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Aldon Smith Works On His Hands In Training Video

When the signed veteran back in April there was a huge unknown considering his five-year absence. However, thanks to working with Jay Glazer of , he's completely turned his life around off the field.

Now, the only thing left for the former All-Pro is to get back into football shape as much as he can with the current pandemic derailing any normal protocol in regards to preparation for an NFL season. Just recently, Smith was seen working on his hands in a training with specialist Coach Brandon .

Of course, as a , your hands are extremely important. The goal is to keep offensive linemen's hands off of you as much as possible because if they can't grab you they can't block you. Smith having great hands will go a long way as he attempts to regain the luster he had after his first two seasons when he registered 33.5 .

Smith wasn't alone in his training, though, as teammates and rookie were also in attendance during this workout. Woods and Gallimore will be important pieces on the Cowboys defensive line in 2020 playing behind and as the anchors on the interior.

This video was just a continuation of the hard work Smith's been putting since he arrived in Dallas. Last month, he sat down with Sirius XM NFL Radio to talk about his heavier 287-pound frame.

“Shape-wise I feel great. I feel great. I feel young. I feel… my twenties,” Smith said. “I feel fresh. So I’m good on that. My weight’s good. I’m a little heavier, but it’s all muscle and I’ve been carrying it long enough and I move well, if not better.”

Smith is not only getting in physical shape but more importantly, he's mentally in a much better place which will help him perform on the field. 2020 could very well be the start of a redemption tour for Smith.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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I realize it’s far too early … but there’s actually a modicum of hope that Smith could actually become this team’s Charles Haley. His skills were on that level.


Love me some Aldon! Between him and D Law with our big boys in the middle….WATCH OUT!

Anthony Wright

EGO has been Jerry down fall!!! Jimmy Johnson should have been left alone. Jerry EGO, is why their has been no progress on all these years. The Business of Dak is Business., Just like the Business of Jerry is Business. No one had a problem Romo lack of production in the playoff, and monster contract in his era, now you CB fans have a issue with Dak production in the playoffs. Dak has Business choice was wise. It’s not about how good he his,, it’s about what he has done. Market conditions for his position say he gets paid. Dallas should have signed him before his rookie contract was up. Jerry fault. Dak didn’t complain, not one word. Best move for Dak is to play out franchise tag 120 over 3yrs. Verses 100 over 5yrs. The Business of Dak is Business!!!!

Nicole Hallstrom

Seriously how can anyone bring race into this?!?! Mahomes who just so happens to be black, just signed the largest contract in SPORTS history. Not just NFL history, but SPORTS history. Brady who has 6 super bowl rings, was one of the most underpaid players in the NFL, always taking team friendly contracts with NE, because he is a team player. What has Dak done? He has one of, if not the best RB in the NFL, a top WR in Cooper and still has one playoff win!!!

Just what does he have on his resume to expect to be paid like SB champions, such as Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, etc? He was offered the most guaranteed money in the NFL and STILL TURNED IT DOWN. He deserves a Wentz, Goff contract, because that is the type of QB he is. He isn’t a top 5 QB and he’s not a team player. Trade this dude, and get away from the drama and media circus as quickly as possible. Dude will bring the whole team down.

David Iacovella

You cant pay everybody top dollar at every position. Secondly Dak is not that good. Look at his record and numbers against teams with a winning record. Building up stats when your team is getting blown out and teams are playing prevent is a lot different than putting up numbers against top rated defenses. Secondly Tony Romo was never the highest paid QB in the league like prescott wants to be. Thirdly Romo did not have the offensive players that Prescott has. Romo also did not have the O line that Prescott plays behind except one year in 2014. ,Thirdly Dak has made over 50 million dollars from endorsements. Think he makes that much if he does not play for the Dallas cowboys ?? Dallas made Dak a great offer. He is being greedy. Plain and simple. Its not about winning for Dak. Tom Brady took less. And dont give me his wifes salary. Brady would have done the same thing if he was married or single. Winning brings other opportunities to make money. Being the QB of the Dallas Cowboys brings plenty of opportunity to make money.

Jake farm

This guy ain’t nothing but a bottle away from failure

Sincerely- faithful 49ers fan

John Williams

Well, that’s how addiction works. But you gotta hope that people can continue to overcome their addictions.

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