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3 Keys to Victory – Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys

Who would have thought that without , the Cowboys would be 3-0? Not too many. But such has been 's ability to keep things simple and having some luck while the has balled out, the Cowboys have been able to string wins together.

But on Sunday, the Rams present a huge opportunity to make a statement. With and the Rams being very shaky, to say the least, Dallas will be confident to roll into L.A. and get the job done.

But how do they do it?

Here are three keys to victory for the Cowboys on Sunday.

Curtail Cooper Kupp

Now, it will be virtually impossible to stop from getting the ball. already has 42 receptions and over 400 receiving yards in the first four games. Stafford went to his receiver 14 times against the 49ers.

There is a saying, “Don't get beat by what you know.” Dallas knows that this season has been Kupp or bust for Stafford, and they can't afford a 13 rec, 145-yard, two-touchdown game on Sunday.

Kupp is going to get his targets, that's just the way it is, but can't allow him to roam free in the otherwise, it will be a long day at SoFi.

Keep Aaron Donald at bay

Easier said than done, right? Well, we all know #99 is an absolute monster and game-wrecker, but the Cowboys is going to have to play to their best on Sunday. Rush has only been sacked four times through all five games, two of which were against Tampa Bay in Week 1.

, , , , and will all need their heads on a swivel to track where is at all times.

Keeping Rush upright is paramount to any chance Dallas has of winning this game, and #99 can't be allowed to take over the game. He only has two through four games, and we don't want him to double his season tally in one game.

Rush & Co. needs to stay ahead of the chains

Staying ahead of the chains is critical for Dallas on Sunday. What the has been ok at this season is avoiding third-and-long situations. has done a decent enough job with his play calling to allow Rush to navigate games relatively easily.

The use of and has been good, and the receivers, now with back, have been making plays. If Dallas gets bogged down and faces third and long regularly, we bring Aaron Donald and the Rams into the game, and that rarely has a good outcome.

Rush has managed games well so far this season and will again need to be on point, but it is also on Kellen Moore to call a game that suits the and doesn't put him in vulnerable positions.

It sounds simple enough but putting it into practice is another thing entirely.

Adam Schultz
Adam Schultz
Hi my name is Adam. I am a freelance sports journalist and an avid Cowboys fan. I cover the league for Sportskeeda as an analyst and love to talk all things football here at Inside The Star. Follow me on Twitter @aschultz_15.

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