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Chiefs Release Eric Berry, Should Cowboys Be Interested?

As the still have a glaring need at the position, a new name has appeared on the available list, and it's a well known name. The just released one of the best at the position, . The move by Kansas City is likely related. The Chiefs had just signed for a three-year $42M deal. The five-time Pro Bowler will have to find a new home in the NFL.

The question in many Dallas minds' right now is pretty obvious. Will the Cowboys be interested? 

Eric Berry is one hell of a football player but have plagued his career lately. Since he suffered a torn Achilles in 2017, Berry hasn't been the same player as before. In the past two seasons, the 30 year old safety has played in only three games.

Berry would be a nice fit for the Dallas Cowboys' to pair with . However, the has already passed on many available safeties. For Berry to come to Dallas, the price would have to be right. It's tough to imagine where Berry's value would land in such a busy safety market. Both and have signed big time contracts.

Age and could be factors that drop Berry's price to a number that the front office would be interested in. I honestly would be surprised if he got top money today. A contract with little guaranteed money could get the Cowboys involved.

took to Twitter to say the Cowboys will investigate the newest safety in the market.

The Cowboys have already seen Earl Thomas and others sign contracts elsewhere and while their philosophy is clear at the moment, I believe it'd be a mistake to leave the need for a safety unattended until late April. There are quite a few options out there the team should explore.

Whether it's Eric Berry or another player such as , Andrew Sendejo or , the Cowboys should sign a starting safety and leave the draft picks for other positions.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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James A. Howerton

I agree that A LOT of research is needed. If he’s anywhere close to the player he used to be and he’s not looking for a ridiculous contract, then he may be a decent option. But realistically he’s probably headed down that steep hill toward retirement. I think a younger option would probably be a better fit. Really, the only way to get a S who would be like DLaw is to the DL would be in the draft or through scouting and luck, like say with Tony Romo, Cliff Harris, Drew Pearson, etc. But those are ridiculously rare to find so it would be smart to sign a S who would at least be an upgrade to Heath. Even Ha Ha would fit that category IMO. I guess we’ll see.

Wayne Young

Yes! They already sat on their hands and let Earl Thomas get away, whether or not he was worth what the Ravens are giving him. They need to stop being cheap and address the safety position now and this is too obvious of a call. Give him a 1-year or 2-year deal to prove himself with a lot of incentives like they did with Sean Lee.

Saul Molina

No way way to much injury concerns

Saul Molina

Go get Tre Boston before it’s to late


Its atleast refreshing to know that they will kick the tires on researching if its worth it. It appears that Eric Berry was giving Gronk fits in the AFC championship game. If thats losing a step, then Ill take it. His lost step is better than Heath’s best step. 8 mill for 1 year is doable. The front office can see what a real safety looks like and work to put their resources into drafting a top tier safety.


KC cut him rather than guarantee $7.5 million.

Nick Russo

I believe that we are in need of a safety to replace Heath on defense. I think he can still be an asset as a ST player and good depth as a backup. However, I am not going near Eric Berry. While talented and an amazing story to overcome cancer, I do not think it would be best to sign him. At 30 years old, he would be at best, a bridge player until we have to draft another safety to replace him. Most years, that isn’t a bad thing. However, with the depth of safety’s available in this FA class, I’d feel much more comfortable getting a younger, cheaper guy like an Adrian Phillips. Phillips is one of these hybrid safety’s that is an ideal fit to play the in the box safety in a cover 3 scheme. That would allow Woods to remain as a ball hawking center fielder and give the fact he played his rookie year as the nickel corner, I am good with that. Phillips presents, a young, cheap fit that would allow us to upgrade 2 positions (ST with Heath) and still have plenty of cap space for other needs.


I agree with Russo, we can check and see what Berry is wanting $ wise, but seems to me that Phillips and Boston would be great fits and yes It isn’t splashy to get fans hopes up, but if we continue to use money wisely we can add depth which is HUGE and re-sign our young studs then sign/trade that missing piece down the road! Also this way Big D can draft best player available instead of drafting position.

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