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3 Games That Will Define the Cowboys This Season

With the Cowboys schedule now out, I have seen that the common theme around their matchups is “it's the easiest in the league.” While we could go back and forth on whether we agree or disagree, I wanted to dive into the schedule and label three games that could be key for the Boys to make a run this year.

Check it out below.

1. Week 1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ah, the good ole' Bucs and QB .

After a nail-biting game last year between the two, the Cowboys get their chance at revenge after falling short by two points in the season opener.

In his career versus the Cowboys, Bucs QB Tom Brady has been undefeated (6-0), so this may be the last chance the Boys have to beat him since it was announced that Brady will be joining Fox Sports once he retires.

Minus Cooper (Amari), Williams (Connor), Wilson (Cedrick), Collins (La'el), and Gregory (Randy), this team is a different squad that visited Tampa Bay last year to open the season, so you can expect some hiccups here and there.

However, this game could serve as a huge confidence booster for the Cowboys, and maybe this time around Brady can tell Cowboys , “We'll see y'all again” if they snag a victory. 

2. Week 5: Los Angeles Rams

I don't know about you, but every time I think about the , I get memories of the controversial OPI (Offensive Pass Interference) call they made on WR two years ago, after he made a crucial catch over CB that could have set the Cowboys up for a GW FG.


Although the play was called back, and the rest is , you can bet big money that the Cowboys will visit SoFi Stadium hoping to exorcise those demons from such loss and play with a chip on their shoulder.

While Gallup may not be ready for this game, this will also be a huge test to see which WRs can step up since WR will likely be shadowed by All-Pro CB Jalen Ramsey. 

Additionally, with videoes surfacing throughout the internet that Ramsey said he was promised by the Cowboys in the 2019 Draft that he was going to be taken by them, expect him to show the what they missed out on. 

I understand a Week Five win or loss may not be so important to people but pulling out a victory here pays off in the long run. Also, since there could be a chance that the two could face off in the , this could help Dallas prepare themselves mentally.

(Let's just hope it's not like the 2019 Playoffs all over again.)

3. Week 10: Green Bay Packers

Coming out of the bye there could be a chance that we're either talking about how the Cowboys are ranked at the top of the league, sitting at the middle of the pack, or below .500. Nonetheless, the will be waiting for them in Week 10.

This matchup will be the first time HC returns to , and I can already envision how hostile the game will be. Since 2016, the Cowboys are 1-3 versus the Packers, so it will be crucial for them to finally get over the hump. 

Additionally, although Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has been statistically great versus the Packers, he needs to prove that he can finally grab a victory over them. Expect this game to not only be one of the most-watched of the year but a potential Championship

Overall, I get the argument that some fans may have saying that “three games won't define their season since we're in a 17-game format”, but if those lose tougher matchups and win out against subpar teams, it's hard to gauge how good you are.

So what do you think Cowboy fans? What games stand out to you as their “hugest test?”

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Mr T


Ruben Trevino

I agree with Mr T
All games are important!
Lets see if new recievers came step up!!


I think it’s a bit hyperbole that weeks 1 & 2 will define a team. Kinks are still being worked out and all teams are adjusting. Two losses there certainly can be difficult to overcome, but they won’t necessarily “define” the team that still has 15 games to play.


“A potential NFC Championship preview”. Would be great, but really, the season is months away still.

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