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Can Jason Witten Break Dez Bryant’s Cowboys TD Record in Final Game?

Many expect tomorrow to be Jason Witten’s final game with the . If so, it is the ’s last opportunity to tie or eclipse Dez Bryant as the franchise leader in receiving touchdowns.

Dez currently sits on top of the list with 73 scoring catches. With four touchdowns during this comeback season in 2019, Witten now has 72 heading into .

Remember, these records are only based on regular-season statistics. So even if the make it into the , tomorrow is Jason’s last chance to catch Bryant this season.

Witten already holds the Cowboys’ records for career catches and receiving yards. Passing Bryant for number-one on the TD list would give him the unofficial “Triple Crown” of receiving records.

Even if Jason doesn’t retire from the NFL this , it’s hard to see him being back with Dallas in 2020. While returning from this year made for a nice story, Witten clearly isn’t able to be a consistent threat anymore.

The likely parting between the Cowboys and is also a factor. Witten probably wouldn’t have come back to Dallas at all if not for his close relationship with the .

So whether it’s due to retirement or just the end of his one-year contract, Jason Witten appears to be headed into his final regular-season game with on his helmet. That means he needs two touchdowns against the Redskins to leapfrog Dez Bryant on the all-time list.

Witten hasn’t had a game with multiple TD catches this season. In fact, he hasn’t had one since Week 1 of the 2015 season. So you Dez out there should be feeling pretty safe right now.

However, you never know what can happen. If this game gets out of hand in one fashion or another, or if the Eagles are running away with their game in New York and knocking Dallas out of the playoffs, perhaps the play-calls will start leaning in Witten’s favor. We’ve seen coaches and teammates help guys chase records before.

Jason Witten will likely walk off the Cowboys following tomorrow’s finale. But only time will tell if he will walk out with Dez Bryant’s record.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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  1. this is everything that’s wrong with DAL. they care more about “who” than “what”. Witten don’t deserve to be TD leader… but, he will be. How many times have we forced “meaningless” passes to Witt, only to stall a drive or loose a game?

    this year… we have far more capable TEs on the bench who can provide upgrades in both run and passing game.

    despite these facts… we’re handing Witt roses.
    epitomy of “Loosing Mentality”

  2. Who cares? This is a ridiculous article , given the current state of the Cowboys. Fans are more interested in what coaches are available once the Jason Garrett era comes to an end. It could be Monday.

  3. Witten had a good year. He had some uncharacteristic drops but not more than NFL leader Cooper. He’s tough as nails so if he wants to come back that’s great. Garrett is an effeminate puppet so I don’t think that should be a factor

    • uncharacteristic???

      wasn’t this why TO was angered DAL kept putting game in Witt’s hands while he P.Crayton, M.Austin and T.Glenn were routinely wide-open and ignored?

      Witten has to lead DAL all-time in dropped passes.

      ironic too- Dez voiced the same concerns… and he was outcasted as being non-productive. Despite setting the all-time TD record at a very young age.

      yet, Witten has cost us far more games and afforded chance to claim record at his old age.

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