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Buy or Sell: Cowboys to Finally Beat Tom Brady?

With the news of announcing his (again), I thought it would be fun to take a look at week one, opening night against the .

Brady is 6-0 against the Cowboys in his career that spans more than two decades, but it very well could have been a 5-1 if not for a controversial non-call on DPI and missed field goals by (tell me where you have heard that before) in the opener.

As we all know, all that matters are what ends up in the win and loss column. As the gets underway, Dallas will again have a chance to give Brady his first loss against them.

This game doesn't even happen if Brady didn't retire and then un-retire. Did anyone really think he was going to walk away at the end of last season though?

Like the Cowboys, Tampa has had some odd changes during the . Bruce Arians have transitioned from to the as Todd Bowles took over as the head coach. is now gone, which makes one less guy the worries about when trying to keep upright.

The game is at next season could make a difference. Both teams may be missing key guys, (Dallas) and Chris Godwin (Tampa).

The Cowboys' first three games are not easy, but it would be huge to sneak out a win against Brady and the Bucs in week one. I know every single fan is going to say Dallas has no chance. They said the same thing last season, and Dallas went toe to toe with them in Tampa.

I think this game will go the same way and come down to the fourth quarter, and whoever has the ball last might win this game.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Cowboys fan

I think we have a good chance at winning this game!! They also don’t have JPP on the defense either!! And I think our defense will be better to start the season than it was last season!! And to correct your statement…. The pass interference that wasn’t called was on offense…. Against Chris Godwin…. He pushed off so hard he knocked our corner to the ground, but no flag was thrown!! Playing at home should keep that from happening again!! And we should have a better kicker this year too, so that should help us too!! So I think we have a good chance at winning this game!!

Ben Miller

This is not going to be a Tom Brady vs. Dallas game. It will be a huge early test for the revamed Dallas OL.
Vita Vea is a BEAST of a man. There is not a lot of nuance to his game. He uses brute force and size bull rushing Cs and Gs straight back into the QBs lap. He is the definition of a “Big Ugly” and he is going to destroy Biadasz and whoever lines up at LG. Kellen s game plan better include a ton of quick hitters, slants, roll outs and screens or it will be a very long day for Dak.

Tim Murphy

Hell yeah we do!!! Should’ve would’ve could’ve last year but that’s water under the bridge. I think we can stand toe to toe with any team in the league just a matter of showing up and eliminating mistakes.
TheMurph from Elizabeth NJ

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