-9 Team this year unless we make some moves.

    Sign Shawn Oakman @iamoakman
    Trade Demarcus Lawrence @tanklawrence for TJ Watt @tjwatt90/
    Sign Earl Thomas @earl or Eric Reid @e_reid35/
    Give up a draft pick for a starting right tackle
    Cut Thompson #23
    Bring in Winston Moss @CoachMossXFL or Wade Phillips and get rid of NOLAN.
    Bring in several 3-4 linebackers off the street.

    Our Defense is Ranked #30, we are basically last in every statistical category:
    Pts giving up, 29th in INTs, 30th in Yards, 30th Pass Yards, 31st in Rushing Yards


    Wait until you hear the comment from X Woods on effort ….We need E.T. and others.

    Randy Albright

    Jerry Jones, please wake up! You telling us that we have the right people in place to win is simply absurd! Please step away from those folks telling you we are good. We most definitely are not! Sight Earl Thomas. Two reasons, one, because he is the best available at his position, and two, this will give guys like Trevon Diggs a master to learn from, yes I know they play different positions, but Thomas jas invaluable knowledge in the backfield. Please address the obvious lack of a run-stuffer. “Snacks” Harrison is available and an obvious choice. I’m not a coach, but Mike needs to stop being a “yes” man and speak up! With the injuries we have had, finding a tackle is also a priority. Please Jerry, wake yourself and end this nightmare season!