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Could 2020 be Tyron Smith’s Last With the Dallas Cowboys?

Tyron Smith could be playing his last season with the Dallas Cowboys.

The unknown surrounding the could have a trickle effect into 2021 and quite possibly beyond. That trickle effect could have a huge impact on teams future plans, which might force their hand into making a move they wouldn’t have otherwise. For the Dallas , that move could quite possibly be the of their All-Pro Left Tyron Smith.

I know it’s a little odd to think about, let alone discuss, but I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility 2020 could be Tyron Smith’s last season with the Dallas Cowboys. I’m fully aware he has four years remaining on his current contract and it’s a team friendly deal – he’s currently the 10th highest paid LT – but his release would give the Cowboys nearly $9 million in relief.

Now, before I take this any further let me make one thing perfectly clear. I am in no way trying to toss Tyron Smith out the door. He is still playing at a really high level, despite missing a few games a year the past few seasons. His value as ’s blindside protector shouldn’t be undervalued. He still one of the best in the game, however, that doesn’t mean he’s untouchable.

Unfortunately, Tyron Smith’s fate could be tied to the pandemic. There’s a chance the Coronavirus could have a huge impact on the amount of revenue the NFL is able to produce in 2020. That could lessen the amount of the 2021 salary-cap teams around the league will have to abide by. That could put certain players heads on the chopping block, like Tyron Smith.

Tyron Smith
Dallas Cowboys LT Tyron Smith

Despite arguably still being one of the best left tackles in the league, Tyron Smith’s future with the Cowboys could be coming to an end sooner than later. He still just 29 – turns 30 December 12, 2020 – but there comes a point in time where age becomes irrelevant and bodies start to break down for professional athletes. For Smith, that could already be happening.

I hate to say it or even think it, but it might be time for the Dallas Cowboys to start thinking about replacing No. 77. It really hasn’t been plausible before now due to the dead money they’d have to absorb, but that won’t be the case any longer after the . They’d actually save $10.5 million with just $1,745,000 in dead money if they make him a 2021 pre-June cut.

There is a problem with this way of thinking though. The Dallas Cowboys don’t currently have Tyron Smith’s replacement on the . Considering how highly valued the position is and where the Cowboys are projected to draft in 2021 (mid to late 20s) finding a suitable replacement won’t be easy. So, all of this talk may be much ado about nothing.

The only reason I brought all of this up is because I think it’s something to keep an eye on throughout the 2020 season. If Tyron Smith’s continue to be a problem or if the pandemic hits the NFL hard, Smith could very well find his job in jeopardy.

Do you think 2020 will be Tyron Smith’s last with the Dallas Cowboys?

What do you think?

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. I believe that the best LT in Cowboy history is Eric Williams but TS is a close second! When thinking back about Eric Williams does everybody remember the thanksgiving day game against the Packers that EW kept Reggie White to 0 sacks and I don’t even think I heard Reggies name mentioned all day long! Who do you guys think the best tackle is ?

  2. hmhhana personally would not ever call one of these articles stupid as they put a lot of time and effort into providing them so we have something to talk about.. Cowboys have done well with their o-line signings no doubt. Looks like u did a lot of work coming up with those numbers. Also 29 isn’t young for the ultra important LT position. especially if he is becoming more and more injury prone. That said yea still think were getting a bargain with his contract. Will be sorry to see him go probably the best LT in cowboys history.

  3. Stupid article.

    Suggested of letting go a YOUNG (Just 29y) PB LT for just 9M cap save?

    Did he know how much Texans has to spend for Tumsil @ LT?

    2 1st rounders, and a 22m a year (3 years extension) contract.

    Tyron’s contract in 2014 is 8 years (he had 2 years left that time making it a 10 years contract) extension @ 12.2m a year. That time it was to highest OL contract in NFL. Now it is way2 bargain value and we still have Tyron for another 4 years with that bargain contract.

    Nowadays a good OL (not LT yet) will fetch 14m a year (LT will fetch a lot more). I thought Zack Martin (14m a year, a perennial AP G) and La’el(10M a year, PB calibre T) were overpaid, but looking at how desperate teams on having top quality OLs, I believe Cowboys really done a good job.

    Also the reason we got CeeDee Lanmb @17 among them is due to teams desperately drafted top (4) OTs and let CeeDee to slide to 17 (Of course Raders, Broncos taking different WRs also help). I don’t think any top 4 of those OTs are better prospect than CeeDee.

    Too bad Frederick has retired. His contract was only 9.4M a year. If not we could have 4 PB caliber OLs in our roster until 2023 season @ 45.6m (Avg 11.4m, only 23% of salary cap 2020) a year (which should be less since all of them extended earlier than previous cheaper contract), around half of what Texans paid for Tumsil for just 1 top OL,

  4. Michael b sounds like ur the one that should have taken that nap. If u don’t deem an article relevant enuf go ahead and take that nap bro why waste ur precious time being unnecessarily critical.

  5. Dumb? I thought I was pretty well read and went to college and I’ve been losing weight. My wife seems to like me ok. Hmmm. Anyway, find my an All Pro tackle off the scrap heap and I’m all for a replacement. Until then. Ask Dak about his blindside protector. They don’t just fall off trees.

  6. If he is still a top 5 tackle, let’s get a first rounder for him and move La’el Collins to LT. Better a year early than a year late. This is Bellichick thinking. If you can’t get a first ounder for him, then keep him.

  7. Not gonna happen…. He’s way too good to let go!! He mite miss a few games a season, but I’d still rather have him missing a few games a season than to not have him at all!! If we let him go we mite as well say good bye to our QB cause he’ll be injured from getting sacked too much…. And we can say good bye to our seasons afterwards too cause chances are we lose him and our QBs we mite as well forfeit the season cause we can’t win games without him or our QBs!!

  8. T Smith is still a top 5 LT WHEN healthy but tend to think the penalties are more a result of him losing a step which only means he’s really good not elite anymore. Yes Manuel I do remember when Smith went down and it wasn’t pretty. Cowboys back up LTs were horrendous at that time. Erving seems adequate but who knows? Besides how many teams have really good back up LTs in fact does anyone know which teams have the best back up LTs would be interesting to know. That position especially importanct when yours is injury prone.

  9. I have written before of how important it is to have a good back up QB and a blindside tackle! Tyron is a beast and I hope we keep him until he retires but in the last few years his back has been giving him problems and as we all know (once you start having back problems chances are you are going to keep having back problems) that is typical for the average person not to mention somebody that plays in the NFL. But I’m sure if a bunch of experts like us that write on this blog knows Shirley the Cowboys Coaching staff knows what the team needs! Ha. The only thing I would like to say again : Look at ole Bill up in New England what he did with a QB that couldn’t jump over yard markers on the football field! He put people around Brady that protected him and we all know how that story ended!!

  10. This sounds like type of article you write when you have absolutely nothing else to do. Should I take a nap or write a silly article about releasing TS. 981 snaps and one sack given up in 2019. Top 5 in the NFL. Want to save money – release Crawford and save almost the same money

  11. Does anyone remember the the disaster that took place when the Cowboys didn’t have adequate backup for Smith? They went through two tackles who are not even in the league anymore and Dak was scarred for a whole season. My suggestion is finding a replacement that is not a swinging door. And you better hope he is half as grad Smith. He’s is an All Pro, Pro Bowl, and an All Decade Player.

  12. We need to keep Tyron as long as he’s relatively healthy. It’s another example of why we can’t tie up too much money in Dak. Yes he deserves to be well paid but we need a 55 man team. When Jerry gave all the money to the triplets the team declined rapidly. Keep Tyron, he’s still a beast although he gets treated unfairly by the referees who call phantom penalties on him.

  13. Would hate it but if the cap drops (and it likely will), might be the move.

    Dallas has built (very wisely I might add) a 3 year window to win the Super Bowl while stockpiling new young players through the draft. At 3 years, they can let DLaw, Coop, Zeke and Tron go, gain $60 million in cap space with only $15 million (or so) in dead money.

    But if they moved from Tron, isn’t one option to flip Collins to LT and potentially move Conner to RT?

    Sadly Tron’s health isn’t going to get better and would HATE to see him go.

  14. Agree with omz LT position is arguably top 3 most important on team and they are often one highest pd players on team, so to get him at that price i say ride him for couple more yrs. He’s still top 10 LT in the league though missed games do concern me and if he goes down we couid be in trouble

  15. No. No. No. The talent outweighs the money. When he starts being really crappy, then talk. Until then, thank God for this blessing called Tyron Smith. At least draft a left tackle as a backup first. The guy is a person who has done a lot for reasonable pay. The next guy is an unknown.

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