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Are the Dallas Cowboys still America’s Team?

Over the past several years, sports writers, pundits, and fans have attempted to call into question whether or not the should still be considered “America's Team.”

Arguments have been made for the to co-opt the nickname since at least 2018. That discussion resurfaced again earlier this year.

Just a couple of weeks ago, one writer actually said the have “dethroned the Dallas Cowboys as America's Team.”

And according to Forbes, the 49ers, Bengals, and Chiefs should also be considered as possible inheritors of the title.

The argument for transferring the nickname is almost always the same.

They say the Cowboys haven't been the same since they won XXX.

They say that since it's taking decades for the Cowboys to return to former glory, the Cowboys don't deserve to be called America's Team.


That argument doesn't hold up well when challenged for a couple of reasons.

If Super Bowls are your qualifier, the Dallas Cowboys should still be at the top of your list.

The Cowboys have made a total of eight Super Bowl appearances. They are tied with the Broncos and Steelers for 2nd most behind the Patriots who made 11 Super Bowl appearances.

Out of those eight appearances, the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl a total of five times.

In wins, they are tied for second most with the 49ers. The Patriots and Steelers both have six total Super Bowl wins.

Since the Cowboys won , their 3rd championship in four seasons, only one other team has matched that frequency of success.

The New England Patriots.

So, why aren't the Patriots called America's Team?

Well, what if I told you that Super Bowls and on-field success were not the reasons the Dallas Cowboys received that designation in the first place?


When discussing the worthiness of a moniker, isn't it important to understand the meaning of a name and possibly its origin?

The fact that this part of the discussion is often overlooked and ignored irks me to no end.

The Dallas Cowboys were called America's Team before the run of Super Bowl wins in the 90s.

Before the days of , , and .

Before the team was purchased by .

There are a couple of different accounts of the origin of the nickname. One version of events credits broadcaster John Facenda with coining the term in 1978.

Supposedly, Facenda used the name because the team appeared on TV so much, they were as recognizable as American presidents and movie stars.

Another version credits Bob Ryan during the same year.

On their “Top Ten Nicknames” show, Ryan told , “I saw all these fans in away stadiums. Hey, they're the most popular team in the country. How can I use that? Why don't we call them ‘America's Team'?”

Both Ryan and Facenda became associated with in some capacity.

That's why, now, Films often takes credit for giving the Dallas Cowboys their most widely used nickname.

The takeaway here is that the Dallas Cowboys were christened as America's Team because of popularity and brand recognition.

They played a big role in bringing fans to the NFL and building some of the traditions for which professional American football is now known.

You can't just give the Cowboys' nickname to another team based on totally different criteria.

That's not how this works.


So, does the current popularity of the Dallas Cowboys qualify them to still be called America's Team? Yes. Easily.

They lead in home and away game attendance. The Dallas Cowboys are also the most searched NFL team.

The Cowboys have the best TV ratings among NFL teams. They even sell the most licensed merchandise.

For 14 years in a row, the Dallas Cowboys have been the NFL's most valuable franchise. They are now the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Most recently, they were valued at $8 billion.

But with the sell of the carrying a price tag of almost $7 billion, I expect to see a big increase for most NFL teams including the Cowboys on ' next list.


Even with recent personnel changes, there are almost no signs of the Dallas Cowboys losing popularity or value.

Although their on-field performance isn't the top reason they are called America's Team, winning is related to the growth of a team's fanbase.

The Cowboys have two 12-win seasons with playoff appearances consecutively for the first time since the 1995 season.

And has not been shy about the fact that everything he does is about winning.

During this , we've seen differences in how the and in how they interact with the media as compared to previous years.

Even though they have become somewhat less predictable, and they give away less information, the Cowboys remain one of the most discussed teams in mainstream sports media.


As we go into the , hopefully, we can put this discussion to rest.

Besides, every instance that it's brought up serves as further proof of why the Cowboys deserve to be called America's Team.

No other team's nickname is called into question this way. NFL fans aren't usually trying to seize other teams' monikers.

So why this one?

Because it's the Cowboys.

And whether it's out of love or hate, people like to talk about the Cowboys.

And if you are a fan of another team, and you believe your team is more deserving of the Cowboys' alternate title, the question I ask is, would the name matter to you if the Cowboys didn't already have it?

Have some pride. Show some creativity.

Most teams already have nicknames that are related to the identity of the team, their town, and/ or their fans. Lean into that.

The only reason the phrase “America's Team” has a significant meaning is because the of the Cowboys as a franchise has given it meaning.

It's not an award or position that can be voted on, appointed, or stripped away.

It will always be connected to the identity and history of the Dallas Cowboys.

Jazz Monet
Jazz Monet
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