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5 Dallas Cowboys Players who Could Become Trade Assets

Which Dallas Cowboys players could become trade assets?

When it comes to making trades, the Dallas Cowboys are generally buyers rather than sellers. Over the past few years we’ve seen them send late round draft picks to acquire talent from other teams and could see them do the same at some point in the near future. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any tradable assets currently on the roster.

Now, the Dallas Cowboys roster isn’t quite as deep as it was a season ago but they do have a handful of players who could be put on the trade block. The players I’m thinking of are either potential roster cuts they’d like to receive some kind of draft capital for before releasing or players they could package in a deal to acquire someone they truly covet.

Let’s take a look…

CB, Jourdan Lewis

Jourdan Lewis
Dallas Cowboys CB Jourdan Lewis

Despite being a fan favorite, it’s beginning to look like Jourdan Lewis is once again falling out of favor with the Dallas Cowboys and the new coaching staff. If I’m reading the smoke signals correctly, Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan is looking for big, lengthy corners and unfortunately Lewis doesn’t quite measure up. To make matters worse, he’s entering a contract year.

Lewis’ best chance to earn significant playing time is to become the Cowboys nickel CB. That spot seems to be currently locked down by Anthony Brown, who was just re-signed to a 3-year, $15.5 million extension. So instead of keeping him around for purely depth purposes the Cowboys could try to flip him for a 2021 draft pick or package him in a deal for someone they covet.

CB, Chidobe Awuzie

Chidobe Awuzie
Dallas Cowboys CB Chidobe Awuzie

Like Jourdan Lewis, fellow Dallas Cowboys 2017 draft pick Chidobe Awuzie could be caught in a numbers crunch game when it’s all said and done. There has been talk of him moving from cornerback to safety, but that’s merely speculation right now. It makes sense of course due to the current depth at corner and the lack of depth at safety, but nothing is concrete as of yet.

The biggest knock on Awuzie seems to be his inability to turn around and locate the ball in the air. In coverage though, he’s rarely out of position and doesn’t allow many easy completions when targeted. Unfortunately, the new coaching staff aren’t wedded to him meaning he’s not guaranteed anything. His value in Dallas may be dwindling, but not every NFL team likely thinks the same.

DT, Trysten Hill

Trysten Hill
Dallas Cowboys DT Trysten Hill

Defensive Tackle Trysten Hill looks to be the new Taco Charlton for a lot of Cowboys Nation. The majority of Cowboys fans didn’t agree with him being the Cowboys second-round draft pick a year ago and not being able to make much of an impact as a rookie certainly hasn’t helped his cause. Sadly, the new coaching staff could agree and could gauge how much trade interest he draws.

The additions of Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe via free agency and Neville Gallimore through the draft (3rd-round) doesn’t bode real well for Trysten Hill either. He’s just 22 years old and his best football could still be ahead of him, but he’s already facing an uphill battle to earn any significant playing time in Year 2. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s put on the trade block.

G/C, Joe Looney

Joe Looney
Dallas Cowboys G/C Joe Looney

Prior to the 2020 NFL Draft Joe Looney and Connor McGovern were the odds-on favorites to take over for the recently retired Travis Frederick at center for the Dallas Cowboys. That still could be the case, but after trading up and drafting Tyler Biadasz in the fourth-round that could certainly change. Looney provides experience and depth, but that could also increase his trade value as well.

I really got the feeling the Cowboys were going to give Connor McGovern every chance to be Frederick’s replacement. Then you throw in the fact Mike McCarthy made a huge effort to trade up for Tyler Biadasz and was able to pull it off seems to indicate Looney is a fallback option only. Once offseason programs heat up and injuries start to occur, he could become a tradable commodity.

OG, Connor Williams

Connor Williams
Dallas Cowboys LG Connor Williams

Connor Williams is entering Year 3 with the Dallas Cowboys, but unfortunately reoccurring injuries have kept him from fully establishing himself as the Cowboys starting left guard. When healthy, he’s actually played better than a lot of people would lead you to believe. Sadly he hasn’t been able to do that on a consistent basis yet, meaning he is not guaranteed a starting job in 2020.

Connor Williams is somebody who I believe can play any position along the offensive line. As such, if he loses is starting LG gig he could provide valuable depth. That means he could be the swing tackle, backup guard, and backup center. That could prove to be invaluable. It’s that value though that could also make him an intriguing trade asset, especially as part of a package if necessary.

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    • I’m sure Jamal Adams would be at the top of nearly everybody’s list. Maybe packaging one of these players and a 2021 draft pick could pry him away from the Jets. There are probably other players the Cowboys could be interested in trading for as well.

  1. There better be a darn good player to trade away any of these solid depth players with the exception of hill.
    Hill still possibly has potential and I use that word loosely. He still has a chance to develop esp with new coaching. But really the cowboys are setting pretty in about every position. But there’s always room for improvement. I’m more worried now about our punting/place kicking game now. Maybe still the secondary slightly but only because of some uncertainty of solid starting players. I have a feeling Jourdan Lewis is gonna get hosed once again because of his size. If they trade/let him go after this year but extended Anthony brown? Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Brown was a desperation extention because of Byron leaving.

    • I’m not saying the Cowboys will trade away any of these players, especially considering they all provide solid depth. I’m just pointing out these are the most tradable assets IMO. If they can be used to trade for a player who would upgrade the team I’d be all for it.

  2. I agree with you in your comments regarding these players being trade candidates, except for Williams which you mention has versatility. But I really don’t think any of these players will garner any interest other than the corners. Hill is a bust mainly because of his in maturity, Looney was a FA and drew no interest. Awzie and Lewis Could get some interest but I doubt the Cowboys will get much for them. Eli Apple and Logan Ryan are available and they gotten nothing. I think both will start until Diggs and Robinson are ready. As for safety I think newly signed Worley has size and experience as safety and would be the third safety

    • It’s very possible none of these players would draw much trade interest if they were put on the trade block. I was merely pointing out these are the Cowboys most tradable assets IMO. I kind of doubt they trade anyone away, but if they do it wouldn’t surprise me very much if it was one of these players.

  3. Honestly wouldn’t trade Awuzie. I would move him to safety. Think he would do well there. He doesn’t seem to have the recognition or strength to play a man to man corner but if Wilcox takes a step back, injuries occur, or if HaHa doesn’t make the cut or outplays what we can pay him, then Awuzie is a good insurance policy.

    There are a lot of moving parts but I expect McCarthy to follow his strategy of if he’s a good player, then we’ll make the scheme fit for him. It’s a 180 from our previous approach and one I had hope we’d adopt sooner or later. The defense was good under Marinelli but we passed up pro bowlers for developmental players because they didnt fit his scheme. Too old school in my humble opinion but I do think he’ll do great under Gruden. There’s a comfort level there and chemistry. He and Kris Richard are fine coaches but I want to see some turnovers and an aggressive defense.

    If Smith and Gregory are reinstated, Lawrence adjusts to life of constant double and sometimes triple teams, along with the draft picks we took living up to expectations, then this defense might be very scary to go along with the offense. Everything changes with the injury bug but barring that I can see this team winning a super bowl. McCarthy knows what it takes and he will do more than clap and look on with indifferent concern at his team. Wish him the best in NY and as a coordinator I think he’ll do fine.

    • I think moving Awuzie to safety is an intriguing idea and even suggested he play a hybrid CB/S role last year, but I don’t view him as a better option between Xavier Woods and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. That’s just my opinion though.

  4. I know this is brought up pretty much every year but I think Crawford is a good candidate to put on the trade block. Not only because of his cap hit but if Aldon Smith, Randy Gregory, Armstrong, or Anae can step up at RE. Then with McCoy, Poe, Woods, and Gallimore at DT and Lawrence firmly implanted at LE I’d imagine Crawford doesn’t get much play time barring any injuries. I know he has position flex and is a good locker room guy but is it worth it to pay him with all this other talent likely to eat up the majority of snaps? Get a draft pick or package him up for a player at a position of need.

    • I don’t think anybody’s going to want to trade for Crawford considering his current contract. It would probably take him agreeing to a new contract or pay cut for this to be possible.

  5. no, just no……Lewis should be extended in fact….and Hill is far from an asset because we don’t know what we have yet….can’t trade O line yet either….just none of it makes any sense because you would not get anything worth it at this point.

    • I think it’s highly unlikely Lewis receives an extension after Anthony Brown already did earlier this offseason. And you’re right about Trysten Hill. I’m personally still holding out hope he can live up to his draft status, but this new coaching staff isn’t wedded to him and would probably have no problem parting ways if they wanted. I’m also against trading away OL depth right now, but that could change depending on how things shake out. It’s unlikely any of these players get traded, but they are the Cowboys most tradable assets IMO.

  6. We have a ton of corners now so putting a couple of them on the trading block makes some sense, but trading away Connor Williams and Joe Looney don’t make any sense!! If we were gonna trade Joe Looney we wouldn’t have even bothered resigning him, and right now Connor Williams is one of our starting offensive linemen so that wouldn’t make any sense either!! And Trysten Hill hasn’t had much of an opportunity to do anything yet so trading him away would be a wasted draft pick!! I think he should get another year or two to show us something before he’s even considered to be a trade candidate!!

    • the Cowboys brought back Joe Looney as insurance. Now that they’ve drafted Tyler Biadasz it’s possible he’s nothing more than a backup once again. As for Connor Williams, if he doesn’t when the LG starting job he probably becomes the swing tackle and backup guard. If you can package him in a deal for someone like Jamal Adams I think it’s definitely worth it. Hill may be a wasted draft pick. With the new coaching staff he may not fit what they want in their DTs. So trying to trade him instead of releasing him makes sense.

  7. Great read, thanks. Grown to love those guys and cant believe we have depth at CB like that now. That was my biggest concern. I would love to see the Cowboys package one or two of them with a pick and bring in a game changer in the secondary like Adams. Bring in a leader that will be our defensive Dak.

    • I really like the way the Cowboys have addressed the CB position so far. They’ve brought in a lot of competition and depending on who wins out we could see a few of them put on the trade block. I think it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

  8. I agree that Awuzie and/or Lewis could be dangled on the Trade wire. I’m not so sure about Looney or Williams. I don’t think we’ll see them go anywhere. Trysten Hill is one I would try to trade now before he proves to be worthless. There’s also Justin March and Kai Forbath.

    I think the defensive backfield is in pretty good shape. I’m counting on Diggs to be a day one starter opposite Anthony Brown. Robinson and Worley will back them up. Maurice Canady could get some work back there as well. However, it may be that Lewis and Amuzie are traded for draft picks and then the Cowboys go out and get a free agent DB that will step right in as a starter (Logan Ryan?).

    There are also a number of other free agents that are intriguing: Markus Golden, Kelvin Beachum, and of course Jadaveon Clowney, but I doubt the Cowboys could afford him.

  9. I think that we should cut or trade Tyrone Crawford. We could probably get someone good for him. We just need to cut ties with him.

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