Blame Game: Top 5 Culprits Responsible for Cowboys Back to Back Losses

We are nearly a third of the way through the 2019 season and the Dallas Cowboys are currently 3-2 after back-to-back losses. Despite all the rumblings and grumblings around Cowboys Nation, this is pretty much how we expected things to go down, at least as far as wins and losses are concerned. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t expect better.

Anyway you slice it, the majority of us are frustrated with the way this years Cowboys team has played. They’ve looked brilliant at times, but at others they’ve looked undisciplined and self-destructing. That’s where the majority of the frustration lies right now.

With that in mind I thought I would go ahead and feed that frustration “monster” because nobody really wants to look on the positive side of things after losing two consecutive games, especially winnable ones. That’s why I thought I’d try something new and play a game with all of you… the BLAME GAME.

Here’s how this will work…

Naturally, I will be the host and will give out different clues in order to help you try to figure out who that particular culprit is. The clues could be completely random or spot on. It’s completely at my discretion as to how detailed, or not, I go into describing each of these culprits. At the end of the article I will provide the answers. Try not to cheat.

Want to play? Good! Let’s get started…

Jason Garrett
Dallas Cowboys HC Jason Garrett (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Culprit #1

  • Former NFL player turned coach
  • Has been a part of numerous championship teams
  • Former quarterback
  • Has held the title of Offensive Coordinator in the NFL
  • Married with children

Culprit #2

  • Fantastic leader with a likable personality
  • Has been in numerous commercials
  • Came out of nowhere to become a starter
  • Still playing under a rookie contract
  • Was born in Louisiana

Culprit #3

  • Former NFL player turned coach
  • Was a backup on several teams in his NFL career
  • Has a Super Bowl ring
  • Leader of men
  • Infectious personality

Culprit #4

  • Ball of energy
  • Teammates feed off of his production
  •  Member of several championship teams
  • One of highest-paid at his position
  • Comes from a family of athletes

Culprit #5

  • Former NFL player turned coach
  • Mostly a backup for several teams in his NFL career
  • Has a Super Bowl ring
  • Has held the title of Offensive Coordinator in the NFL
  • Loves to clap

Okay, so there are your clues. Some of them are obviously easier than others. I hope each and every clue makes you think a little bit about who that particular culprit is and why they could be responsible, at least partly, for the Dallas Cowboys 3-2 start this year.

Are you ready for the answers? Do you know the identity to each culprit?

Ezekiel Elliott
Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott

Answer Key

Culprit #1 – Kellen Moore

At times this season Kellen Moore has been a breath of fresh air since taking over as OC for the Dallas Cowboys. But, he still trying to figure out the right balance of pass/run and I believe it’s hurt the offense at times this season, especially the last two games. I do believe he will get better, although we may see a little more bumps in the road before he does so.

Culprit #2 – Dak Prescott

I doubt anybody was surprised to see Prescott’s name make the cut in the BLAME GAME. There’s no denying he’s improved as a passer thus far this season, but recently he’s been throwing it to the wrong team far too often. His recent interception streak has unfortunately given some good teams extra opportunities to put points on the board which has led to the Cowboys two game losing streak.

Culprit #3 – Kris Richard

The impact Richard had on the team last year in his first season with the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t have gone better if it had been scripted. His infectious/fiery attitude provided the spark the defense needed, so much so he eventually took over the defensive playcalling from Rod Marinelli. It was expected he would help take the defense to a different level this year, but so far it looks as if they may have regressed.

Culprit #4 – Ezekiel Elliott

It may surprise you, but Ezekiel Elliott is currently off to the slowest start in his career. He has the fewest amount of carries (85) and rushing yards (386) of his career through the first five games of the season. The games so far this season has dictated his amount of touches, but there’s no denying the Cowboys are at their best when No. 21 is allowed to eat. Either Zeke has to be more productive on lesser touches or Dallas needs to get him more involved, because without his usual production they are losing.

Culprit #5 – Jason Garrett

Out of all the clues I gave for all of the different culprits above, Jason Garrett’s might have been the most obvious. Did the clapping thing give him away? Regardless, he may be the most responsible for the Cowboys 3-2 start this season. As a head coach, he couldn’t ask for a more talented roster. Unfortunately, his team isn’t playing up to their talent right now. They continue to shoot themselves in the foot with numerous penalties and turnovers and that lack of discipline falls on Garrett’s shoulders.

Well, what do you think? Did you enjoy the BLAME GAME? Should it continue?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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