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4 UDFAs Who I Predict As Locks to Make the 53-Man Roster

When it comes to undrafted , the have shown success striking gold on players. Some of the few names that pop into your head include , , , Terrence Steele, , and .

With Training Camp around the corner, the Cowboys will look to strike gold again in their 20 UDFA class, which was graded the best in the by NFC Edge. 

While it would be nice to predict that all 20 UDFAs have a chance to make the team and can become key contributors, check out the four UDFAs who I see as locks to make the roster.

1. Jonathan Garibay, K

After fielding out Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein for two seasons, the Cowboys parted ways with him this after too much inconsistent play and the price of his contract. After his departure, K was the only on the roster, and some felt that it was Naggar's job to lose.

However, after the Cowboys signed Texas Tech as a UDFA, the franchise would release Naggar, and now Garibay has the chance to become the Cowboy's full-time PK.

Although now Garibay is the only kicker on the roster right now, the of him making the team are high, and I'm hyped to see what he can bring.

2. Dontario Drummond, WR

With how depleted the WR Corps looked before the Draft, there was no doubt the Cowboys would go after a WR at some point. As they did draft South Alabama WR in Round 3, who I expect to be a star down the road, they added another hidden gem in Dontario Drummond.

Looking at his tape and draft profiles, the most common things people said about him was he had a big frame and YAC ability. Factor in that he dominated in college production-wise, Drummond is another playmaker the Cowboys can trot out on the field in packages, and as a bonus– he can help in special teams. 

3. Alec Lindstrom, C

Another position group that went quickly downhill during the was the Cowboy's offensive line. While the Cowboys did address some of the depth on the line with the picks of and , the franchise landed a hidden gem in Alec Lindstrom.

Although some have said he is undersized for his position, Lindstrom has shown to make up for it in the technical side of his game and he has a legit shot of challenging C for the starting gig. 

Cowboys VP Stephen Jones has already hinted there will be competition at the position, so don't be surprised to see Lindstrom make the roster as either the starter or a solid backup to start his career. 

4. Markquese Bell, S

Easily one of my favorite UDFAs, Safety has a real shot at making the most impact in Year One. Although some fans will point out that safety help may not be necessary since the team has , , Israel Mukuamu, and , you can argue there is no one beyond those four who's proven.

Bell can give the Cowboys another hard-hitting safety who can help in the run game, and the idea of him running out there with Kearse and Hooker makes me excited.

It may be too early to predict for him to be a world-class defender off-the-bat, but with reports of him grabbing a pick-six in and the coaches constantly praising him, Bell should be on the .

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Chuck Wright

you nailed it, I can see all 4 on the 53 man roster.

Bell is my pet cat.

Roger Dickson

Mr Garza I just like to say u left out Story Jackson!! He will make the team. Lindstrom will need to be stash away till next year hopefully he will put on necessary muscle and weight to play in the NFL. No matter how technical ur that’s not going to stop bullrushes from opposing nfl dts. Thanku.

Cowboys fan

How is Lindstrom too small for the position right now?? I do agree he needs to add weight, but before the draft everybody was drooling over Tyler Linderbaum, and wanting us to draft him in the 1st round, and he weighs exactly the same as Lindstrom, the only difference is that Lindstrom actually graded out better than Linderbaum!! So I think if Linderbaum can be drafted in the 1st round only weighing 295, then Lindstrom can make our team and possibly even be a starter for us in year one weighing the exact 295!!

Roger Dickson

But for me it sends red flags up where no other team took him. I agree 297 is nothing to sneeze at but today’s pros at nose r over 300 lbs and without anymore info on him I have to conclude that teams think he had reach his ceiling. I didn’t sat he was small just not strong enough.


The bad news, Dontario Drummond runs the 40 in 4.65, so he’s not going to stretch the field or run away from very many players. His hands are also suspect:

The good news, he runs slow enough even Dak should be able to hit him in stride on crossing routes.

I’d replace him with Storey Jackson or Aaron Hansford since we have plenty of receiving options with Pollard, Zeke, Schultz (if he decides he’s willing to play for a mere $11M), and Ferguson in addition to Lamb, Tolbert, Gallup, Brown, Washington, and Fehoko.

Chris Gore

For each of the 4 UDFA’s you see making the roster, also provide the 4 draft picks that will fail to make this team as a result. Because 13 rookies will not make the 53, even in this cap-tight year.

Jerry’s driver

Dallas currently has the 4th most cap space.

Dave SC58

I just wonder why nobody drafted any of these guys? If they are good enough to make the roster, then they should have been drafted because some of the draft picks they ended up with aren’t all that great. Yet they were drafted and these other guys were not. Why? Maybe all the hype is just that, hype. I guess we’ll see…

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