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#64: Tom Rafferty Is In A League of His Own

Another day, another dollar, as they say. But in our case, another day and another Countdown to Week 1 Post.

Yesterday, I crowned / as the Greatest #65 in Dallas, and if you missed it–you can check it out here.

As usual, you know the drill. I crown a player who corresponds with the number of days until Week 1, yadda, yadda, yadda.

While I could give you the player right away, let's first recognize all players who wore #64 and thank them for being a Dallas Cowboy at one point.

(awkward group clap together)

Anyways, here they are below:

  • Jim Arneson, 1973-1975, Guard/Center
  • , 2017, Guard
  • Jorge Diaz, 2000, Guard
  • Bob Grottkau, 1961, Guard
  • Halvor Hagen, 1969-1970, Guard
  • Montrae Holland, 2008-2011, Guard
  • Mitch Johnson, 1965,
  • George Lilja, 1987, Guard
  • Tony Liscio, 1963-1971, Tackle
  • , 1976-1989, Center/Guard
  • Greg Senat, 2020, Tackle
  • Jim Ray Smith, 1963-1964, Guard
  • Daleroy Stewart, 2003,
  • Brian Waters, 2013, Guard

Like yesterday, I was a bit surprised to find the one standout player so quickly.

While you could say Guard Tony Liscio could be the guy as he did snag a Lombardi during his time with the franchise and was one tough player who went to the ends of hell to play on the field (he played with to his shoulders and knees one game), the choice was easy for me–as I went with Center Tom “Raff” Rafferty.

Tom Rafferty's NFL Career

Drafted in the 4th Round of the 1976 (119th overall), Rafferty didn't make his NFL mark until his second year, when he became the team's starting and was a part of the XII winning team.

Five years later, Rafferty switched positions to Center and seamlessly became the anchor of those 1980 Dallas Cowboy Teams.

Learning about Rafferty was fun because I not only found out this guy played 167 consecutive games (which is badass, to say the least), but he was teammates with BOTH HOF QBs, and .

I can only imagine how lucky Rafferty feels today to say he protected arguably the two-best QBs that ever donned silver and blue. Additionally, he was a part of the nicknamed the “Four Irishmen and a Scott.”

Although I never saw him play during my lifetime, being able to read about him and relive the glory days has been an experience for me. If only there could be a way where I could time travel to see a Cowboys Super Bowl.

Nonetheless, shoutout to Rafferty on earning today's crown, and check back for Sunday's post as I crown the Greatest #63.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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