Buy or Sell: A QB Controversy Could Brew in Dallas

    If there was one thing in the world that Cowboys owner loves to do, it's to stir up controversy with his words. From his takes on their draft strategy to why they added or got rid of certain players, the list is endless on the things that Jones has said that you can write a book on it– and call it “The Life of Jerryisms.”

    All jokes aside, to no surprise, Jones created another controversy among the media and the fanbase on Thursday–when he brought up the idea of a QB dilemma if Rush were to keep winning.

    And, of course, you had the -haters come out of their shells and plead the team leaves Rush in if Jerry's premise of him winning many games materialized.

    While the words of Jones saying, “Of course, I would”–in regards to him wanting a QB controversy swept across and sports outlets, I'm here to tell any Prescott-haters, your dream of Rush starting over him isn't happening.

    If you listened to the rest of the , Jones said he's a believer that Rush can play up-to-par as Prescott to put them in winning positions and tried to compare it to the time Prescott took over .

    (It was more of a ramble from him on that topic.)

    While those two situations are different, Jones added that they want Prescott back, that the team wants to win, and he didn't think Prescott would have performed so well when he took over Romo's gig and then used that metaphor to Rush playing well.

    So, to sum it all up, the that Rush remains the starter are slim-to-none. I get fans can say, “Well, Rush moves the ball better.” or “He doesn't turn it over as much as Dak.” But do you really think the team is going to say, “You know what, let's bench our $40 million-dollar ”?

    Add in that HC said Prescott is their quarterback, and there is no controversy–it's hard to justify the team keeping Rush in regardless if he goes undefeated while Dak is out.

    And while fans may point out that Rush moved the ball better than Prescott in the next game, and some have even thrown out the “we can him for picks” idea, I have a rebuttal for you.

    First is that Rush didn't play the Bucs until the end, and he couldn't put points on the board. While people can point to him putting points against the Bengals, the drop-off between those two defenses is massive.

    You had Eli Apple, the most-scrutinized from the , getting burnt out there, and Rush thrived in the short and intermediate passing games–as his players made plays yards after the catch.

    Also, the surprisingly looked good against a stout Bengals , so it took off pressure on Rush.

    I understand that Prescott had the same personnel in Week One, so the argument could be made as to why he couldn't get it done, but the Bucs showed up, and the Cowboys didn't.

    Plain and simple.

    And lastly, how does the franchise justify Prescott's trade value? Recently, you saw the trades of QBs and spit out a plethora of first and second-round picks from opposing teams.

    Do the Cowboys try to trade Prescott and tell other GMs that he's in the same realm as those two quarterbacks talent-wise? I doubt it. Because talent-wise, he's not up there with them.

    I'm not claiming Prescott as the best quarterback in the NFL because I agree that he has his limitations. However, it's a sticky situation if you were trying to move him and attempting to tell yourself and the media that Rush is the QB of the future.

    See, I would understand if the team felt he wasn't the one and tried to move him for multiple picks and packaged those to draft one of the top QBs in the 2023 . But, for now, Prescott is the guy, and he will be there until otherwise.

    So, while Rush has surprised me and the fanbase by gutting out a victory, it's a great situation to have your backup QB step up when needed. But I'm SELLING hard on any QB controversy.

    If anything, Jones' words should light a fire under Prescott as everyone has seen him struggle at points and look like a shell of himself. While have occurred and personnel changes have also happened, Prescott needs to step up as the leader.

    Because although I did reiterate how difficult it would be to trade him, it would be the most Cowboys-move to see them move on from a franchise player.

    I can already picture Jerry (Jones) saying,” We did what was best for the team, and we felt good about Rush.” Then he would add how genius their was for finding Prescott as a fourth-round talent, add a veteran QB like former Cowboys Quarterback in , and draft another QB.

    Life as a Cowboys fan is fun, right?

    Rocky Garza Jr
    Rocky Garza Jr
    Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.


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    jonny k

    jerrah jones is a loudmouth blowhard that stirs the pot so we put more money in it. he secretly wishes for another troy akeman but has dak. he does not trust dak and did not want to pay all that money. he does not care about superbowls only glass castles and more money from us. he will do just enough to bring us into his castle then collect his millions and let us down at the end. Get a clue. When jones’s do not own cowboys then we will get back to football and wining. until then it is jerrahs big top entertainment for his preasure.


    Dak is untradeable and uncuttable until 2024:
    $89M of dead cap in 2023 would destroy this team. I’m not even sure they could handle the $39M in 2024, at least not without seriously hollowing out the team or having a stellar draft/a lot more people step up.

    As much as I’d love to see them move on to a better QB, they’ve dug too deep a hole with Dak’s contract. And, that’s assuming a lot that Cooper Rush is that QB. During camp and the preseason, he was arguably the third or fourth-best QB on the team. Grier looked at least as good. DiNucci, who isn’t even on the team at all, looked much better than both of them in the games, albeit against weaker players, but also with weaker players helping him. He looked more decisive, got the ball out quicker, and was better at making plays with his legs.

    They’re not going to let a $40M QB sit on the bench as a backup, and they can’t get free of him for at least another year. Dak will play as soon as he’s healthy. The bright side of Rush is they may not have to rush him back before then. It would be nice to have a real QB competition for once.

    James Vargas

    I agree with all of your comments except the fact that DiNucci looking better than C Rush or Grier. He is the worst QB to start a game for the Cowboys. And this is dating back to the Don Meredith era.

    Cowboy Fan Ed

    I sure hope there is a QB controversy because it means that CR is winning ball games like Dak did when TR was injured BUT I just don’t see ole CR being able to out duel Dak for the job! One weapon that Dak has over CR is being able to run the read option and also run with power at times when the pocket collapses . CR just needs to manage the game and don’t turn the ball over! He dodged a bullet last week when he was throwing to TP swinging out of the backfield and lead him to much and the DB about picked it …. that one play could have turned the game around but fortunate for us it fell short. CR has played better than I expected but I still think he is playing over his head! Hope he keeps proving me wrong!


    Commented repeatedly here the team is stuck with DP. That idiotic contract is the albatross around the Cowboys neck. FO panicked last minute, then overpaid and it puts any attempt to get better at the QB position on hold probably till 2024 as lonew28 points out. Bad news for fans!

    The article surprisingly doesn’t give much credit at all to CR, who played pretty well against a Super Bowl team. “Bengals defense isn’t the Bucs defense”. “The run game looked stout, taking pressure off CR”. “Eli Apple”. Why the attempt to minimize a good performance by a QB that led the team to victory. Was he great, no. Was he good enough, yes. Was he clutch enough to drive down for the winning FG, yes. That’s all that matters.

    Conversely, in the Bucs game, “their defense showed up and Cowboy offense didn’t”. Wait a minute, who is leading that offense? When I look at the two games, IMO there was a pretty big difference in the performances of the QBs, one resulting in a pretty pathetic loss, the other in a good win.

    That all said, is CR a long term solution for this team, probably not, especially with the aforementioned contract problem. But hopefully he can string some wins together and give some competition to DP, because the FO never really made a legitimate attempt at that.