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Can Connor McGovern Unseat Connor Williams at LG?

Battle between Connor McGovern and Connor Williams one to watch.

There will be no shortage of position battles to watch when/if the Dallas Cowboys and the rest the NFL are finally permitted to start training camp. One such battle I’m interested in seeing unravel is between Connor McGovern and Connor Williams to find out who becomes the starting left guard 2020.

Connor McGovern could be in the mix to take over for the recently retired Travis Frederick, however, I believe that job is probably Joe Looney’s to lose. If not him though the rookie out of Wisconsin, Tyler Biadasz, is the next in line. That leaves McGovern competing with Connor Williams for the LG gig, his more natural position in my opinion.

Odds are with the shortened offseason and lack of practice time, the Dallas Cowboys would probably prefer Connor Williams to remain the starter for now. However, Williams is coming off an ACL injury he sustained in Week 13 against the Buffalo Bills. He should be fully recovered by the time practices get underway, but the Cowboys may want to take the cautious approach and bring him along slowly.

If this is indeed the approach the Cowboys take, this could be the opportunity Connor McGovern needs to unseat Williams, despite his two years of starting experience. That opportunity didn’t present itself in his rookie season. Instead, he was forced to spend his entire first-year in the league on a Injured Reserve due to a pectoral injury that kept him sidelined too long.

Connor McGovern will have his work cut out for him though. Williams won’t be easy to unseat. He’s played well in his two years with the Dallas Cowboys, despite what some people would lead you to believe. McGovern is really going to have to stand out in order to persevere over an established player, but Williams’ injury recovery could be the foot in the door he needs.

Joe Philbin, the Dallas Cowboys new offensive line coach, is probably going to approach this position battle with an open mind. His fresh set of eyes make him unbiased, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if Connor McGovern gets the nod over the veteran. Connor Williams isn’t going to go down without a fight though, which makes this an intriguing position battle to watch.

Do you think Connor McGovern can unseat Connor Williams?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. Spot on (IMO), Brian. Only caveat may be that we don’t really know for certain how this staff is viewing the Erving acquisition … was he actually brought in to push for a starting LG role (or even Center)? I think most are assuming he is a candidate for the swing tackle, but Williams could do that as well.

    McGovern is still a mystery to me. I’ve yet to see him play a single snap and hadn’t heard of him until he was drafted (though his selection was touted as yet another Dallas value pick). But if he stayed close last year and invented himself in learning the mental nuances of the game, its certainly fair to suggest he can compete.

  2. McGovern and C Williams appear to be similar players to me and I give the nod to Williams (for now). CM simply doesn’t have enuf experience to play right away. And no way they start C McGovern and Biadasz together. I think they are looking at Erving as a swing tackle right now but I guess he could factor in at guard if the other two guys falter.

  3. What the perfect scenario would be for the Cowboys,since so much cap investment is already high on the offensive side of the ball. Would be Connor McGovern winning the left guard job or Connor Williams,and T Biadasz starting at center. The versatility of our o-line is probably our new strength, Erving can play anywhere along the line with both Connors ability to play multiple positions. We lost a legend in the middle but we just might of “gained “versatility with his retirement,this team is really built to do alot of damage for the next 5 to 7yrs! Go Boys

  4. Connor Williams wins. However, likely they still need to consider swapping C. Williams to RT, his better natural position, and move Collins back to LG where he will likely be an AllPro. Hopefully, McGovern plays and will be able IOL backup.

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