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Adoree’ Jackson Could be the Solution for Cowboys’ CB Issues

Adoree’ Jackson and the Dallas Cowboys could be a match made in heaven.

In a rather surprising move the Tennessee Titans released their former 2017 first-round pick Cornerback Adoree’ Jackson.

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The #Titans are releasing CB Adoree Jackson, their former first-round pick.

Adoree’ Jackson is more than likely the top-ranked CB in free agency now and a player who the Dallas Cowboys should absolutely try to add to the mix for 2021 and beyond.

If rumors are true the former USC standout was someone the Dallas Cowboys were targeting in the 2017 NFL Draft. Unfortunately, the Tennessee Titans swooped in and selected Adoree’ Jackson with the 18th overall pick in the first-round, leaving the Cowboys to address the CB position later when they selected Chidobe Awuzie (2nd-round) and Jourdan Lewis (3rd-round).

Fast-forward to the present and all three CBs look as if they will be playing for different teams in 2021. In fact, Chidobe Awuzie just announce his goodbyes to Cowboys Nation after signing a three-year, $21.75 million deal with the Cincinnati Bengals. With Awuzie officially out of the picture, could the Dallas Cowboys set their sights on Adoree’ Jackson?

Wounds have a way of healing pretty slowly at times and missing out on a player they were high on back in 2017 could rekindle the affection the Dallas Cowboys had for Adoree’ Jackson coming out of USC. Believe it or not, but those fires might’ve even intensified considering the way he’s played in the NFL since then and the fact is just 25 years old.

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Highest coverage grade when lined up at outside CB since 2018:Jaire Alexander 90.6Richard Sherman 89.0Stephon Gilmore 87.7Adoree Jackson 85.6

Since 2018 Adoree’ Jackson has had one of the highest coverage grades amongst outside CBs in the entire league. Surprisingly enough though, you seldom hear his name mentioned in the same company as any of the above-mentioned players. That would definitely change if he signed with one of the most recognizable sports organizations in the entire world, the Dallas Cowboys.

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Adoree’ Jackson’s deep coverage numbers since entering the league are absurd.Jackson on passes 20+ yards downfield since 2017:51 targets14 receptions allowed 18 forced incompletions (2nd most in NFL)

If his coverage grade amongst outside CBs since 2018 wasn’t convincing enough, his deep coverage numbers since entering the league should be all of the convincing the Dallas Cowboys need to make him a priority free agent signing.

An added bonus, since he was released by the Tennessee Titans Adoree’ Jackson wouldn’t count towards the compensatory pick formula. That’s something the Dallas Cowboys seem to put a lot of stock in when navigating through free agency every year.

So… What’s it going to take to put Adoree’ Jackson in Dallas Cowboys uniform in 2021?

I’d be lying if I had any idea what it would take to unite these two. Fortunately though KD Drummond is a lot smarter than I am and laid out a hypothetical contract that could work well for both parties concerned.

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I’d see if the Cowboys could ink Jackson to a 3-year deal that included $10M Year 1.$1M base, $9M SB which is a $4M cap hit. You have easy cuts that can make that room, and/or can wait to see how things work in the draft and in camp and end up releasing Anthony Brown.

Honestly, I think both Adoree’ Jackson and the Dallas Cowboys would be more than happy to ink this deal. The Cowboys would be upgrading the CB position with one of the best, young players in the league and Jackson would not only be receiving a favorable contract, but also get hit free agency again at the age of 28. Sounds like a win-win all around.

The only thing we can do now is what we’ve been doing all along. Sit and wait to see when the Dallas Cowboys will finally throw their hat into the free agency circus and make moves that will without a doubt be upgrades to their roster. Signing Adoree’ Jackson would absolutely qualify as such a move.

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. If the Cowboys ever want to win again, they HAVE to fix this defense!!! This would be a great place to start!!

    • Upgrading the defense is no doubt the Cowboys top priority this offseason. Now that the free agent market is settling down a bit I’m sure will start seeing them start making some moves.

  2. Not sure about this cat Brian. It’s true he was being looked at when he came out, but it was his speed and his return skills that made him enticing. Those stats you present look good, but I suspect they are more surface-stats than anything. I’d have to dig a bit, but I don’t think he’s a player worth his draft pedigree and I’m not even sure he was on the field as one might suggest. The Titans think so little of him that they aren’t even keeping him (despite what you suggest is a reasonable cost) even after also letting Malcom Butler walk away? He’s a smaller CB who can’t compete in the red zone, and would probably be best served as the guy who covers the Cole Beasley’s of the world. Maybe I’m wrong about him, but I’d ride with developing a CB taken in Rds 1 or 2 and work on developing that.

    • You could be right. After doing a little more research, which I should’ve done in the first place, his snap count has steadily decreased the past couple of years.

    • That’s definitely possible. They may not view him as a scheme fit. After all, Dan Quinn prefers tall, lengthy CBs and that’s not who Adoree’ Jackson is.

  3. I’d put all my free agency efforts into an every down safety and a run stuffer. Jackson would not fit this defense and the top 3 corners in the draft do. The true problem is that all of these conversations every year never address the true issue and that is that Jerry is in way over his head. He can’t compete with the true NFL minds that are out there building teams while he treats the #1 valued sports franchise in the world like his personal toy and “plays” GM. He has over spent on players he falls in love with and consequently there is collateral damage I.E. Byron Jones. He will dumpster dive as usual thinking he’s the smartest guy in the room.

  4. Yeah I think Adoree is nothing more than a special teams guy , gadget guy cuz of his speed ,

    He doesn’t fit DQ system at all , and it’s not a good sign when Titans let him go all the while knowing they gonna get rid of Butler too , he’s probably cheap cuz he’s just not that good

  5. Seeing that the best cornerback William Jackson was snatched earlier by the Redskins, Cowboys better do something as they’re quickly running out of options.
    Can’t depend solely on draft, and going for the cheaper free agents has not worked.
    This guy seems like the best choice at this point.

  6. Don’t count out CB Mike Davis , he fits better for DQ system, there’s also LB Nicholas Morrow who I also like out there

    • Mike Davis re-signed with the Chargers if I’m not mistaken and Nicholas Morrow re-signed with the Raiders. They were both on my FA wish list for the Cowboys as well.

  7. One has to wonder why they just let him go. There are five 6’1″, 6’2″ CBs in draft, top two, plus Horn, Campbell & Stokes that all look very promising. So we should be able to snag one of those.

  8. People love to blame jerry Jones for everything…seems like an easy out for the fair weather bandwagon jump on jump off cowboys fans. In all reality jerry don’t play on sundays, and he puts a competent team on the field year in and year out bottom line these men being paid to play professional football need to man up and get the job done in between the lines and bring home that Lombardi trophy. I’m tired of watching my team lose when I feel there is more than enough talent to win. Bottom line players have to play

  9. Tommy Pringle…if you think there’s more than enough talent on the defensive side of the ball to win playoff games much less the Super Bowl, then you obviously aren’t a fan of the Cowboys. True fans see how pathetic our defense is and it is JJ’s fault for always going for the skill players rather than the trenches and safeties

  10. Jason B … if you think JJ ignores the trenches and safeties and those are the reasons this team underperforms, then you obviously aren’t a fan of the Cowboys. True fans see top picks going to the likes of T.Smith, Z.Martin, T.Frederick, D.Lawrence, T.Hill, etc (I could go on…). Byron Jones was selected in Rd-1 to play safety (same for R.Williams). Follow the game, not a narrative.

  11. We need top CB 1st rd n a FA CB Also so not its nnot surtain n woods they get to develop with help of s vet

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