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5 Players Cowboys Should Consider Shutting Down Until Next Season

Dallas Cowboys might need to start protecting players for the future.

It’s time for the Dallas to shift their mindset from the present and start focusing more on the future. Forget about the fact they are somehow still in the playoff race or that there are five regular-season games remaining. It’s past time to accept 2020 as a wasted season and start preparing for next year and beyond.

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it until it hopefully hits home…the Dallas Cowboys need to use the remainder of the as a jumpstart on the self-evaluation process. That means getting some these younger players some much-needed playing time, which directly correlates with today’s topic of players Dallas should consider shutting down until next year.

’s scare last week was all the evidence I needed the Dallas Cowboys should start shutting down important players on the . A serious injury this late in the season would put their availability for next year in doubt and that would only create more problems than they already have on the injury front. After all, it’s not like really they have anything left to play for this year.

That’s why today I thought I’d share with you a handful of players I believe the Dallas Cowboys should shut down until next season. Not only would it allow some younger players to receive some much-needed playing time, but it would also protect the investment the Cowboys have made in all of the players mentioned below. Let’s take a look… Shall we!?

WR Amari Cooper

Despite the QB carousel the Dallas Cowboys have had to endure this season Amari Cooper is still living up to his No. 1 WR status. It’s good to see him being so productive catching passes from four different QBs this year, but cutting his season short isn’t exactly a bad idea. Cooper is known as being somewhat “injury prone”, so in order to protect their $100 million investment and make sure he’s available for next year they could just go and shut him down the remainder of the season.

DE DeMarcus Lawrence

You’re probably going to start noticing a theme here. Like Amari Cooper, the Dallas Cowboys would be wise to consider shutting down DeMarcus Lawrence as well. D-Law is the Cowboys best defensive player and the highest-paid as well. Shutting him down early would allow the Cowboys to protect their investment and get some much-needed playing time for DE . He was supposedly a steal in the draft, but as of yet hasn’t received a chance to prove himself as such.

RB Ezekiel Elliott

Following the money again here. Ezekiel Elliott is another high-priced player the Dallas Cowboys should consider shutting down the remainder of the season. Like it or not they have too much money invested in him to risk losing him to a serious injury. He may not be producing like the Zeke of old this year, but he still an important piece as far as their future is concerned. Plus, we’d all probably like to see what can do in an expanded role.

LBs Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch

The Dallas Cowboys already have enough holes to fill on the defensive side of the ball without risking losing either Jaylon Smith for Leighton Vander Esch for next season. That’s why I think shutting down both for the remainder of the year would be wise. They already have depth concerns next year at LB, no need to add to those concerns. Let and finish out their careers in Dallas as the starters before hitting .

What do you think?

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. Sadly the only one of these high priced players that hasn’t turned out to be a disappointment is Amari , cut the rest of these over paid players and save some money !

  2. In my opinion I think the boys would be better off treating the rest of the season like preseason. Changes need to be made and we need to know what we have. I never thought I’d say this but winning the division doesn’t even matter anymore. With the current state that we’re in this team is going nowhere this year. It’s not going to just magically come together. Realistically we have a shot at great draft position. That’s the bright spot we should be focused on. I never thought I’d be saying anything close to this. I always want to see the Cowboys winning but I think a top 5 draft pick is winning at this point. Let’s say some how we win the division…. seriously it’s one and done anyway. Too many key players won’t be back until next year so why give up a top 5 pick for it? I think we’re better off playing our younger players. Let the other guys get/stay healthy. The season is over anyways. Let’s see what our younger players have to offer. 2020 has been a backwards year from start to finish. We might as well treat it as such. Treat the rest of the year like preseason. We’ve already taken our lumps. It would be nice to get something for it and a top 5 pick looks pretty good to me. In reality it would be like getting 2 first rounders. The top 5 pick and the start of the 2nd round. Pretty much guaranteeing at least 2 starters out of the draft. That’s a lot better than making it to the wild card game and going home. Let’s see if the front office does what’s best for this team for once.

  3. All is true but if jerry dont sell tickets because he needs to eat!! I think dak will be. Out and that will be the worst thing that could happen with this team!! Cant yall see that? Die hard 4 lyfe!!

  4. I think you should trade players who have been part of consistent losing teams. you have some the best players in the NFL. but, players with losing attitudes, feel as like they have been twilight zone. they have negative thoughts, because they’re use to losing. losing is acceptable to them at this point. ho, they say the right things, but the reality is when something goes wrong. they’re mindset is negative. they need fresh starts on other teams. start trading for draft picks, young players that are hungry. look what the Miami dolphins did, trade tuntils, stills, Kirkpatrick. they move players with losing attitudes, and drafted hungry young players. BTW, stop drafting players, who out perform at the combines. Draft play makers on offense and defense. I see so, many players wanting on someone to make a play. it never happens. Draft play makers. Thanks

  5. Makes sense but Jerry would never let it happen He wants his best product on the field to sell tickets and remain relevant . Ticket sales and public perception are more important to him then anything else.

  6. I can’t argue with your logic, although I probably would not pull Amari Cooper out completely. For the defense, I would love to see Bradley Anae on a full time basis, and let Randy Gregory fill the RDE spot. I would also move Aldon Smith to DT and I would continue to let Neville Gallimore man the other DT spot. Antwaun Woods and Justin Hamilton would continue be in the DT rotation. Ron’Dell Carter and Dorrance Armstrong in the DE rotation. At linebacker, use Sean Lee, Joe Thomas, Luke Gifford, Francis Bernard, and Justin March as a corps group. Of course, the defensive backs are still a swiss cheese sandwich! However, my cornerbacks would be Anthony Brown, Chidobe Awuzie, Jourdan Lewis, and Reggie Robinson. That leaves Deante Burton, Chris Westry, and Rashard Robinson to back them up (C.J. Goodwin is no defensive back!). The safeties will continue to be Xavier Woods and Donovan Wilson, with Darian Thompson and Steven Parker available. So as you say, shut down Lawrence, Vander Esch, and J. Smith.

    On offense, sit Elliott, and get some additional playing time for Pollard and Rico Dowdle. For WR, rotate the three starters with Cedric Wilson, Noah Brown and Malik Turner, or bring in Jon’vea Johnson instead of Turner. At QB, let Gilbert play. I think the guy could be pretty exciting to watch. I definitely would not put Zack Martin back out at Tackle. He is used to playing guard and putting him at tackle forces him to use techniques he hasn’t used in a long time, hence the calf injury. Why not bring in Jordan Mills off the practice squad and give him a chance to play? The guys is a starter in this league. If Biadasz gets healthy, let him play center.

    What about after the season??? Can they get Trevor Lawrence in the draft? They should let Prescott go, he’s too expensive. The Cowboys also should never have spent so much money on Elliott. He is not Emmitt Smith!!! Can he be traded for someone worthwhile, or maybe a nice draft pick? I don’t know. Tyrone Crawford is on the way out finally. The whole roster needs an upgrade, actually. I don’t know how they do it. Tyron Smith may retire for all we know. What about La’el Collins? Is he going to come back and put the effort into being a top level tackle? I wonder. And then there’s Mitch Hyatt. Is he ever going to amount to anything? Trevon Diggs will be better next year. Trysten Hill should be better as well. Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz will do an adequate job at TE. Maybe one of the young TE’s like Sean McKeon steps up and impresses too.

    I just wonder how the Cowboys overhaul this roster with the amount of cap space they have. Only by trading high-priced guys can they make a step toward the future, in my opinion. We need young, outstanding talent. Use the roster to trade for draft picks. build from the ground up. Forget about trying to win the Super Bowl next year. Do what Jimmie Johnson did. Acquire draft picks and make them count! Get rid of the old guys! Start fresh and build on the young players they have now. It’s time for a new Cowboys team.

  7. Hi Brian,
    Spot on, I would rest even more players and start to evaluate those on the roster, as you say there is nothing to play for, this season is dead let’s recognise that at least. The Cowboys need to know who they have that can play in 2021. I have been following the Cowboys for 50 years and this is the worst state I have ever seen them in, I know up it goes against the grain, but sometime things conspire against you that you do not have the weapons to fight back with sadly.

    George ‘The Brit’ 67

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