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Blast From the Past: What Player Would you Bring Back if you Could?

So many names come to mind when remembering all the greats that played for the . I am only 26, so I did not have the luxury of watching guys like , , and .

From my time, one guy comes to mind when I think about being able to bring back a player in their prime to make an impact right now for this team, and that player is DeMarcus Ware.

Ware finished his Cowboys career at No. 1 overall in (117) and No. 1 overall in forced fumbles (32). Ware had ten or more sacks in at least seven straight seasons, making him the third player in NFL . (Reggie White and John Randle).

He led the league in sacks twice, earned seven total All-Pro nods (four first-team and three second-team), Nine selections, and selection to the All-Decade Team for the 2000s. Expect an invite to the and the Cowboys’ to follow soon for Ware.

I know other people will pick some other guys, but I would love to line him up with and and see what they could do together. Ware is one of my all-time favorite players, and I also have grown to love watching . I know the league is all about , but it is so enjoyable when the defense can go out and hit the offense in the mouth and make it tough on them to get anything going.

Guys like , , , and others are a few others I would love to have back. I would include all the greats from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, but only being able to watch highlights isn’t the same.

Who would you love to see suit up again in a Cowboys uniform?

What do you think?

Shane Taylor

Written by Shane Taylor

Cowboys fan from the Midwest, I love to write, blogger for Inside the Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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    • Stephen you took the words right out of my mouth. When I saw this I agree people will have lots of old favorites in mind but with the state of the team as it is now Darren Woodson to me is the best choice. Best Safety that Dallas has ever had. I seen one person say Larry Allen for our O-Line to help Dak and our offense. Remember that Dak had the most yards throwing last year.

    • Not only that, he would put a hit on a running back trying to make his way up the middle. Sometimes that one lick will make a guy think about that hard hitting safety. Ask Christian Okoye about Steve Atwater…Okoye was never the same after that hit…Youtube it.

      That 2018 playoff game against the Rams, where that fat running back was running all over the defense. I was wishing like hell we had Woody back there just to lay him out for one play.

    • Stephen, totally agree, Darren was a GREAT, CLUTCH player, one of my favorites. Also, Randy White, Ed Jones, Roger (of course), Tony Dorsett all quickly come to mind. Hard to pick just one.

  1. Larry Allen. I get The Triplets and D-Ware are gorgeous gems to pick but I want Dak upright and making throws the way Aikman was permitted due to the baddest guard we’ve ever wear the ✭.

  2. PRIME TIME! Him on the other side of Diggs and returning punts and lets goooo. Since we covered d end, guard, and safety already i figured i throw the best corner into the convo.

  3. Prime time, Charles Haley, Troy Aikman, Larry Allen, Micheal Irvin and D. Ware!! We get those players back and we’ll be back in the Super Bowl almost instantly!!

  4. I agree with Stephen Jones for Woody and I feel it should be one player on both sides. If not, my choice would be Capt. Comeback. I’d love to see Staubach in the more modern style of offense.

  5. Roger, Lilly, Allen, Sanders – first one of these four to pick up the phone. I’d be happy if they just were added for depth. After all Roger and Bob are in their late-70’s. PT and Larry are close to Medicare. They’d need a little rest between snaps.

  6. Since we’re bringing back the past and someone said one offensive player and one defense. I’m bringing back Michael Irvin since receiver is a need this year, and the original cowboy, Bob Lilly to pair with Lawrence. Too many to choose from really but Lilly would not be big boyed.. lol.

  7. Staubach, Dorsett, Drew Pearson, Hollywood Henderson, Randy White, “Too Tall” Jones, Aikman, Emmitt, Irvin, 93 Offensive and Defensive Line, Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson. Best players EVER for The Cowboys!!

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